Medical Alert is a brand under Connect America, one of the largest providers of personal emergency response systems. The company is trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers, hospitals, home healthcare agencies, and healthcare professionals nationwide.

One of the first companies of its kind in the market, Medical Alert has always taken a customer-first approach. The company offers a clean and transparent shopping experience, a full suite of dependable products to suit every lifestyle, and quality customer service. Medical Alert secured an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Medical Alert has low monthly monitoring fees and does not charge for equipment or activation. There is a lifetime warranty on all equipment, there are no long-term contracts, and Medical Alert offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for all packages. 

Read Medical Alert reviews below to learn more about the medical alert provider and its customer experiences. 

The Good

  • Options to Suit Every Lifestyle
  • Extended Battery Life
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Medical Alert Pricing
  • Automatic Fall Detection
  • 24/7 Certified Monitoring Centers
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Medical Alert offers equipment at no charge with no activation fees and no long-term contracts. The systems are backed by a lifetime warranty and, at the touch of a button, can connect customers with SIA certified monitoring professionals. These emergency responders work at a UL accredited, 5 diamond, fully redundant emergency monitoring center available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each in-home Medical Alert system includes a base unit and 1-2 waterproof emergency buttons with a wrist or pendant option.

Options to Suit Every Lifestyle

Whether you’re seeking security in the comfort of your own home or you're looking for something to support your on-the-go lifestyle, Medical Alert has you covered. 

With all products, a simple push of the panic button connects you instantly to a highly trained emergency response operator who determines and sends the help you need—anytime, anywhere. So whether you've suffered a serious injury or just want to notify a caretaker of your whereabouts, help is standing by. All of the devices come with battery back-up so you’re protected in the case of a power outage, and they are all incredibly lightweight and waterproof, so you can even wear them in the shower–where accidents frequently occur.

At Home System:

Medical Alert's at-home system has a two-way speakerphone alarm base that works with or without a landline, and it includes lightweight wrist and neck buttons. Just press the help button on any device and an operator will respond immediately. 

Setting up the at-home system is simple. You plug the base station unit into a wall outlet to power it up, connect the phone cord (if your system requires a landline) and then turn it on. That’s it.

On-the-Go System (MobileElite): 

Medical Alert's on-the-go system is made for those who want the guarantee of help wherever they are. The system uses GPS technology to identify your location if there ever is an emergency. It includes a handheld mobile device, lightweight wrist and neck buttons, carrying case, charging cradle, and cord. Just press the help button on any device to reach an operator.

The on-the-go system is also extremely easy to set up. Just make sure the mobile device is fully charged. Once it’s charged, you’ll want to test the system by pushing the emergency button. 

Extended Battery Life

The alert device battery life lasts up to three years and if it is ever low, it is easily replaced. There is a backup battery that works up to 72 hours on at-home medical alert systems. Mobile system battery life lasts up to 36 hours before needing to be recharged on the base unit.

No Hidden Fees

Unlike many alert companies, with Medical Alert, you won’t be hit with any activation, installment or equipment fees. You also won’t have to sign any long-term contracts. This is a great contrast to some other companies in the medical alert industry that rope customers into long-term contracts that can cost hundreds to buy out of.

Medical Alert offers a 30-day, risk-free Money-Back Guarantee. So if for some reason you aren’t satisfied with its service, you can cancel without penalty and without paying the first monthly fee.

Medical Alert Pricing

Medical Alert is one of the most affordable medical monitoring device companies on the market. You can pay monthly, semi-annually, or annually, but you’ll get the best rate if you pay annually:

  • At Home (Landline): Starts at $18.29/mo.
  • At Home (No Landline): Starts at $25.62/mo.
  • On The Go (MobileElite): Starts at $32.04/mo.

Automatic Fall Detection is available for an additional $10 in additional to your original monthly cost.

If you order today, you’ll get FREE ground shipping and one FREE month of service with any annual plan. 

Automatic Fall Detection

Medical Alert's emergency services include fall detection on any medical alert system. The fall detection technology will detect a fall if you are unable to press the button. The advanced technology is built into a special pendant and can be added to any plan for just $10 a month.

This unique feature is ideal for those at risk of falling, having a heart attack or seizure, or experiencing a medical emergency that might result in a fall. It provides peace of mind not just to the user, but also to his or her family members.

24/7 Certified Monitoring Centers

Medical Alert offers 24/7 professional monitoring by highly trained, multilingual, SIA-Certified operators. The company has full redundant, U.S.-based, UL-certified monitoring centers, and provides coverage in all 50 states as well as Canada, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

In the case of an emergency, the SIA-certified operator will dispatch the appropriate help for a customer's situation. Just press the emergency button on the medical alert device and the base station will send a signal to the monitoring center.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If for some reason you aren't satisfied with Medical Alert's services, you can return your devices for a full refund–no penalties, no fine print. And, since there are no long-term contracts, you can cancel at any time. This can provide peace of mind to customers that they can try Medical Alert's services risk-free and can have a trial period to decide if the medical alert service is right one for them. 

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The Bad

  • Lost or Damaged Equipment Fee
  • No Activity Monitoring

Lost or Damaged Equipment Fee 

As with most medical alert companies, if the alert systems are lost or damaged by the customer, the customer may be charged a fee. However, this is easily avoidable since Medical Alert offers a protection plan for any panic button and alert system for just $5 a month.

No Activity Monitoring 

Medical Alert's monitoring service does not include activity monitoring, although most customers prefer the simplicity of the unit if they purchased them for safety. The units also don’t connect directly to a smartphone. So customers who want to track loved ones have to purchase an app, but it’s less than $8 per month. You can read Medical Alert reviews below to see if this negatively affected past medical alert customers. 

The Bottom Line

Medical Alert has had a solid reputation over the 10-plus years it has been in business. The company offers a full suite of affordable, easy-to-use products designed to keep you safe at home and on the go. Medical Alert offers Automatic Fall Detection, an invaluable service through which a highly trained emergency response operator is notified of a fall even if a user cannot push the help button. Medical Alert products are lightweight, waterproof, and extremely reliable. The company has quality customer service and affordable prices, making them a great choice for those looking for safety, security and ultimate peace of mind

This is definitely a brand to be given top consideration when looking for a personal emergency response system. Read Medical Alert reviews below to see what customers have to say about the company.

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