Founded in 2011 in Salt Lake City, Utah, Ariix is a biotech and pharmaceuticals company that manufactures and distributes nutritional products in capsule form.

The company’s name is the Latin word for gold, which is meant to describe the standard the company adheres to. Ariix focuses on four specific areas to maximize human potential: healthy body, personal development, generous heart, and strong finances.

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The Good

  • Veto Power for Distributors
  • Patented Compensation Plan
  • Commissions and Bonuses
  • Product Discounts

Veto Power for Distributors

Ariix provides its distributors with an Ariix Bill of Rights, which gives them vetoing power on corporate decisions.

Patented Compensation Plan

Ariix patented its binary hybrid Activ8 compensation plan, which features a seven generation, multi-line structure that flows money to both the top and the bottom of the structure. Company management wanted to limit attrition by making it easier for new distributors to make money right away.

The compensation plan blends together unilevel and binary aspects without typical limitations. After becoming an affiliate in the Ariix compensation plan, the distributor is placed in the plan with two branches underneath them. Each branch then adds two more new branches as affiliates join the team.

These two branches are given a separate name by Ariix. One is called a "Power Line Branch," which features the line with the strongest product volume. The other is called the "Pay Line Branch." Commissions are paid out at 15 percent on the product volume sold by the Pay Line.

At the end of the month, the Pay Line is subtracted from the Power Line, and the process repeats the following month. When a distributor earns $2000 in commissions, the hybrid portion of the compensation plan kicks in. Each time a distributor reaches this amount, a second Pay Line is added.

Commissions and Bonuses

Distributors earn income through retail sales profits, unlimited base commissions, team lead bonuses, matching bonuses, payline bonuses, income position bonuses, and luxury car bonuses.

Some bonuses even pay out a percentage of company-wide sales volume to top performers. New distributors are strongly encouraged to start off with an "IIX Membership," which doubles all bonuses from that point forward.

Product Discounts

Auto-delivery customers and distributors receive a 15 percent discount on product purchases. Distributors and members are also eligible to receive an additional 15 percent discount on top of the auto-delivery discount with the purchase of the IIX Membership. Enrollment packs valued at at least $400 automatically include the IIX Membership, which costs $150 on its own.

The Bad

  • Relatively Expensive Enrollment Packs
  • Low Distributor Earnings
  • Little Training and Support

Relatively Expensive Enrollment Packs

Ranging from $229.95 to $1329.90, Ariix's enrollment packs can be quite expensive. In order to participate in the compensation plan, a distributor must generate $30 in credit by personally purchasing products before being allowed to sign up as an independent representative.

Representatives are required to maintain a 75 personal product volume standard on a monthly basis, which is the autoship function of the compensation plan, or pay the $150 fee to enroll as an IIX Member.

Low Distributor Earnings

The total average yearly income of all Ariix representatives in 2014 was $1194. Team leads, which make up over half of the company, earned an average of $56.31 per week. This is not enough income for one to reasonably live on exclusively.

Little Training and Support

Ariix offers little information in regards to the training and support distributors receive after enrollment. There is no evidence that new enrollees receive training in advanced sales and marketing techniques, which makes it difficult for individuals without backgrounds in these areas to be successful in the industry.

The Bottom Line

Ariix is a nutraceutical company with over 5 years of experience in the multi-level marketing industry. Independent distributors have the ability to earn income through retail sales commissions and several bonuses. Additionally, both distributors and customers are eligible to receive discounts on product purchases.

The company also gives its distributors the option to veto corporate decisions. However, it can be quite expensive to join the business opportunity and distributor earnings are relatively low.

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Alex Moser

June 19th, 2017

I really like the products. The skinny sticks and beauty boost really work. Found out about it through a friends college aged son. Gave it a shot and am very happy.


Paul Shaw

October 17th, 2016

Another bad MLM, advertising paying on Infinite downlines, this is a Mathematical impossibility. Autoship, to stay active, this means like so many other, it will eventually fail but may be in a few years. Products are ok, nothing new for MLM, but majority of customers are reps on Auto ship. Illegal in the US if they dont sell 50% to non reps. They will have the same problem as ASSANA, in court and under investigation.


Break Free Biz

September 6th, 2016 Spokane, WA

You have your info wrong. They do not make you purchase any 75 points in monthly auto delivery. There is no $30 products to buy or 55PV monthly as you also state.There are many reviews online you just are not looking since you are only viewing the 'umbrella" called Ariix. We build by brands not the name of the company and this makes all the difference. Your preferred customers can count towards your monthly auto delivery and no, you can get a position for under $30...for more info call me at


Georgia Shell

April 8th, 2016

I love the Reviive brand. The fragrance and the natural, organic ingredients is a amazing! Definitely makes you realise the difference in naturally based products.



April 8th, 2016

Since starting my own business with Ariix 8 weeks ago, and having started in the MLM industry 3 years ago, I have had more success with this company then any other and that is simply because they have a better comp plan, higher quality products and you are under no pressure to perform. I have had no complaints from my customers regarding the products and my team are already making their goals reality. Very proud to be a part of this company.


Shaun Rhys Phillips

April 8th, 2016

To start off with I absolutely love the products been using them for the past 2 and half months. I know that I'm slacking or feeling the difference when I run out of a certain product. The compensation plan is amazing, covers all aspects from cost of living increases in our areas, to a saving bonus that is set up automatically to help you. The feeling you get from the Founders of the company, the passion, the commitment and the support does make you feel a true member of the team. The support you get from the customer support in the UK and USA is great always looking to help you, no matter what the situation is. I am really happy being a apart of Ariix and I am truly excited about the future we have as a team within Ariix.



April 8th, 2016

Fantastic company, brand strategy, Bill of rights for reps protection and only company to allow you to build both infinity wide and deep. We are here for the long term.

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