Pioneer Emergency Response Service is a supplier of medical alert systems. Their business began over 30 years ago by Howard Feldman. In 1995, he had open-heart surgery and needed a medical alert monitoring system. Since then, he has had a strong passion for researching and testing the best medical alert systems in the industry.

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Pioneer Emergency’s mission is simply to “save lives and property”. They have top-notch technology on all of their offered systems. They are a supplier and do not make their own equipment. They are manufactured by First Alert Professional, GE, Honeywell and other similar companies. Pioneer Emergency has many different quality devices to choose from. They are so confident you’ll love their services, they offer a risk-free 30-day trial. If you don’t love their system, simply return it for a full refund.

The Good

  • Devices
  • Warranty
  • Installation

Pioneer Emergency offers many high-quality devices at different price ranges. All of their devices will keep you complete covered and safe when you are at home alone.

Their warranty is excellent. Any damage to your equipment will be replaced at no cost to you. The only thing they don’t cover is lost equipment.

The contract is month to month after the first three months. They also offer a risk-free 30-day trial. Try their product out for 30 days and if you aren’t happy with it, they’ll give you a full refund.

The installation is super simple. They will FedEx your system to you. Once you receive it, just visit their website to read their very easy instructions. They claim that the installation shouldn’t take more than three minutes.

The Bad

  • Three-month contract
  • Equipment prices

You will first have to be tied into a three-month contract. However, after that, the contract is monthly. But if you want to cancel, you will have to actually send in your system by mail. That may be a hassle to some customers.

Their equipment prices are slightly higher than some of the competitors.

The Bottom Line

Pioneer Emergency offers several different options of high-quality products. Not only are their products top-notch, so is their customer service. Try out their system for 30 days, risk-free. If you don’t like it, simply get a refund. If you do, you will not be locked into any long term contracts. You will also not be charged any activation fees and they will maintain the system for free.

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More Information

Equipment Details

BodyGuard Medical Alert Command Module

This is a very easy to use base unit that can cover the size of a 5,000 square foot home. The installation is very simple, all you need is an outlet. It’s small enough that you can place it anywhere in your home. It includes either a neck or wrist pendant, in which each has a range of up to 600 ft. The neck or wrist pendant battery will last up to three years. There is also a 60-90 hour back up battery in-case of natural disasters or power outage. Everything is completely waterproof and best of all, you will be monitored 24/7.

Bodyguard Cell Medical Alert Module

This unit is designed for homes without phone lines. It uses the AT&T cell service. It has an impressive microphone and speaker that you can hear throughout a home that is up to 4000 square ft. This unit is also very simple to install, all you need is an AC power outlet. It comes with a neck or wrist pendant and 60-hour backup battery. Everything is waterproof, and you will be monitored 24/7.

Auto Fall Guard Wireless Fall Detector

This is an automatic fall detector that can be operated both manually and automatically. When you fall, it will be triggered automatically to call Pioneer’s monitoring station. They will send for dispatch immediately. It is completely water resistant and has two-way voice communication. It also includes a pocket or belt clip, lanyard to go around your neck, and a holder for the base unit.

Auto FallGuard Call

This is the same as the Auto Fall Guard Wireless Fall Detector, except that it’s designed for homes without phone lines. It uses AT&T service. It is fully monitored with a three to five-year battery life, in case of a natural disasters or power outage. It also includes the clip, lanyard and base unit holder. Everything is waterproof.

Medical Alert Lock Boxes

This will allow either dispatch or your contacts to have easy access to your home when you need help. There will be a hidden door key and instructions inside. It uses a simple 4 digit code. If you ever need to change the code, just call Pioneer Emergency and they’ll be happy to help.

Safetyfon Medical Device

This quickly calls your local 911 directly. It has a GPS tracking and nationwide service. The range for protection will extend beyond your primary residence. The device has a long battery life and comes with a car charger.


Lifepal is one of their best medical devices offered. With this, you’ll have two-way communication and one button you can easily press for help. With GPS tracking, it will locate you as soon as you press the button for help. Their monitoring center will also always have your location when necessary. You’ll have nationwide service and  secure online portal that you can access at any time. On a fully charged battery, it allows up to two hours of time to talk. When the battery starts getting low, you’ll be alerted so you can quickly charge it. Everything is waterproof.

MedReady: Automatic Electronic Pill Dispensers

For those who need to remember important medication throughout the day, this is a must-have product. This reliable device will dispense up to 28 days of medication. It has secure storage with both an audible and visual reminder. It includes a power fail safe and a medication card holder. It also includes a large, easy to read LED clock. This device is monitored 24/7.

Emergency Call Buttons for Seniors

This is a very small device that hangs on a hypoallergenic chain. It has a 200 ft range and can cover a 4000 square ft home. The battery is long lasting and also includes a backup battery. This device is water resistant and is monitored 24/7. You are also allowed a free replacement.

Featured Details


  • BodyGuard Medical Alert Command Module – $29.95/mo
    • Calls for paramedics, police, fire or family members by pressing a button
  • Bodyguard Cell Medical Alert Module – $44.95/mo
    • Calls for paramedics, police, fire or family members without a landline
  • Life Guard Medical Alert Phone – $44.95/mo
    • Water resistant emergency button with speakerphone, made for larger homes and yards
  • Auto Fall Guard Wireless Fall Detector – $44.95/mo
    • Automatically call the medical emergency operators if you fall and can’t press the button.
  • Auto FallGuard Call – $59.95/mo
    • Automatically call the medical emergency operators if you fall and can’t press the button in a home without landline telephone service
  • Medical Alert Lock Boxes – $35.00
    • Quick entry for medical responders
  • Safetyfon Medical Device – $29.95/mo
    • Protection away from home by dialing nearest 911 center
  • Lifepal – $44.95/mo
    • Press the button and your location will be sent to dispatch
  • MedReady: Automatic Electronic Pill Dispensers – $54.95/mo
    • Delivers medication automatically and on time
  • Emergency Call Buttons for Seniors – $29.95/mo
    • Small, lightweight radio transmitter


Their systems come with a full warranty on parts, labor and service. All repairs are completely free, unless the unit or transmitter is lost. If you drop the system, they’ll send you a new pendant at no charge.

Activation Fee

There is absolutely no activation fee and no up-front costs.

Mobile Alerts

They offer several options to allow you to be safe to roam around outside your house or even outside your neighborhood. You will still be monitored and there will be GPS tracking wherever you go.

Device Range

They have a device with the option to have a range of up to 600 ft. This system can also cover a home that is up to 5,000 square feet.


The contract is a short three months, and then it’s month to month after. To cancel, send in your equipment to their listed address with a brief explanation. Try to send in their original proof of delivery with it.

Time in Business

Pioneer Emergency Response Service Inc. started their business in 1978 in California.  

Company Contact Information

991 Lomas Santa Fe Dr C415, Solana Beach, CA 92075

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