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LAST UPDATED: February 10th, 2022

UnitedHealthcare offers Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug, Medicare Supplement, and combined Medicare and Medicaid insurance plans.

UnitedHealthcare is also unique in its partnership with the AARP. Some of UnitedHealthcare's Medicare plans are sold with the AARP brand.

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The Good

  • Good Medicare Plan Options
  • Partnered with the AARP

Good Medicare Plan Options

UnitedHealthcare offers Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement (Medigap), Prescription Drug Plans, and combined Medicare and Medicaid plans (Medicare Special Needs).

If you have Original Medicare (traditional Medicare), a Medicare supplement insurance plan can help control your out-of-pocket expenses. Prescription Drug Plans offer prescription drug coverage.

This wide array of offerings means that most Medicare shoppers will be able to find a plan that meets their needs.

Partnered with the AARP

UnitedHealthcare is partnered with the AARP to offer Medicare plans with the AARP brand. It is the only health insurance company to do this.

While not all of UnitedHealthcare's Medicare plans carry the AARP brand, this partnership shows United Healthcare's dedication to helping elderly Americans and attention to their needs.


The Bad

  • Limited Customer Insight
  • No Part A or Part B
  • Plan Options Vary by Zip Code

Limited Customer Insight

UnitedHealthcare has not received many reviews for Medicare, which makes it difficult to give a recommendation based on the customer experience. Reviews for UnitedHealthcare are split between high and low ratings.

Although this trend isn't great to see, high proportions of low ratings are common for health insurance.

No Part A or Part B

UnitedHealthcare does not offer Medicare Parts A or B. Part A is hospital insurance. Part B is medical insurance.

These Medicare Parts are Original Medicare. They are managed by a federal agency called Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Instead, UnitedHealthcare offers Medicare Advantage plans (Part C) offer both hospital and medical insurance in one policy. These plans usually have out-of-pocket limits that protect your out-of-pocket spending.

Having both kinds of coverage available under one plan is convenient for Medicare beneficiaries.

Plan Options Vary by Zip Code

Not every kind of Medicare plan offered by UnitedHealthcare is available in every area. Plan options and variations within each kind of Medicare plan may also be different from zip code to zip code. While this can be frustrating for shoppers, UnitedHealthcare makes it easy to see the plans available in your area online.


The Bottom Line

While UnitedHealthcare does not offer Medicare Parts A or B, it does offer a good selection of Medicare plans. It offers Medicare Advantage (Part C), Prescription Drug (Part D), Medigap, and Medicare Special Needs plans. These options make it easy for shoppers to find the kind of Medicare coverage they are looking for.

UnitedHealthcare's partnership with the AARP makes it stand out from other Medicare insurance companies and shows its investment in meeting the needs of elderly Americans. If you explore UnitedHealthcare's Medicare plans further, keep customer reviews in mind.

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Pt Maple Grove, MN

I have had UHC medicare advantage health plan for just short of a year. I suggest no one use this plan if they have health issues. Using their website, I have found multiple dental offices That are no longer providers, but still listed. It seems to me that by leaving them up there it looks like you have a lot of options, but I found out the options are totally limited. I have found many medical doctors that are not listed on their website but are providers. I complained and they sent me to a navigator who is supposed to be top notch at finding a provider. I gave her the providers name and address, she could not find them. Yet they are providers in network. Today I wanted to get mental health services. I called everybody in my area on their website and no one had openings for less than two months away. I called UHC and the automated system disconnected me multiple times. When I finally did get through all they were able to do with list providers. I explained that I already have gone through the list and done the calling. I asked for a patient advocate. Which should’ve been suggested to me, I should not have had to ask. All this advocate was willing to do was to provide names for me to call. How is that advocating for a patient? I know there are other insurance companies out there that have contracts that state a patient for mental health must be seen within something like 72 hours if requested and the advocates will make sure this happens by calling providers for the patient. UHC, does not have this helpful service. Extremely frustrating company to work with. I’ve gone without medical care because I can’t get information from their customer service that is valid. I will be opting out this new enrollment period. Medica or Blue Cross look pretty good to me.

10 months ago

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Jim Bond Canton, CT

I have been a member of United Healthcare's Medicare HMO plan for 13 days. You how they say you can only make a first impression once? Here is what has happened in that short time: 1-Despite the fact that I signed up as a new member as soon as the selection season opened, they still were late in getting my membership card to me, despite the fact that I had a doctor's appointment in the first week of the year. 2-After 13 days, I have now received three different membership cards, one with the wrong billing number, and another with the name of the wrong PCP on it. 3-This morning, when I went to the usual Quest Diagnostics facility to have a routine blood drawing, I was informed that QD was not in United Healthcare's provider network, so instead of having no co-pay (as has been the case with at least two previous insurers), I was liable for a $50 co-pay. 4-When I called UH's customer service to inquire the names of other lab testing services that *were* on their approved provider list, I wound up being hung up on twice and once transferred to sales. When the person in sales told me he would transfer me back to customer service, I again had my call dropped. 5-Finally, on the fourth call back, I was informed that Quest Diagnostics is, in fact, on their provider list and that my co-pay should have been $2. Needless to say, my first impressions of the quality control of this organization are at toilet level. At the end of the third call, I did have the opportunity to "participate in a customer satisfaction survey." I gave them zeroes all down the line. I'm not holding my breath that it will have any effect whatsoever.

4 years ago

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Bruce Wahlgren Fort Collins, CO

Couldn't even talk to someone about a Medicare Supplement policy they sell through AARP. After navigating the automated phone system for 5 minutes, spent another 15 with a dim witted rep who forgot to save my information in her computer. She then proceeded to call me by the wrong name and and had me in the wrong state. At that point, I said "never mind" and hung up. Call USAA and had a great experience with friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful people - they will be getting my business.

2 years ago

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Phyllis Richard New Iberia, LA

I have been enrolled in a UHC Medicare Advantage Plan as a school board retiree. For 9 months and have had absolute chaos. Claims and services provided under original medicare are denied or delayed. UHC pressures insured to have infusions unsafe settings and against recommended pharmaceutical protocol. Your health and quality is not at the forefront of their "plans." Be wise, stick with original medicare, and depending on your health and income find the best Part D coverage, possible supplement or secondary insurance. Good luck!

2 years ago

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Willie Morristown, NJ

United health Care is the worst , they don't approve the good medicine and they always reject it . They only allow poor medicine that never help the patients, that's why I switched to Horizon who approved what United never approve . They don't care about Medicare or Medicaid patients. You get medicine based on what kind of insurance you have so no equal opportunity for good medicine.

3 years ago