Reliant Life Alert is one of the most experienced medical alert companies in the industry, having first been established by founder Ralph C. Brown in 1963. Currently headquartered in Statesville, North Carolina, the company has customers in every U.S. state as well as in parts of Canada and in Puerto Rico. As a user, or as a family member of a system user, you’ll have peace of mind knowing Reliant Life Alert provides a proven system that connects those in need to trained responders through technologically sound equipment. Be aware, however, that Reliant Life Alert’s system does not come with a fall detection device.

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The Good

  • Expanded call center help
  • Use the service anywhere
  • Experience

Expanded Call Center Help

A critical component of any medical alert system is having a reliable, well-trained monitoring center. It is here where a user’s call for help will be received and where assistance will be dispatched. While the majority of medical alert companies have excellent call centers, Reliant Life Alert has two to ensure a greater degree of response and reliability.

Use the Service Anywhere

Reliant Life Alert does have an alert system you can use at home, but the company’s leadership also knows people are often out and about away from the comforts of home. There’s no reason you should be vulnerable to medical emergencies if you are on the go. That’s why you can trust Reliant Life Alert’s Deluxe Package. This includes a mobile pendant and GPS locator that uses a cellular network and enables you to call for help no matter where you may be.


Feel even safer and more taken care of by experts in the field and people who have been doing this professionally for decades. Reliant Life Alert has been providing medical alert support for 56 years.

The Bad

  • No fall detection
  • Lack of warranty info

No Fall Detection

One of the most important products any medical alert company can offer is a fall detection device. What happens if you or a loved one suffers a fall at home (or elsewhere) and it unable to even push the alert button on their pendant or at-home device? What if the fall has rendered the person unconscious? The fall detection device senses when there has ben a fall and sends a signal for help to the response center. However, Reliant Life Alert doesn’t have this in their menu of offerings. If this is an essential product for you, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

Lack of Warranty Info

When you’re searching for a medical alert company to give you the products and services you need to feel safe and secure, there is a great deal of information you need to know before making a selection. One thing customers want to have clear is whether there are warranties with the products. If there is a flaw with the product or if it malfunctions at any point, it’s nice to know what you’ll have to pay for and what is covered. It is unknown what Reliant Life Alert’s warranty policy might be.

The Bottom Line

When you combine vast experience and expertise with a huge customer base and an excellent product, you have the makings of a company you can trust and see yourself doing business with for years. Such is the case with Reliant Life Alert. Reliant Life Alert has a competitively priced system that does as good or better a job than other medical alert companies in the industry. Because you can use the system at home or away from it, there’s no reason to shy away from going with Reliant Life Alert for your needs. There are a few minor concerns with the company, but these can easily be overshadowing by the good customer service and effective product that Reliant Life Alert boasts.



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