SafetyCare appears to no longer be in business. This review reflects the time that the company was in service and the information provided is available for your convenience.
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Safety Care is a leading provider of personal alert systems for the senior living community. They offer a wide array of technologies for in-home and assisted-living care situations. The leading product found with their products and services include the EMT Watch, as well as other products and services. Their brand of nursing call systems, called Avalon, can monitor up to 300 patients within an assisted-living care center.

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Safety Care has been providing products like the EMT watch since 2006 at relatively affordable prices.

The company has a solid reputation for developing products and services for assisted-living situations. They make nursing home call systems. One system lets more than 300 transmitters operate within a 40-meter radius, letting nursing home patients move freely about a nursing home.

A new product that Safety Care will be rolling out in the near future is the SafeCall 360, a watch product with cellular phone capabilities. This watch and pendant alert system will have different products and features, including the following two-way communication, water resistance, and other useful options.

The Good

  • Features
  • Monitoring centers
  • Companion button

There were several things that were great about Safety Care’s EMT Watch product. The watch features a recessed button, meaning edges that present the accidental triggering of false alarms. The replaceable lithium ion battery is an important feature, allowing the customer to replace their watch battery easily in the event of a low-battery alert.

The products through EMT watch do offer some mobility around the home, through a 350-foot radius. Another important feature of this product is the different alerts that are included when the client starts approaching the edge of the base station communication perimeter.

The services offered by Safety Care’s monitoring centers are impressive. They offer 100 hours of training for their EMT-certified dispatchers. This is an important tenet of any good monitoring service.

SafetyCare includes the companion button on the EMT watch base station. This is a great way to contact a family member and/or friends in the event of a non-emergency, such as a trip to the grocery store or a prescription refill. This is something that is not commonly found throughout the personal alert industry, even though some other companies let customers summon family contacts during an emergency.

The Bad

  • Website transparency

There were several things that concerned us about Safety Care. Their website lacks information about pricing and a lot of information regarding products, support, and terms of service seemed outdated. Often, clients purchase a personal alert system directly from a website with the help of a loved one. SafetyCare’s website made it difficult to find information for personal alert products for home living situations. Also, product pictures were no where to be found.

The Bottom Line

At this time, it is hard to recommend SafetyCare for the purchase of a medical alert service. They simply do not provide enough information about products and services, and its not clear who the customer will be doing business with.

While the website reviews for SafetyCare are glowing, it is important to see how SafetyCare handles customer complaints. This is an important metric for determining whether or not has a pattern for helping customers resolve complaints thoroughly.

More Information

Equipment Details

With the EMT Watch, we found some of the following technology and equipment features:

  • A recessed alarm button.
  • A watch with Swiss designs facets.
  • Waterproof, can be worn in shower or bath
  • Can be worn as watch or pendant.
  • Watch Radius: 750 ft line-of-site, 350 ft in home
  • Low-battery alerts.
  • Replaceable lithium ion battery
  • Lightweight and small.
  • Watch band available in different colors.
  • 24/7 EMT monitoring
  • Base station doubles as a hands-free speaker phone
  • An extra button used to call family members for non-emergencies.
  • Rechargeable battery on base station works at least 24 hours in the event of a power outage
  • Capable of monitoring up to 5 EMT watch transmitters.

Featured Details


We found that Safety Care, as part of their family of brands, offers the following pricing options for clients:

  • The EMT Watch costs $34.99/month.
  • The EMT Fall Call Pendant costs $44.99/month.


The equipment is backed up with a manufacturer’s warranty, which covers factory and manufacturing defects.

Activation Fee

No activation fee was found with the EMT brand of products through Safety Care. During our call in, we did not get additional information regarding the Avalon and Nurse Call products.

Device Range

In an assisted-living situation, we found that the products offered through Safety Care could accommodate up to 300 transmitters in a 40-meter radius. Information regarding the EMT Watch and other products were not available on the Safety Care website.


There is no contract for this product.

Support Quality

Safety Care has some of the best monitoring UL-certified stations around. They offer the standard 24/7 monitoring needed for seniors living at home or in assisted-care facilities.

Time in Business

According to a press release on their website, Safety Care Technologies, LLC has been in business since 2006.

Company Contact Information

[email protected] 2503 Kutztown Road Reading, PA 19605

Location of Certified Monitoring Centers

This information was not provided on their website.

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