With its headquarters in San Jose, California, Qolsys was established in 2001. It specializes in manufacturing and distributing home security systems to residents and business. The company also has a presence in Utah, where it has its main marketing office. Qolsys stands for "Quality of Life Systems," which exemplifies the company's mission to provide people with tools and solutions to enhance their safety and well-being. Qolsys also produces a medical alert device, which users can wear as a necklace or bracelet. Like other such devices, this one can be effective for seniors and others to send out a warning signal in case of emergency. It's a simple device and can be worn discretely.

On the other hand, if you want a more robust system for yourself or a loved one, or if you want a few options to choose from, you'll be disappointed, as Qolsys only has once alert device. The company's main focus seems to be on security systems.

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The Good

  • Experience
  • Easy to wear and take on the go
  • Unmistakable tone


Qolsys has been around for 15 years and is one of the foremost alarm system companies in the business. Residents and businesses alike trust Qolsys' products to their own welfare and protection. You'll be happy with a responsive, knowledgeable and friendly customer service team. If you have questions or concerns, you'll get the answers you're looking for every time.

Easy to Wear and Take on the Go

If you or your loved one is still active and getting out of the house is important, then you'll love the Qolsys pendant. It's small enough to fit on your wrist like a watch or go inconspicuously around your neck like a necklace. If you're embarrassed about lugging around a large alert device, don't worry, because this device is simple and won't draw attention to itself.

Unmistakable Tone

If you're in trouble and are having a medical emergency, a simple push of a button on your pendant will send out an unmistakable tone that you need help. The tone is loud and distinct, so you shouldn't worry about your call being unheeded by bystanders and other helpers.

The Bad

  • Lack of options
  • Short range
  • Lacking in expertise
  • Little information

Lack of Options

There isn't much to choose from in the way of Qolsys medical alert devices. The pendant is all that the company offers. There are no landline phone devices or anything compatible with your cell phone. Similarly, the company doesn't make a fall detection device.

Short Range

You can take your device outside if you'd like, but the device only has a range of 100 feet from the fixed panel. This is a much smaller range than many competitors in the business.

Lacking in Expertise

Because Qolsys is chiefly a home alarm system company, it hasn't dedicated as much time and effort to the medical alert business. Thus, you're likely to work with technicians and other staff members who have limited knowledge when compared with others in the industry.

Little Information

A visit to the Qolsys website won't yield much information about the medical alert products. There is no mention of prices, contracts, warranties or other relevant information.

The Bottom Line

There's no question that Qolsys is a strong company. The challenge is that it's not first and foremost a medical alert company. If you are looking for a home alarm system or personal protection, the company has a wide range of products to help you out; however, when it comes to medical alert systems, it doesn't quite measure up to other providers in the business. If you just want something simple and small that you can wear indiscriminately, you'll be more than pleased with the Qolsys pendant. Likewise, if range is unimportant to you, then what Qolsys has to offer will be all you need. In an overall assessment of this company, it is not a recommended choice if you want a well-rounded medical alert system. If you plan on purchasing home alarms and just happen to find a medical alert pendant to be handy, then it's not a bad idea to go with Qolsys.

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