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    Men's Guide to Pregnancy: What to Know
    Finding out that your wife or girlfriend is pregnant is a big deal. Whether you were hoping to get pregnant or not, you are going to become a parent. In addition to being one of life’s stepping stones, this exciting st...
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    Eating Well Without Being on a Diet
    Guest Post by Dan Chojnacki The health and wellness industry continues to have a significant impact on society. Figuring out how and what we should eat is the subject of endless debate. You've probably heard of the keto diet,...
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    Consistency Is Key: Maintaining Health Resolutions Past January
    Guest Post by Dan Chojnacki New year, new you. It’s an annual phrase used by many to signal a change. The new year is a time when many people want to either hit the reset button and return to previous goals or decide to...
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    Staying Motivated While Training During Winter
    Guest Post by Billy Ferguson How can you stay motivated while training during the winter? With miserable weather day after day, maintaining motivation to stay fit can be a real challenge. Short days and long nights are fille...
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    Positive Effects of Travel on Your Health
    Guest Post by Sahara Rose De Vore When you think of self-care you probably think about going to the gym, joining a yoga class, spending an hour a day meditating, drinking a green juice, getting a massage, or trying out the n...
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    New Year's Resolutions: Don't Give Up
    “The best resolution is one that you will keep!” — Dr. Barbara Bushman of Missouri State University In 2018, only 4 percent of people actually stuck to their New Year’s resolutions. You don&r...
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    8 Lifestyle Changes for Better Digestion
    Guest Post by Lisa Richards Nobody enjoys being bloated or gassy. And yet we often think that it’s just something to put up with. Well, good news — you don’t have to put up with it. All you need to do is ma...
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    Healthy Eating Tips for the Holidays: Experts Tell All
    Why eat healthy? Your health is your lifeline. Literally. Your ability to function is directly related to your physical health. Though there are many ways to improve your health, one of the most important is eating healthy...
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