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Verizon SureResponse is a medical alert system created by Verizon Wireless. Verizon Wireless was started back in the beginning of 2000 and has been making great strides in the wireless industry ever since. Verizon is known for its innovative products and reliable wireless network.

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The Good

  • Affordable
  • Mobility
  • Simple devices

Verizon is one of the most well-known names in wireless service and has recently moved into the medical monitoring and alerting field. Prices for monthly services are among some of the least expensive in the industry. On fact, in most cases, Verizon SureResponse is less expensive for their mobile protection than other companies charge for their landline packages.

With nationwide coverage for wireless services provided by Verizon, customers can take their systems with them and have piece of mind while they are both at home and away. Customers who do not live in an area which receives a strong Verizon signal may use a traditional phone line instead of relying on the wireless signal. The SureReponse transmitter includes GPS tracking so that emergency personnel may easily be directed in the event of an emergency.

Verizon SureResponse offers a simple device with battery backup which is easy to use and maintain.

The Bad

  • Contract
  • Fees
  • No warranties

The caveat to the low prices is the fact that Verizon charges their new customers an activation fee as well as requires new customers to make a commitment to a two year contract in order to receive the best prices.

Termination fees are high and the terms are complex. Customers may cancel within seven days of ordering the service (not receiving the equipment) for a refund. Any cancellations after seven days result in an early termination fee of $175 and a restocking fee of an undisclosed amount.

To avoid signing a long-term contract, customers may purchase their equipment outright. This costs around $220, plus shipping. After purchasing the equipment, one may cancel at any time. The SureResponse transmitter does not work with any other service, so once one has purchased the equipment and should they change their mind, they are stuck with equipment.

Verizon SureResponse does not offer any warranties on their equipment, unlike most of their competitors.

The Bottom Line

On the surface, the initial pricing of the SureResponse by Verizon is a great deal. Looking at the terms and condition as well as the contract requirement, however, it becomes clearer that the plan is filled with other fees, if not hidden, not fully apparent from the start.

Customers in rural areas may not receive the signal quality as those living in more urban or suburban regions. The strict seven day window with which to cancel service from the time which it is ordered may not be enough time for many to fully evaluate the product to make an informed decision.

The lack of a warranty is also concerning and customers should be aware that Verizon SureResponse does not offer a warranty on their equipment at all.

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    August 22nd, 2016 Burlington, NC

    (1.) The SureResponse call center is not a service that is dedicated solely to “SureReponse”. They represent numerous other types of businesses. The calls to the caregiver / relative regarding an emergency with the patient all ring in from random 1-800 type of toll-free numbers that have NO CALLER ID to alert the caregiver recipient that an emergency call is coming in regarding their loved one’s emergency.

    (2.) Our device died and no emergency beeps alerted the family that the device was non-functioning.

    (3.) I called the SureResponse contact phone number, and they take NO RESPONSIBILITY for the dead device or the safety of the patient that they are hired to protect. My call has been forwarded to Verizon, where I’ve been on hold for over 2 hours … and since it is now after 10 PM, I have no hope of getting this dangerous situation resolved.

    (4.) I was “sold” by Verizon on the fact that the device worked where ever a Verizon cell phone had reception and that the pendant had `GPS` and would help to locate the patient in an emergency, or if they were lost. That claim of the GPS locator service was ridiculous…. the device may give a 17-square mile radius of where the patient may be. REALLY???!!!!

    We’re in the new millennium… and put a man on the moon in 1969. Meanwhile today, there are common FREE apps and consumer devices purchased in big-box stores can pin-point the location of tagged items or people via GPS.

    (5.) My father has Alzheimer’s, so the fact that the device connected him to an operator that would help him reach me, or an ambulance intially felt reassuring. HOWEVER, that did not turn out to be the case. When they called me from a random 1-800 number, they never left a message if I couldn’t pick up the call.

    (6.) My beef originally was with the extremely poor Emergency Service for the patient and caregivers. Now, the device itself isn’t worth its weight in plastic.

    (7.) I absolutely cannot recommend this device or the call centers that are supposed to respond to the emergencies.

    (8.) It’s one thing to be disappointed in a flimsy device, and/or terrible service….. but it is another thing to find that a loved one’s LIFE-LINE IN AN EMERGENCY IS A TOTAL FRAUD.

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