SafeGuard Medical Alarms opened its business in 1997. The company has customers all across the nation. Company leaders are dedicated to providing ways for seniors who live at home on their own to have a reliable source of help in the event of an emergency. All of the equipment and systems are designed to give senior users peace of mind in knowing they are just the push of a button away from getting help. If you or a loved one needs such a service, you’ll be happy to know you’ll be required to sign no contracts and have three choices in medical alert packages. One potential drawback to be aware of, however, is that the alert systems are landline based and thus require a phone jack.

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The Good

  • Waterproof pendant
  • No contract
  • Take it with you

Waterproof Pendant

One of the most common sources of injury or medical emergency among seniors is a fall. Many falls occur in the shower when the person slips on the wet floor. This can lead to serious injuries, often leaving the person unable to get to a phone and call for help. Fortunately, SafeGuard Medical Alarms has designed a waterproof pendant that users can wear in the shower. This way, if the user does slip and fall, he or she can push the panic button while in the shower and summon the help needed.

No Contract

Getting locked into a long-term commitment can be difficult when purchasing a product or service. That’s why SafeGuard Medical Alarms believes customers shouldn’t be obligated to adhere to a contract when using its services. Whether you want to use the equipment for a month or whether you want to use it indefinitely, SafeGuard Medical Alarms will be there to meet your medical alert needs.

Take it With You

If you’re moving to another city or even state, you can still benefit from SafeGuard Medical Alarms’ system. The company makes it easy to transfer service from one location to another.

The Bad

  • No fall detection
  • No live chat

No Fall Detection

The best medical alert companies offer fall detection devices. This feature is one of the most sought-after components of any medical alert company, as it automatically detects when the user has suffered a fall. However, SafeGuard Medical Alarms doesn’t offer this as part of its basic package. If this is a must-have for your medical alert needs, SafeGuard Medical Alarms might not be the best choice for you, despite its many other excellent qualities.

No Live Chat

SafeGuard Medical Alarms has reliable customer service, but it lacks one important feature: a live chat option. If you have questions or concerns about your service or any aspect of what SafeGuard Medical Alarms is offering, you’ll have to send an email or make a phone call. These are viable options, but having the ability to chat with a helpful customer service representative online is the most convenient method to receive help. Unfortunately, SafeGuard Medical Alarms doesn’t have this option on its website.

The Bottom Line

SafeGuard Medical Alarms stands out as one of the top medical alert companies in the business. There is a lot to like about what the company stands for and offers to its senior customers. The company is committed to helping those elderly customers who live alone maintain their independent lifestyle. SafeGuard Medical Alarms does this by providing users with reliable, effective equipment to help when mishaps strike.

SafeGuard Medical Alarms is a definite recommend for anyone who is concerned about living on their own that may have difficulties calling for help when needed. Plus, you can’t go wrong with no contracts, a lifetime warranty and a well-trained, professional staff.



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