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LAST UPDATED: December 13th, 2020

Elavon is a payment processor providing merchant services to more than one million merchants in more than 30 countries worldwide. Formerly known as NOVA, Elavon was founded in 1991, has headquarters in Atlanta, GA, and is a subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp. 

The company works with clients in a variety of industries including retail, healthcare, hospitality, restaurant, travel, and other services. It offers custom solutions for businesses of all sizes including sole proprietors, small or midsize businesses with one or multiple locations, and large enterprises. 

Elavon has an equipment lease subsidiary, Ladco Leasing, which is one of the major suppliers of credit card terminals and other payment processing equipment. Additionally, Elavon uses its own online payment gateway, InternetSecure, which can easily integrate with other gateways like Authorize.net.

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The Good

  • Payment Features
  • Data Security
  • Flexible Options
  • Customer Loyalty Program

Payment Features

Elavon offers many user-friendly options for all payment needs, including the following: 

  • Tablet and mobile device solutions
  • PC solutions
  • Wireless terminals
  • Smart terminals
  • Installation and support 

You can create an Elavon account to simply take payments online, take payments via the Elavon app, create a simple payments page, or build an entire online store. You can integrate existing programs and emerging technologies with Elavon’s Converge and Fusebox payment gateways. 

For payment types, Elavon accepts all major card, contactless, and mobile-wallet payments, including the following:

  • Debit and credit cards
  • Gift cards
  • Smart cards (EMV)
  • Near field communication (NFC) for mobile
  • Mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and eCommerce
  • Mail-order payments
  • Telephone-order transactions

Elavon boasts same-day funding with no additional fees and no hidden fees. Processing fees are as follows: 

Terminal Offer

  • 2.65% + 19¢ swiped
  • 3.5% + 19¢ keyed
  • $10 monthly fee
  • $499.00 for the Ingenico iCT250 terminal

Mobile Offer

  • 2.65% + 19¢ swiped
  • 3.5% + 19¢ keyed
  • $10 monthly fee
  • $24.99 for the Magtek aDynamo mobile card reader

Previously, Elavon charged an early termination fee and PCI fee; however, it seems the company has since dropped those fees. There are no cancellation fees if you decide to switch processors. 

Data Security

Elavon’s time in business is an advantage in regards to security. It uses a secure platform backed by decades of experience. Elavon uses optimal security and operates under PCI compliance, incorporating EMV authentication and encryption and tokenization. 

These precautions render credit card payments and other data inaccessible to fraudsters.  

Flexible Options

Elavon offers flexible eCommerce options. You can even use your existing hardware and payment infrastructure, which can be easily expanded to 5,000 users and merchant numbers and can include additional capabilities as you grow. 

With Elavon, you have quick and easy access from any web browser using a secure login and without any specialized hardware or software requirements. 

Additionally, 24-hour customer service is available, which is important when you have an issue that needs to be resolved quickly to get you back online.

Customer Loyalty Program

Elavon provides merchants with easy to use customer loyalty programs and has a gift card program. Loyalty programs have been proven to reflect positively on ROI and they help create consumer goodwill and name-brand recognition. Elavon's program allows customers to easily track their rewards and redeem them at checkout. 


The Bad

  • Account Freezing
  • Customer Complaints

Account Freezing

As part of fraud protection measures, many payment processors have policies in place to withhold your funds while they investigate if they believe your business has transactions that took place outside their terms. 

Therefore, they sometimes will freeze your account for any number of alleged reasons. This is especially true with high-risk merchants and is what seems to be the case with Elavon.

Customer Complaints

Elavon does not appear to use any deceptive advertising practices; however, since the company relies on resellers, sub-ISO's, independent agents, and other partnerships to market services, they are often blamed for such, even if the reseller is to blame. 

Elavon's rates are clearly posted on its website; however, it is noted that "approval and acceptance are subject to underwriting review." Therefore, you will need to make sure you fully understand the rates and agreement before you sign anything.  


The Bottom Line

Elavon offers all the payment features and options we like to see in a merchant account processor as well as the security measures necessary to prevent data breaches. Per transaction pricing is reasonable and merchants have flexibility in the scope of payment solution required. 

In addition, the company’s 24/7 customer service availability and online self-serve portals are useful to clients so they feel optimally supported. 

As you should with any payment solutions provider, be sure to shop around and read the fine print prior to making a final decision. 

