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LAST UPDATED: September 3rd, 2019
First Data is considered a world leader in card processing services. They were incorporated in 1971 and currently support over six million merchants around the globe. First Data is also the largest services provider in the payments industry. They process more than one trillion transactions each year in all types of credit services, such as credit, debit and prepaid gift cards. That equates to about three out of every four credit card sales in the United States. In addition to card services, the First Data Independent Sales division provides business process consulting and solutions without regard to any particular vertical. And they have tailor made solutions to fit any of your specific business needs. The goal of First Data is to develop and implement solutions that make each transaction simpler, faster and more rewarding. Payment processing has become more universal. Each transaction, whether it's in-store, eCommerce or mobile, needs to deliver a seamless, integrated buying experience at any time of the day and on any device that is being used.

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The Good

  • Customer support
  • Financial institutions
  • Government services

Customer Support

They also offer easy to reach customer service support, a dedicated business consultant, a toll-free customer service line and live chat on their website.

Financial Institutions

First Data offers more personalized services to bank customers with easy to use banking solutions that are convenient, and due to their TransArmor Security Solutions, are more secure. The First Data offerings allow financial institutions to deliver faster, safer and easier electronic processing. They also offer account screening and collection services, card production solutions, consumer lending, credit processing and commercial payment solutions, as well as customer communication options, debit processing, ATM and STAR Network. Their system also includes information, analytics and reporting, marketing and prepaid options, merchant acquiring referral programs, mobile commerce solutions, online banking options, security and fraud protection and vision payment solutions. That is quite a lengthy list of features and benefits and is truly a one-stop shop, which is convenient for business owners who want to keep everything in one place.

Government Services

There is a huge demand for more convenient access to government services. First Data assists federal, state and local agencies in helping to provide the same level of service as private industry. First Data helps governments with planning, procuring and managing IT projects for each of their wide range of services using safe, secure and reliable solutions all while controlling costs.


The Bad

  • Complete lack of info

No information

It's possible that First Data offers quality services and adequate pricing, but according to our research at BestCompany, we could find no information on their website regarding these criteria, so we can't adequately score them. First Data would do well to be more transparent in offering information to their potential customers. Many industry competitors are upfront regarding interest rates and monthly fees, which will give them an edge over First Data. In order to get pricing and service information, potential customers must personally contact First Data.

The Bottom Line

First Data offers solutions for financial institutions and government entities, which is favorable. However, here at BestCompany, it's difficult for us to gauge what First Data succeeds and fails at because they offer little to no information on their website regarding our ranking criteria. We recommend looking into top industry competitors before considering First Data.

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Paul Stafford, VA

All of these other reviews are written by folks who are simply misinformed. First Data and Vantiv are competotors - they do not work together. Three day funding does not exist except for over weekends when the Fed is closed. Bank funding IS NOT governed by First Data - it is governed by the agreements they have with their bank alliances. I have been with First Data for 10 years and have always had 2 day funding. There is NO extra cost for faster funding to the client - that option is a myth. A for what is said by a rep and what is done - WATCH AND READ WHAT YOU SIGN. There is not a credit card processor out there that does NOT HAVE dishonest reps. Unfortunate, but it is reality. I have had 7 different processors over the last 30 years. Some reps were honest, others were not. Again, READ your application before you sign it. I learned that the hard way - you may have to also. First Data processes for the largest companies in the US - WalMart, Starbucks, McDionalds....they must be doing something right.

4 years ago

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John Burnside Colorado Springs, CO

I own a small environmental company and decided to try the service so I could process credit cards on site for those customers who so desired. I got an limited offer for a low processing rate and only had to pay a S&H fee on getting the card reader for my android phone. The S&H fee was $19.95 which seemed very high for the small device but I agreed. Before I had a customer request to pay with a credit card weeks later, I got a collections letter stating I was on notice for non-payment of the S&H fee. I now owed $200! Called their customer service and found out the had my bank account number correct but the bank routing number wasn't even close. When they had tried to bill the $19.95, it didn't go through so they sent me to collections. It was way too much trouble to call me and ask what was going on. I got their issue straightened out and they managed to get paid the $19.95 directly from my account. Had to talk to an additional 3 people to get the collections letter rescinded over an issue they caused. I promptly cancelled the deal. First impressions are lasting and they made an extremely poor impression on me. I do not recommend!

