SeniorCare 911 appears to no longer be in business. This review reflects the time that the company was in service and the information provided is available for your convenience.
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They offer one of the cheapest monitoring services in the personal alert industry, but they often say that you get what you pay for. One of the things that would help customers gauge the efficiency of this service is if a brochure was included for download on the website.

The system is pretty barebones. The client gets the base station, with two-way voice communication, and an emergency button/pendant to trigger alarms. The client can also purchase additional products and services to increase the efficiency of their personal alert system.

The New York Merchants Protective, Co Inc. is one of the dealers of the SeniorCare 911 system. It is also likely that several other regional NY companies also deal SeniorCare 911 systems.

The Good

  • Benefits
  • Mobility
  • Basic warnings

There are many benefits to the system sold by SeniorCare 911. The base station has two-way voice communication with a monitoring center, a standard for most senior personal alert systems reviewed. The fact that the pendant was lightweight and easily concealable was a great addition. The pendant is also waterproof, meaning that a customer can bathe with it if they need to.

Another benefit of the system is that the system does give the client some mobility around the home. For smaller homes, this personal alert system may be a great fit if the client does not frequently leave their home.

In regards to mobility, if the client is moving or taking an extended vacation away from the home, the client can notify SeniorCare 911’s monitoring stations 24 hours in advance of the trip or move. That way, the client can easily pack their alert system away and install it once plain old telephone service is activated in their new location.

Another plus is that the system has some basic warnings. There is a low-battery alarm and phone line failure warnings. There is also an alarm for when the user is starting to move too far away from the base station, however this may not be heard since the pendant does not have a speaker built into it. The system also automatically checks its own batteries. This is an important feature for older clients who may have a hard time remembering to check their pendant or base station battery on a regular basis.

The monitoring plan includes options for notifying family members and friends in the event of an emergency. The base station and pendant system also appeared very easy to set up. It comes preprogrammed and only requires plain old telephone service to activate.

The Bad

  • Billing complaints
  • System issues
  • Manual tests and calibrations

One of the issues found in the personal alert industry with billing complaints is that customers will be charged an equipment fee after returning their devices when they cancel their accounts. Sometimes, in the personal alert industry, this results in the client’s account being sent to billing and collections.

Some issues were found with the system itself. Even though the price is one of the cheapest in the industry, the pendant only works 300 feet away from the base station.

The fact that the system limits the client’s mobility is a negative. Some companies in the personal alert industry had extensive options available for mobile alerts, including GPS add-ons and other features. This made it very easy for the client to work in and around the home, as well as run errands for the day.

One concerning issue is the lack of two-way voice communication within the alert pendant itself. From the picture provided on the website and in the brochure found online from New York Merchants Protective Co., Inc., the pendant is somewhat large. Also, with the pendant, the recessed button may make it difficult to press if the client becomes immobilized. The lack of a fall sensor in the pendant is another issue. Many basic systems offered through other personal alert service providers have a fall sensor built into the most basic of systems.

Continuing with the pendant, another negative is the lack of information for the battery. Many other personal alert service providers have batteries that last for an entire year before needing replaced or even recharge when placed on the base station.

Several questions arise about manual tests and calibrations that the client might have to do once a month. This information is not included on the website or with the brochure found online.

The Bottom Line

SeniorCare 911 is not a recommended company as a viable personal alert system for seniors. This product severely limits a client’s mobility outside of the home, as it does not have any cellular options or GPS alerts.There are top recommended companies that offer a broader product line with top of the line customer service.

More Information

Equipment Details

This is a very basic medical alert system. It includes the following:

  • One base unit with AC connection and phone jack.
  • One pendant with an alert button.
  • Extra-sensitive speaker for the hearing impaired.
  • Battery power for up to five days in the base station in the event of a power outage.
  • One-minute response station with the monitoring center after an alarm is activated.
  • Recessed alarm button to prevent accidental false alarms.

Featured Details


The system costs as little as $19.95 per month.


SeniorCare 911 offers a ten-day money back guarantee for a client to try out its products and services. There is a manufacturer’s warranty that covers for manufacturing and factory defects in the system.

Activation Fee

There is no activation fee for the SeniorCare 911 system. The customer also does not pay an equipment or leasing fee for the system.

Mobile Alerts

Unfortunately, the system does not work in a mobile fashion. If a senior moves, they have the option of notifying the company within 24 hours. Extended travel plans, according to our phone-in, can also be called in 24 hours before the travel happens.

Device Range

We found that the device does not have an impressive range outside of the home. The client cannot move more than 300 feet outside of the home. Also, the hands free voice communication at the base station is only viable within ten or twenty feet of the base station. If you are outside, you can only use the help button feature.


There is no contract associated with using this system. The service is merely month-to-month, and the client can cancel at any time. The client must wait until before the next billing cycle to cancel their account.

Time in Business

SeniorCare911 has been in business since at least 2010.

Company Contact Information

P.O. Box 749, Freeport, NY 11520

No email on website.

Location of Certified Monitoring Centers

The location of SeniorCare 911’s monitoring centers was not provided on their website.

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