Posted: Isaac Ericksen|June 26th, 2019

Multi-Level Marketing

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Written by Isaac Ericksen
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Many people have clicked on our links, visited our website, and read our reviews.


What makes us Different?

We are dedicated and driven to provide everyday consumers with honest, unbiased feedback and evaluation on companies. We want to bring out the truth, state the facts, and direct people to the right company.

Besides having our name spelled wrong, our approach is different because unlike any other consumer review site we score and rank companies based off our experts research and not off any partnerships we have pre-established. We honor the consumers first, company relations second. Not the other way around.

Many would say we do things the hard way. That we can't make money unless we let companies pay us to be on our review site or pay us to put them number one. We have turned down many multiple checks because we promise to stay true to our principals. By finding the best companies first we in turn provide consumers with the best outcome.

What does offer? is designed for the consumer. All our reviews across a hundred different industries provide a portion of a companies score. This typically is 15% of the total score! That means that when consumers are coming to our site that each user that leaves a comment with a score has an affect on the companies total score! provides it's own comment moderation review team. Meaning that not only do we eliminate spam comments, we make sure that the users leaving reviews are legitimate people and that it is not different companies leaving negative reviews on each other.

To Learn More about Consumer Reviews click here.

The Bottom Line is the best place to come for consumer reviews because we do things the honest way. We allow consumers a voice and a chance to learn what other real consumers have already said.

Why did you come to today?

  • What are you looking for?
  • Why did you click our link?
  • Is it that you were bored and had nothing else to do?

We want to learn from you WHY you came and WHAT you are looking for?

Please leave a comment below to help us understand your initiative(s).

Learn More About The Top Multi-Level Marketing Companies

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#1 Forever Living chevron_right
9.5 Overall Score
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#2 Shaklee chevron_right
8.0 Overall Score
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#3 doTERRA chevron_right
7.6 Overall Score

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