SureSafe Medical Alerts is a non-monitored medical alert devices brand company of Bora Health Incorporated. The company was founded in 2014 and assists customers all around the world with affordable independent living equipment for seniors. Fully mobile alarm devices are self installed and come with a 14 day satisfaction guarantee return policy. The company supplies equipment to several governmental entities and an Australian residential company that manages over 2,500 residential aged care facilities in over 30 locations.

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The Good

  • GPS tracking technology
  • Automatic fall detection
  • No service fees

GPS Tracking Technology

The medical alarm features a mobile SIM card that allows the customer to go anywhere outside the home and still be protected in the case of an emergency. GPS tracking technology sends the user’s location via a Google Maps text link to family and friends in the event of an emergency. The device can also be set with geo-fencing/safe-zone alerts for seniors with conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer’s to help protect them from unsafe wandering.

Automatic Fall Detection

The portable pendant features an alarm that will automatically trigger if a fall is detected without the need for pressing a button. Two-way voice technology will issue voice calls for up to three preset phone numbers and send the user’s exact location with a Google Maps link via text to family and friends.

No Service Fees

Customers pay upfront for the device and there are no monthly monitoring charges. The company does not charge customers for installation or activation and there is no termination penalties for cancelling service. Customers are able to return the product for a full refund if they are not satisfied under a 14 day “no questions asked” satisfaction guarantee.

The Bad

  • Confusing website information
  • No accreditations
  • No 24/7 professional monitoring

Confusing Website Information

The company’s website can be confusing for visitors to navigate. The company states various product offerings available but does not list these for sale or give specific product descriptions on its website. The SureSafeGo mobile device lists a Friends and Family Alarm as a product feature and then elsewhere on the website the Friends and Family Alarm is a separate product available for $81.85. The SureSafeGo equipment is currently out of stock at the time of this review.

No Accreditations

The company does not list any accreditations it has received from industry authorities. The company has only been in business for two years. Little information could be found about the company itself online and there is no corporate profile listed on the Better Business Bureau website.

No 24/7 Professional Monitoring

The company’s medical alarms are non-monitored which means that no central monitoring station dispatchers will be contacted in an emergency event. Instead, the device auto-dials preset phone numbers of family and friends. Emergency personnel are only contacted if loved ones cannot be reached by the device. This can create a longer delay in life-threatening situations for emergency treatment from medical professionals.

The Bottom Line

SureSafe Medical Alerts is best suited for active seniors who desire to maintain their independent living situation for as long as possible. The water resistant pendants feature two-way voice technology, automatic fall detection, and GPS tracking technology that allows them to travel anywhere outside the home. Customers simply purchase equipment upfront with no monthly fees and no contracts required. Warranty coverage is provided for one year on equipment and customers are offered a 14 day money-back guarantee.

The non-monitored devices store up to three telephone numbers of friends and family members that can be contact in an emergency situation. Since the devices are not professionally monitored, access to medical personnel in a life-threatening event can be significantly delayed unless the preset contacts do not respond immediately. Data charges may apply on the built-in SIM card for the medical alarm. The company does not appear to have any industry accreditations and its website can be confusing to navigate.


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