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Steve Westminster, CA

My banker recommended Elvaon for my small business. When meeting in person, Elavon's Rep Jason said he would email their application form to me that day. He wanted my social security number right away, which made me suspicious of his motives. He failed to provide the application. Several days later, I emailed requesting the application. He said they were still trying to gather information, and would send it right away. I waited over two weeks. Finally he sent the application link. I completed it all, sent it to Elavon, and emailed Jason, asking him how long would the process take? He never replied. That was January 2019, and it's now May 14, 2019. If I could, I would give them zero stars for customer service and sketchy behavior from their Rep. Elavon will never get to do business with me - ever. Don't give this company your personal information. They might use it for ID theft, or sell it all to numerous marketing companies. They claim to be the 4th largest card processor, and owned by Bancorp, but don't appear to be legit. Below From Wikipedia: In February 2018, the bank was charged by the Department of Justice with failing to implement measures preventing illegal activities, including one case of abetting them.[157] To defer prosecution, U.S. Bancorp agreed to pay $613 million in fines and agreed to implement measures to show the authorities that it had improved the monitoring of its customer transactions.[157]

3 years ago

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Melissa Huntington Beach, CA

Signed up with Elavon services for my new broker/wholesale business and after using for just over 1 month got a call to have a 'review' and ended with closing my account. (not my choice, THEY SHUT DOWN MY ACCOUNT!) After explaining to them some of my charges they responded with "you cannot use your terminal for accepting sales of product that isnt yours" .. THATS LITERALLY MY JOB/BUSINESS! ..as they knew considering when I signed up for my account I had to describe my company. I buy from manufacturers and resell to people. What terrible customer service... way to damage the ease of my business and lose a customer. Makes zero sense. Screw this company!

4 years ago

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David Romaine West Palm Beach, FL

This company has assumed my MBS Merchants Gateway account of about 10 Years. They have change their policy and held Monies owed to me I'm the amount of $1493.20 then closed my account. Their Risk management Person Jason S. has done this because he didn't approve of the transactions. I'm in the Antique Trade and sold items through my New B and Breakfast using the Gateway system that I purchased through the MBS Merchants services and always followed the same system. You would think that with there would be a notice and transactions would not be approved so that I'm not without my inventory. sincerely David Romaine

4 years ago

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Steve Olympia, WA

Elavon is by far not only the worst Merchant service company, but probably the most dishonest and unethical company currently operating on planet earth. They said whatever they needed to pull our business from our former merchant provider of 7 years. Within our first 3 months, they processed $1.3m which is our standard. Then without warning their Risk team decided to hold our funds without provocation or reason for the past 3 weeks holding over $70k and let us know unless we provided a $700,000 Line of Credit our account would be canceled?!? NO Warning, NO ability to other options, nothing—and we’ve never had a chargeback or return in 7 years. No chargebacks, no fraud, no reason whatsoever to warrant this action. They would only respond after multiple follow ups, only agreed to release funds after multiple follow ups and incorporating attorney involvement. They lost a client for no reason and we’ll certainly do all we can to warn others to not get blindsided by this corrupt company. Costco should be ashamed this is their preferred partner.

4 years ago

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Alert Stay Away...... Elavon D.B. A classic.converge pay.com, This merchant account was assign to us by Regions Bank, For our small sales company www.yellowhelper.info first batch was without a problem then the second one is were the nightmare starts, First they we got an e mail from Elavon did not know they are the same company, stating that the charges are not correct & information was missing so they held on to the deposits until we get it correct, next week was of useless e-mails from (Sara Miller) [email protected] (Investigative Analyst) claiming, 1) she can not access our website 2) Information from the clients is incorrect, 3) Explanations on how & what we sell to our clients was not clear, bla bla, & I say this because it was all useless and a waste of time trying to explain to this Analyst the issues at hand. OUR IT department send screen shots of everything to do with our business, pictures of the office, direct links to our website etc and Nothing worked. Confirmation from our clients vie e-mail, doc sign agreement and to the point to ask our clients to call her direct line because she was not satisfied with the info we provided . We got to the point to ask the client on what year they apply for their cc Ironic. Got our clients to cooperate and take their busy time to call her direct line and no such luck. She made us look like we were stealing and Embarrassed our company to the point that we reached to our clients for help to provide more more personal information then is necessary in order to prove her the purchase was legal. For one how will our clients purchase from us if they don't see our site on line (www.yellowhelper.info) The logical explanation is that this (Risk Department Analyst) did not follow our company info and made a decision to cancel us without giving us the chance. 2) 3 of our client took the tie to call her direct line in order to give her their their personal info and to clarified the miss understanding. Her respond was always done thru e-mails and send at the end of the day 4:30 to be precise. I take it this lady before she left without following up on our business just send a is not good enough answer and after all she just said sorry your account is closed we will be holding on to your money for 90 days you not good enough for us, so if you are a small business and think about dealing with them STAY AWAY READ MY STORY that is not a story is a nightmare for my start up and thats what is like dealing with ELAVON...

5 years ago

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John Lewis Big Rapids, MI

Unresponsive, unethical, incompetent ---other reviewers are right--- run don't walk away from this company !!

4 years ago