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High commission rates and a debt buster program to help distributors manage their finances

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AdvoCare was founded in 1993. AdvoCare is a Multi-Level Marketing company that distributes health, weight management, meal plan, and supplement products to distributors. Charles Ragus founded the company in 1993. Ragus had a rich background as an entrepreneur, businessperson, and NFL star.

The founder was a regional vice president for Fidelity Union Insurance, worked for Herbalife, and played defensive end for the Kansas City Chiefs briefly. Currently, Richard Wright is the President and CEO of the company. AdvoCare is a direct sales company.

Besides selling the 70+ products offered by AdvoCare, distributors can earn additional "overrides" (more compensation) from newer distributors in the sales network. AdvoCare's distributors, according to their financial disclosure statements, stated that distributors could make up to 40% commissions on every product they sell.

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The Good

  • High Commission Rate
  • Debt Buster Program
  • No Autoship Requirements
  • Product Variety
  • No Minimum Sales or Purchase Requirements

High Commission Rate

AdvoCare has many good things going for it besides its weight reduction and health products. Here is what we found out about AdvoCare's compensation plan for distributors, called the "5 Ways to Earn Income":

  • Every AdvoCare distributor can make up to 40 percent of profits on every product that they sell.
  • As a distributor, you can sponsor new distributors and earn up to 20 percent of commissions for products that they sell.
  • "Overrides" are additional bonuses that can be applied in your local sales network.
  • Leaders in sales networks can be awarded up to 19 percent for building and completing their sales networks.
  • There are also trips and other bonuses that are available in each pay period.

Debt Buster Program

AdvoCare doesn't just help customers manage their weight. We also felt that AdvoCare did a good job taking care of its distributors with its Debt Buster program.

In the industry, many companies claimed that their sales networks helped its members achieve financial independence, yet AdvoCare was the only one we reviewed that had a debt reduction program for its individual distributors.

The Debt Buster program is simple. It is a series of online calculators that help individuals figure out how to pay their debt off quickly.

The idea is that distributors can use their additional income to pay off their debt.

No Autoship Requirements

The company does its best to provide the best business opportunity possible for its distributors. AdvoCare's product listings were also some of the best in the industry. We looked at their SYS Night product for skin care.

Even though the three prices were somewhat confusing (explained later in the review), we found some good information on the product description page, which included the following:

  • A testimonial from a product expert (often with a Ph.D.) that explains the benefits of using the product.
  • The "result" of using the product.
  • A product listing that describes how to use the individual product with other related products (however, this product listing seemed to be a glorified disclaimer to get the consumer to purchase more items).
  • A complete ingredients listing of all the materials used in the product.

AdvoCare also has no autoship requirements, unlike many other health companies.

Product Variety

AdvoCare provides customers with a wide variety of health and supplement products to help them reach their nutritional goals. The company's goal is to help people lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle with its AdvoCare diet and weight loss products.

Additionally, AdvoCare has a wide range of other nutritional products, including:

  • Meal Replacement Shake
  • AdvoCare Catalyst
  • Spark Energy Canister
  • AdvoCare Slim (Vitamin, Mineral, and Herbal Supplement)
  • AdvoCare Rehydrate Canister
  • AdvoCare MNS 3 (Multinutrient Dietary Supplement)

No Minimum Sales or Purchase Requirements

People who are interested in the AdvoCare business opportunity will enjoy the lack of sales or purchase requirements. This is especially advantageous because AdvoCare offers a 20-40 percent discount on products to distributors. If there are no requirements for distributors, then anyone is able to get these discounts. 

Many MLMs suck in their distributors by requiring a monthly product purchase in order to qualify for commissions. Because AdvoCare does not require monthly purchases, distributors can learn to sell at their own pace.

The Bad

  • Confusing Price Listings
  • Lawsuits and Controversy
  • Annual Fees
  • Alarming Negative AdvoCare Reviews

Confusing Price Listings

An issue that we had with AdvoCare was the confusing nature of the prices listed with each product. There is a distributor and advisor product price listed. The pricing structure for each product was not communicated clearly to us until we phoned in. The distributor pays the "distribution" cost listed on the website. We also had a few issues with the product catalog ordering mechanism. While individual, distributor, and advisor prices are listed, the buy button takes the user to the "find a distributor" page.

Lawsuits and Controversy

AdvoCare is not foreign to lawsuits and other forms of controversy. Here are a few instances:

  • Olympic swimmer Jessica Hardy tested positive for banned breathing enhancer, clenbuterol. Hardy was taking Arginine Extreme, a free supplement from AdvoCare, which had clenbuterol in it.
  • A Dallas County jury awarded $1.9 million in damages against AdvoCare in 2009. The lawsuit was based on allegations of deceptive trade practices and unfairly canceled agreements. Bruce and Teresa Badgett were let go from their distributor contract unfairly. On top of the $1.9 million in damages, AdvoCare was forced to also pay the Badgett's legal fees.
  • AdvoCare stopped offering KickStart Spark targeted at children ages 4-11 due to medical concerns since the product contained 60 mg of caffeine.

Annual Fees

On Glassdoor, we found some reviews that indicated that distributors were occasionally let go by senior managers on their sales network. Also, the $50 annual fee was a little excessive. Other MLM companies that we reviewed didn't charge anything beyond the initial signup fee to continue to sell the product.

