Vital Link is one of the pioneers in the medical alert industry. They have been in business since 1981. One of the things that they pride themselves on is their customers, the elderly and disabled. They have products that help both those that live on their own and those who live in assisted living situations. The medical cord-pulling device is something that we have not seen offered by other personal alert providers in the industry. We also feel like Vital Link’s products and monitoring services are affordably priced.

Another great aspect of Vital Link is their Founder and CEO, Art Hoffman. He is President of the Board of Alameda’s Meals on Wheels association.

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The Good

  • Alert services
  • Monitoring centers

Vital Link offers great entry-level medical alert systems with a wides range of options. Customers can choose from the following alert services:

  • Landline based services, with or without two-way voice communication in the pendant.
  • GPS alert devices, allowing individuals access to alert services wherever they go.
  • Other technologies that make living at home easier, while making it easier to get medical services for an emergency fall.

Vital Link has top-notch monitoring centers. The UL and Diamond Five endorsements are industry-standard. Even though government oversight of home monitoring is small, commercial certification keeps fall monitoring services up to standards for customers.

The Bad

  • Product and service concerns
  • No free lockbox

There are a few concerns with Vital Link’s products and services. The Home and Yard alert system has a pendant that only works within 40 feet of the base station. Even though the customer can use their pendant up to 500 feet to access the alert button, the efficacy of the two-way voice communication in the Home and Yard pendant decreases the further the client is away from the base unit.

Vital Link outsources to Rescue Alert Now to monitor their units, they do not monitor themselves.

Some room for improvement includes needing to add a free lockbox to the service. Many seniors are often dependent upon family and friends to get to the property and let emergency professionals into the home. The lockbox that Vital Link provides cost $35, although these can also be loaned by Vital Link. Across the industry, security lockboxes are provided with the equipment for free and returned when the customer decides to cancel their account.

The Bottom Line

Vital Link has some of the best products in the business, making sure that services are designed for clients. This was a trend that was lacking in some other medical alert companies.

Another great aspect of this company is that they design products for customers both in home healthcare and assisted-care living situations. They have a medication dispenser and pull-cord device that can easily be provided for a client who works with a home healthcare professional or a nursing home care provider.

The prices for Vital Link are affordable. As low as the prices are for Vital Link, only the GPS system requires an activation fee, which is waived if the customer chooses the annual payment plan. Even if a customer decides to cancel their account, Vital Link will return any unused prepaid services as soon as the equipment is returned to their corporate headquarters.


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