3 years ago

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Lucia Lahr

This has to be THE WORST company out there. As far as I am concerned they are a Fraudulent enterprise. I, unfortunately believed the rep who, after examining 6 months of my current provider's statements, promised much reduced rates which would more than cover the $155.00/ 48 month non-cancellable lease. NEVER happened. I tried for over 1 year to get them to correct their billing and let me go, to no avail. Now I will have to pay an early termination fee (36 month on the processing in addition to the equipment lease!) I am so sick of these people. NEVER SIGN A LEASE FOR EQUIPMENT. I SHOULD HAVE STAYED WITH Chase Payment tech who has treated me fairly with no hidden fees. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!

3 years ago

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Rho Frost Decatur, GA

First Data have hidden end of year tax fees. When I choose this company I asked, Are there any other changes outside of my monthly fees and for each swipe? The representative said there were not. I received a letter about two weeks ago stating First Data charged my bank account 30.20. When I called for a break down on the fees no one could give me that information. I pay my state and all local taxes. I was told I will be charged a annual fee each year for taxes my state charges First Data not me and that those fees are transferred to my non profit organization. First Data is not the company for non-profits, small start up business or direct sales representatives. It cost 150.00 to transfer the equipment and I would remind responsible for the equipment if the business I transfer the services to default. I was totally misled by the representative. Our organization work with over 2000 startup businesses. First Data is another company we have red flagged for our program participants to stay clear from. I will keep the service for 36 months while we continue to use our former data processing company. In doing this we have to wipe each month 25.00 to not incur a 20.00 fee for not using the equipment. We realized that after being charged 25.00 twice. What new charges will be next First Data. Educate your representatives on sharing facts about what you offer instead of just closing the sale. You lost my business and my followers business as well. My next blog will be about choosing the best payment processing company. I trusted the representative because she was a referral from a business colleague who might I add is not satisfied with First Data service.

4 years ago

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Janean B Sellers Dubois, WY

First Data promotes low costs in their sales pitch. one of their promises are that there is no fee for debit cards, but then charge you for them in non-qualified interchange fees. When my company was first contacted by a salesman for First Data I told him I had my own credit card machine, but he claimed they just give you one. Well they give you one alright and stick you with a four year lease (that can not be cancelled of course) at $82.95 a month. Not only that you get an annual fee of $197.00 but you also get an annual fee of $150 that you don't know of. There are more misc charges then regular charges. You don't even know what you are paying for. I worked it up and am paying more then 5% every month compared to their quoted price. This is the worst credit card company I have ever had to deal with.

4 years ago

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craig wood Lufkin, TX

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER sign a long term lease. I found a better deal, sent their machine back and they still charged me for 4 years. I tried to buy out of the contract only to be told full amount only. The real treat is each year they charge me a fee to help collect on the taxes of me possessing their leased equipment ( It has been back in their warehouse for 3 years). Terrible customer relations

4 years ago

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sherry Ooltewah, TN

In addition to other comments, they hang on to you money for three days unless of course you pay extra to get it in two days! They get debit card money almost immediately which most of my business is. Why do I have to wait three days? Rip off!

4 years ago

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Gabriela Velasco

Fast processing, great rates, awesome customer service you can use your computer

4 years ago

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Dale Julio Somerville, MA

This company works with Vantiv credit card processing. They will not let you out of a lease. They are not a good company to use. The fees and structure of the lease are very detrimental to business owners.

5 years ago

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Gonzales Storage

I would have left zero stars if possible. Absolutely no customer service. Have been trying to return a terminal for almost 3 weeks and no one will help.

2 years ago