Val-U-Care is a distributor of bed exit medical alarms for seniors that helps prevent falls and unsafe wandering. The company has been in business for approximately nine years and is located in New York City, New York. The company does not provide 24/7 professional monitoring. Equipment must be purchased upfront and costs range from $16.95-$179.95 depending on selection. Customers are offered a 30-day money-back guarantee and equipment includes a limited warranty.

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The Good

  • Customer service support
  • No monthly fees
  • Money-back guarantee

Customer Service Support

The company has a live chat feature on its website for customers to get potential questions answered before purchasing. Product instructions are available for download on the website and the company provides instructional videos on its website on how the equipment works.

No Monthly Fees

Customers are not required to sign any contracts with monthly service fees. The only cost is for the equipment which can be ordered directly online. There are no installation or activation costs. The equipment can be plugged directly into a wall outlet without the need for landline phone or cellular connection.

Money-Back Guarantee

The company offers a full refund within 30 days if customers are not satisfied with their purchases. Customers may also return equipment anytime after this period but a 20 percent restocking fee will be deducted from the total price.

The Bad

  • Limited company background information
  • Limited equipment warranty
  • No professional monitoring

Limited Company Background Information

Val-U-Care does not provide detailed information about its corporate history on its website. There are no listed accreditations or affiliations and the company does not have a profile with the Better Business Bureau. The company states it has been in business for nine years but this information could not be verified anywhere else online.

Limited Equipment Warranty

The company offers a limited warranty on its equipment for customers. However, the company is not transparent about the term lengths of the warranty or what the coverage specifically entails. Customers will need to contact the company directly for exact information. There are no details on costs for replacement parts or service repair information.

No Professional Monitoring

The bed exit alarms are designed for seniors with full-time caregivers. The company does not provide professional monitoring and is not suitable for seniors looking to maintain independent living circumstances. The beds feature silent alarms that are transmitted to a receiver carried by the caregiver. The equipment does not provide two-way voice communication capabilities and seniors must wait for help to arrive in a medical emergency.

The Bottom Line

Val-U-Care is best suited for homebound seniors with full time caregivers to assist in preventing falls and unsafe wandering. There are no required contracts and no installation, activation, or cancellation fees. Customers select the equipment they need which ranges from $16.95-$179.95 and pay for it upfront. The equipment can easily be self installed and full product instructions are available directly on the company’s website. All devices include a limited manufacturer warranty and a 30 day money-back guarantee. Customer service representatives are available online anytime through a live chat feature to answer any questions a customer may have.

The exit alarm devices are not equipped with two-way voice technology that allows the user to speak with someone in an emergency event. No 24/7 professional monitoring services are provided by the company. Little information is provided about the company’s background and there are no known affiliations or accreditations.

More Information

Contract Details

No Required Contracts

The company does not require a contract agreement from its customers. There are no installation, activation, monthly monitoring, or cancellation fees. Customers select their desired equipment and pay upfront. Unsatisfied customers are able to return unused equipment within 30 days for a full refund. Refunds are available after this point but are subject to a 20 percent restocking fee.


“In no way does this summation strive to compensate for reading the actual terms of service or contract provided by this company. We are providing this information to allow consumers to see the points of the contract that we believe you should be aware of. Please refer to the company’s terms of service or contract document to see the full details.”

Warranty Details

Limited Warranty

The bed exit alarm company offers a limited warranty on all its equipment but does not disclose specific details. Typical industry warranties provide coverage for one year on manufacturer defects. Customers will need to contact the company directly for more information.

Money-Back Guarantee

A 30 day money-back guarantee is offered to customers on all product purchases. Items must be returned within the timeframe and unused in its original packaging in order to receive a full refund. The customer will be charged a 20 percent restocking fee for any returns received by the company after the 30 day period.


Val-U-Care does not list any accreditations or licenses it has received on its corporate website. The company does not have a corporate profile on the Better Business Bureau website and is not accredited from the organizations.


The company does not list any industry affiliations on its website.

Package Details

Equipment and Services

Val-U-Care offers a wide variety of systems and equipment for seniors ranging in price from $16.95-$179.95. There are no monthly monitoring fees. Customers must purchase equipment upfront. There appears to be no installation or activation fees. The equipment is designed for seniors with constant caregivers to help protect them against falls and from unsafely wandering off alone unprotected.

Val-U-Care Equipment and Services

  • Bed Exit Alarm Systems
  • Chair Exit Alarm Systems
  • Motion Sensor Systems
  • Floor Mat Systems
  • Wireless Alarms with Call Buttons
  • Memory Care Alarm Products
  • Dual Function Exit Alarms
  • FallGuard Monitors
  • Caregiver Pagers
  • Door/Window Alarms
  • Pull-String Alarms
  • Central Monitoring Systems
  • Power Adapters
  • Wheelchair Seatbelts
  • Chair Mounting Brackets
  • Adjustable Mounting Brackets for Chairs/Beds

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a medical alert service work?

Special cordless mats with motion activated sensors can be placed under a person’s body, on the floor near a door, or mounted on a wall. An alarm transmitter can quietly send a signal to a pager receiver when a resident either crosses the sensors or get outs of bed. This alerts the user’s caregiver to quickly respond while maintaining the user’s dignity.

Where does Val-U-Care offer services?

The bed exit alarm company provides services to customers in New York.

Are there any staff members who are medically trained with Val-U-Care?

The company does not provide 24/7 professional monitoring. The products are specifically designing for senior citizens with around-the-clock caregivers.

Does the device include two-way communication?

No. Bed exit alarm users are not able to communicate to emergency help until the caregiver physically responds.

Can two or more people be included at the same location?

Yes. The company offers central monitoring station systems that can be used to monitor multiple people.

Does the device need to be plugged into a phone jack?

No. Corded devices can be plugged into a standard wall outlet.

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