Mobile Alert Systems


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Mobile Alert Systems


Overall Score

Mobile Alert Systems by Connect America is the perfect solution for active seniors. With the signature GPS system, you can leave home without worrying-visit the grandchildren, go out to lunch, or shop at our favorite stores with full confidence. Because Mobile Alert uses GPS, professional help is your constant companion. With just a push of your help button, Mobile Alert will connect you to an associate to locate you, and send help, whether that be a neighbor a loved one, or emergency services. Located in Pennsylvania and serving the United States, Mobile Alert is dedicated to keeping you safe wherever you are.

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The Good

  • GPS-enabled
  • Moving-friendly
  • Refund policy


Mobile Alert Systems has some great technology options for the system they offer. With its GPS technology, you are not only covered in your home, but wherever you go outside of your home. No matter where you end up, confused or just in need of help, you can contact an associate just by pressing a button.

Moving Friendly

With this service, you will be connected to AT&T service, so your GPS should work across the United States, even if you end up moving. Though you can't use this service internationally, you will be able to use it wherever you regularly go.

Refund Policy

Mobile Alert Systems also has a great refund policy, offering a partial refund of unused time for any month after the first three month contract.

The Bad

  • Single option
  • No medically trained staff
  • Poor online transparency

Single Option

Though Mobile Alert System has a great option for service, there is only one option, compared to any other service with multiple options, including medication dispensers and lockbox services.

No Medically Trained Staff

Mobile Alert System also doesn't have a staff that is medically trained, making it more difficult for them to help determine what is wrong with a customer.

Poor Online Transparency

The website also lists only one service, but lists a few different types of buttons that we assume you can purchase. Unfortunately they don't list whether you get each type of button, or whether you only get one type of button, but you get the choice. If the website was clearer, and had more information about how the service specifically works, it would be easier to determine whether this service worked for you or not.

The Bottom Line

In the end, we wouldn't recommend Mobile Alert Services because they only offer one service, the service is more expensive than other services offered online, and the website has confusing language, making it difficult to determine what you get from the service. Because they only have one option, you don't have any comparison to make between services. Also, at $39.95 the service is much more expensive than most other "starter" alert systems. And because they don't have a medically trained staff, or the option to call into a hospital, this company doesn't seem like the best option for those who need an alert system to live alone.

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