Alarming Negative AdvoCare Reviews

While the majority of customer and distributor reviews for AdvoCare are positive, there are a small number of highly alarming and negative AdvoCare reviews. One customer suggested that AdvoCare products gave her a kidney infection after a month of using the product.

Not all AdvoCare distributors are fans either. One distributor claimed that AdvoCare would take customers' card information and purchase products for them, sending the products to their house to make it not look like a fraud. Another distributor quit after finding that she could not make enough sales to make a profit. 

However, she also stated that she still loves and trusts AdvoCare's health, nutrition, and weight loss products.

The Bottom Line

Overall, we were confident that distributors would be pretty happy working with AdvoCare. The 40 percent profit margin on items is generous. Also, we felt that the discounts for distributors and advisors were generous, at 20 percent and 40 percent respectively. We recommend AdvoCare to those who enjoy the challenge of sales, both for its products and for distributors. AdvoCare also provides great nutritional products for people who wish to control their weight.

Here is what we like about AdvoCare:

  • The product description on the page for each individual product (including weight loss, energy, herbal cleanse, diet, and meal replacement products to name just a few); the description included a complete listing of ingredients, the benefits of using the product, and a testimonial from a product expert/physician.
  • While AdvoCare does not have any partnerships with major research universities, they have a team of PhDs, MDs, and other scientists on their staff. The expert opinion of a physician can go a long way in building trust in a health product. AdvoCare also has a sports advisory council that advises on fitness products and includes coaches from major universities (including the high-performance coach for the University of Kentucky football program).
  • We also liked the Debt Buster program with AdvoCare. They were the only company that we have reviewed that provided financial management advice for its distributors.

Here is what raised some red flags with AdvoCare:

  • The lawsuit where AdvoCare was charged $1.9 million in damages for releasing two sales distributors (the lawsuit was eventually overturned).
  • The high cost of items (for the consumer), however, the high cost gave distributors a generous overhead.
  • The "out-of-touch" communication between sales managers and distributors indicated in some of the Glassdoor reviews that we read.
  • The confusing nature of the prices on the website (as to who the distributor and advisor prices applied to) and the link to the dealer page.

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May 13th, 2019 Mesa, AZ DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

I love this companies integrity and after 17 yrs of taking supplements I have found that Advocare’s products do what they say they will do. 100% money back guarantee.

Karen Laub
February 21st, 2019 Tulsa, OK

I was a distributor under a friend and I was told I would get help trying to make a business but I never got that support. they say spark gives you energy yea right I never got that boost of energy.

November 22nd, 2017 Warwick, RI

I would give no stars,if I could, to this company. What they do is conduct fraud not business. They steal a card number buy their products on it, usually $300-$700 worth of it, then send a product to a customer who didn't want it. Then the customer says "what's this in my mail box?" Or what happened to me, they FedEx expressed their crap to me and I sent it back because I never ordered any of their craptastic products and my name is not Audrey Jennings which is who they addressed it to. But they send you something to your address because then it doesn't look like fraud, it looks like you ordered something. Great gig advocare, (*eye roll) but you've got it coming to you. Stealing is a crime, fraud is a crime and it's only a matter of time before you pay for your crimes against unsuspecting hardworking people just trying to pay their bills and feed their families.

Tiffany Sutton
June 9th, 2017 Campton, KY

I am NEW advocare advisor. I am loving it! It's not easy... but is any sales job? What you get in is what you get out. And the products are out of this world amazing!

Chuck Hesser
April 10th, 2017 Valparaiso, IN

love the company, the products and what it's done for my health and my family.

Priscilla Price
March 30th, 2017 La Pine, OR

I used AdvoCare for a month and ended up with a bad kidney infection from it.

Kristen Montero
January 16th, 2017

Have had great success with advocare products. Love them

David Morgan
September 26th, 2016 Columbus, GA

I have been an Advisor for Advocare a little over 8 months. The products are great, the compensation plan is great but most of all the leadership does a great job taking care of their Advisors with Continuing Education and new product development. I have been taking the products for over two years have lost 25 lbs and truly believe in each product I sell.

Jennifer Casey
May 6th, 2016 Solana Beach, CA

Love this company! Great products and the reasearch behind them. The leadership is amazing and the companies overall compassion for their advisors and the community is unreal!

Cat T.
April 19th, 2016 Trenton, NJ

Advocare is simply amazing! Tons of results from various men and women from different ethnic and social backgrounds have reported changes in Heath and wellness! The support, coaching and relationships that I have experienced have changed my life and those around me forever! The products are superior and the business side of Advocare is extremely lucrative!! Hands down the best ever!!

February 24th, 2016 Russellville, AR

I loved the advocare... Before they changed something in the formula, I have had multiple people who was at advisor stage quit selling. I myself have quit. I worked my butt off to sale and got so close to my next discount but they wanted me to sale 1800.00 in two weeks. People can not afford this. I lost what I sold towards my next discount. Discouraged yes. But like all diet and healthy stuff eating right and exercise is the main thing.

Steve Snyder
November 6th, 2015 TX

Advocare is a great religious MLM with a great product, they have fantastic leader like Todd and Donna Cash, and many more. I have not been in the company actively for many years and still have people asking about getting spark energy drink.

July 28th, 2015 Richmond, VA

Love the company, team, products, training and compensation plan! Love that so many unpaid professional and olympic athletes endorse the products!