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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
ProPay is a payment processing provider founded by Bradley Wilkes in 1997 with their current headquarters located in Lehi, Utah. ProPay offers a variety of merchant payment solutions, such as: several payment processing options, ACH services, prepaid cards and other related products. Additionally, ProPay provides end-to-end encryption and tokenization services. ProPay was acquired by Total System Services in December 2012 and is now a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange (TSS). ProPay is similar to other traditional payment processors as they give you the ability to swipe cards at the point of sale. They also offer you the ability to accept other types of payments, such as: eCommerce and mail order - telephone order sales. However, they do not support desktop terminals like the ones found in most traditional retail providers such as restaurants and the like. They do however allow non-traditional sellers and low volume businesses to sign-up. One more thing to note is the fact that ProPay does not use independent resellers to market their services and this is huge when it comes to maintaining consistency with marketing and how customer service issues are handled. You will generally have a better experience with a payment processor who doesn't outsource their services.

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The Good

  • Options For Small and Large Businesses
  • Easy Setup
  • Termination Fees

Options for Small and Large Businesses

ProPay offers flexible payment acceptance options that are secure and affordable for businesses of all sizes.  Thus making ProPay a serious contender when it comes to a possible payment processor for your business.  Additionally, ProPay appears to actively seek out and address all public complaints about their services with an offer to personally help each client resolve their particular issues.  And this is huge from a customer service perspective, because when it comes to your money, there is nothing more important than to be able to talk with someone who can effectively help you resolve any problems you may be having. Small Businesses ProPay has some great features for small business owners.  They have a simple sign-up process, competitive rates and multiple ways to accept payments.  If you need mobile solutions ProPay is an industry leader with flexible options to accept credit cards via encrypted mobile card readers, such as the ProPay JAK and the ProPay FLASH and via a mobile phone web interface or a regular touchtone phone. Large BusinessesProPay is perfect for large businesses as they offer a variety of innovative payment solutions, which include secure payments and reduced transaction costs. ProPay's ProtectPay is an end-to-end encryption and tokenization solution that allows a business of any size to accept credit cards, debit cards and ACH payments, without having to store, process or transmit the data. ProPay also offers flexible solutions for home owners' associations, property management companies, lending institutions and auction sites like eBay.  Additionally, ProPay has a plethora of other exciting features and benefits to offer, such as transparent pricing with no variable transaction fees, as well as:

  • No hidden fees, monthly fees or monthly minimums
  • No gateway fees, statement fees or PCI assessment fees
  • No merchant account setup fees or long-term commitments
  • No early termination fees; however, they do have an annual fee

Easy Setup

ProPay's rates are lower than PayPal or Square and they have an easy signup process.  Additionally, ProPay is its own holding account; therefore, transfers are made manually to a linked checking account.  They also offer  multiple levels of authentication, QuickBooks integration, multi-currency support and live customer support.  And, as we've said before, nothing is more important than being able to reach someone who can help you when you are having problems with your system or need a question answered quickly so you can resume business as usual.

Termination Fees

There is no mention of early termination fees.  However, ProPay has not been known to charge them in the past and there are no current complaints as such.  However, you should confirm this before making a final determination.  With that being said, many companies are willing to waive their early termination fee; therefore, if the contract does include an early termination fee, you should attempt to negotiate for that to be waived as a condition of the contract and this applies whether you decide to go with ProPay or another payment processing company.


The Bad

  • Customer Complaints
  • No Desktop Options

Customer Complaints

The most common complaints are regarding the holding of funds, account freezes and the sudden termination of accounts.  However, these are standard practices among industry providers, especially when it comes to what they consider high-risk businesses.  Additionally, these types of complaints often arise from customers who don't fully understand how payment processing works.  After further study of ProPay's reviews, we haven't seen any indication that they are using any deceptive marketing practices, showing any patterns of deceit or employing any type of fraudulent practices.

No Desktop Options

A big negative and one that may be a game changer for some is the fact that ProPay does not support desktop credit card terminals.  Not offering traditional POS terminals eliminates a percentage of buyers who would have otherwise loved to use ProPay as their payment processor.  Perhaps ProPay will reconsider that decision and begin offering POS options sometime in the future.


The Bottom Line

ProPay's rates and fees are in line with other payment processing companies in the industry and perhaps even less expensive in some cases.  For all intents and purposes, ProPay appears to be a top notch credit card processing company with plenty of flexible options to meet most, if not all, your business needs.  They are a long-standing, publicly traded company with a solid reputation and very few complaints to speak of.  However, the fact that ProPay does not offer traditional credit card terminals or POS systems may be of concern to some people. ProPay's successful long-term business model, their vast array of options, competitive rates, their positive reputation in the market and the fact that they don't make use of independent resellers will hopefully give you the confidence you need to decide whether or not ProPay is right for you.  However, based on that information, we are comfortable recommending their company as a whole.  Although we still recommend you read over the contract and all the fine print, before you make any decisions.

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Chuck Chicago, IL

I run a small online retail business where I needed to accept Credit cards in addition to Paypal, but I do not do enough monthly business to warrant getting a full merchant account with monthly fees and minimum usage requirements. I've been using them since 2006, never had a problem other than a minor hiccup. When I transfer funds out to my bank account, never had a problem. Though I can be handicapped by the transaction / monthly maximum limits, it still has served me well.

4 years ago

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Z Houston, TX

I have used Pro Pay due to my affiliation with another company for a little over a year now. Not only do I pay for an annual fee to use this service, but every time there is a transaction Pro Pay earns money from it. Recently, a customer made a purchase on my personal website and it went through Pro Pay for over $200.00. I shipped the products purchased to the customer and went on with my day. Over 10 days later, Pro Pay emails me letting me know that there is a charge back on my account from this customer that is disputing the transaction. So, basically, I got scammed by this customer, and Pro Pay instead of defending their customer (myself), is taking the money from my account to pay back the scammer. In addition, I end up losing tax and shipping expenses. There is no future for this company with such poor customer service. Please don't waste your time and money, and use other similar companies that will fight to protect their customers from frauds like this. I also use other companies for my transactions, and I have been very pleased with them when a situation like this arises. Don't use Pro Pay; and their customer service is terrible!!!

4 years ago

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Shann ell

Terrible! Cheats! Ransomware ! I am a Mary Kay consultant and I had a returning customer. They have holds in both transactions due to their shifting reasons. One reason was because they thought I was splitting a charge. Second time they said because they believed it wasn't a Mary Kay transaction. I sent documentation and yet they are still holding my customers funds! How am I supposed to go know on someone's door and ask them to reverse the transaction and give me cash instead!??!? Ridiculous business practice. Let alone I will lose a customer. NEVER Do business with propay!-use PayPal! PayPal doesn't charge an annual fee and does not charge for their card reader.

5 years ago