ForeverGreen is a network marketing company in the health and wellness industry. This publicly-traded company was founded in 2004 by its CEO and Chairman Ronald Williams, who has over 25 years of experience in the network marketing industry. ForeverGreen was built on the concept of positive transformation and belief that each person has inner greatness.

ForeverGreen’s corporate headquarters are located in Lindon, Utah, but the company also has branch offices in Japan, Korea, Mexico, Singapore, Columbia, and the Philippines. ForeverGreen generates $10–25 million in global revenue annually. The company has between 50 and 200 employees and over 50,000 independent distributors around the world.

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The Good

  • Product Variety 
  • Compensation Plan
  • Tools and Training 

Product Variety

ForeverGreen provides a wide variety of products that help with nutrition, weight loss, pain relief, natural energy boosts, and anti-aging benefits. The company's products each have a page dedicated to help customers understand what the product is, what it does, etc. Their website strives to provide enough information for consumers to make an informed decision.

Compensation Plan

ForeverGreen offers a detailed compensation plan that provides distributors with six additional ways to earn income. Distributors purchase products at wholesale and resell to consumers at retail prices. ForeverGreen provides a variety of bonuses and financial incentives, such as starter bonuses, commission bonuses, team bonuses, and enroller matching bonus pool.

Tools and Training

The company also gives distributors the Smartbuilder tool to help them learn how to successfully run their businesses. It is a step-by-step training tool that goes through the entire ForeverGreen business process. The company's website provides various training videos as well.

The Bad

  • Compensation Qualifications
  • Strict Return Policy 

Compensation Qualifications

In order to qualify for bonuses and be a part of the compensation plan that the company offers, distributors must be active with a minimum of a 50QV order. However, with 50QV, distributors will only be considered active for "four week-long periods". With 100QV, distributors will be considered as fully qualified and will be considered active for the same four-week longtime period, yet they have the potential to receive larger commissions.

Strict Return Policy

ForeverGreen has a relatively strict return policy in comparison to competitors. They will not accept returns after 30 days pass and they will not accept damaged products unless the damaged products are reported to their company within 10 days. The company will not accept products that are used or outdated. They also charge their consumers with a 15% re-stocking fee when there is a returned product.

The Bottom Line

Overall, ForeverGreen is ranked fairly high in the health and wellness industry. The company offers a wide product variety, bonuses and incentives through a descriptive compensation plan, and various helpful tools to aid distributors, however, their compensation qualifications are a bit high and their company return policy is rather strict in comparison to competitors.

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Randall Baker

December 20th, 2016 Salem, OR

I had a very poor experience with this company. The information about the products is lacking on the webisite. There's no listing of all ingredients. After ordering a starter packet, I discovered that some of the ingredients would not work for me. It took over 2 weeks to arrive. It's very low in protein and based on dairy products. Their contact information is not on the receipt provided so It took awhile to figure out how to contact them to return it. I paid the shipping cost for returning. It took them over a week to acknowledge that they received the product back. I had to write them to check since the tracking indicated that it had been delivered back to them. They kept 20% of what I paid saying that the delay caused them to already have paid commissions. Of course I'm out over $20 for all the shipping costs. It sounds like the when the resell the same product the commission will be paid again. It was a bad experiment costing me over $50.00.


Preston Jenkins

March 29th, 2016 Orem, UT

Love their products, especially FrequenSea and Pulse-8. I started Ketopia few days ago, and so far so good.


Kirsten Oliver

March 28th, 2016 Orem, UT

ForeverGreen is a very interesting company. Its strength comes from their visionary Ron Williams, who is the founder and the CEO of the company. Ron's ability to bring together a very diverse group of people that created an amazing corporate culture in the company, that I have not seen yet in a network marketing company before. The products they sell are of the highest quality, as I am very familiar with nutrition and wellness and know a good product from a mediocre ones. They are a publicly traded company so they are transparent which is a great plus and have been around since 2003 or so. In 2013 they launched a division called FGXpress, which marketed a natural pain relief patches called PowerStrips, and were the first company to launch an envelope model, that shipped to every corner of the globe. Recently, they have acquired a global rights to a technology and developed a product called KETOPIA for weight loss. The results are just spectacular. Actually, if you type “Dominic D' Agostino TED talks" in youtube, you will see that weight loss is a tip of the iceberg. With all these things, I find the opportunity with ForeverGreen is remarkable on a global scale, and practically no competition. I am very excited to be a part of it.


Dustin Dickson

March 23rd, 2016 Boise, ID

I looked at alot of opportunities before I settled with Forevergreen. The highly consumable products are quality and bring strong month to month cashflow. They are affordable to enroll, just $12 per year and as cheap as $80 product purchase to start. I like that they withstood the recession and are currently in serious momentum. The envelope model is genius and allows Forevergreen to enter more markets than any other company in history. If you are looking for an opportunity this is it!

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