Headquartered in Broomall, Pennsylvania, Medical Alarm was established in 1977. The company has dedicated its mission to providing 24/7 help to seniors and other with medical concerns. Medical Alarm’s devices are designed to provide peace of mind and assurance to people with challenging medical conditions so that they can maintain an independent lifestyle.

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The company has an easy-to-use product that comes with discreet pendants that appear more like jewelry than a cumbersome medical alert device. Seniors will love the call features and that they will be in contact with a trained professional and can even program the device to alert family members of emergencies. On the downside, Medical Alarm does not offer a fall detection device in its line of products. If this feature is essential for you or your family member, you’ll have to go with another provider.

The Good

  • Experience
  • Discreet and convenient
  • Few hidden fees


Because it has been around since 1977, you can be sure that Medical Alarm has the know-how and expertise you’re looking for in a provider. The company has a time-tested product that is clearly reliable and effective. You also have the support of staff members who operate with sound values and integrity.

Discreet and Convenient

No one wants to have to haul around a large device, nor does anyone want to be weighed down with embarrassing equipment. Fortunately, Medical Alarm’s device comes with pendants you can wear around your wrist or neck. The equipment is also waterproof, so you can wear it in the shower.

Few Hidden Fees

You will pay a monthly fee for your equipment, but there is no equipment fee or setup fee to worry about. This means you can budget in your costs and know what financial obligations you’ll have without having big surprises. If you or your loved on is on a tight budget, this is good news.

The Bad

  • No fall detection
  • No ecommerce platform
  • Hidden fees

No Fall Detection

One of the biggest causes of accident and injury among seniors is falling or slipping. It happens in the shower, on tile, and even on carpet. Falls can result in serious harm and can even render the person unconscious. If you or your family member is incapacitated, it’ll be impossible to alert help. A fall detection devices would alleviate this worry, but Medical Alarm has no such product, unfortunately.

No Ecommerce Platform

You can go to Medical Alarm’s website and browse its product details, but to actually order the product, you must speak to a customer service agent. You can either call directly of fill out an online form to have someone call you back. You may not have a problem with this method, but it is less convenient than simply buying your product through the website.

Hidden Fees

While there are no startup fees or equipment fees you will be required to pay a three-month deposit upfront Before buying your product and getting set up with your month-to-month payment schedule.

The Bottom Line

There isn’t anything particularly special about Medical Alarm. Its offerings can be found at many other medical alert companies; however, the company’s experience is appealing, and you’re sure to get good support and information from helpful agents. In addition, the products are simple to use and understand, and, best of all, they are effective.

If having a fall detection device is non-negotiable for you, then you’ll have to find another medical alert provider. Also, Medical Alarm has no ecommerce capabilities, meaning you will have to call a customer service representative directly to place your order. Otherwise, Medical Alarm is a fine option that will please you and meet your needs or the needs of your senior family member or loved one.

Also, the monthly fee might be a negative to some potential customers. If you prefer to pay for the equipment all up front and avoid having to make monthly payments, Medical Alarm isn’t the best choice for you or your family member. From a product standpoint, however, Medical Alarm is worth pursuing for your needs.

More Information

Contract Details

You do not need to sign a contract to use a Medical Alarm device. You will pay for the device each month, but you can stop using it at any time for any reason.


“In no way does this summation strive to compensate for reading the actual terms of service or contract provided by this company. We are providing this information to allow consumers to see the points of the contract that we believe you should be aware of. Please refer to the company’s terms of service or contract document to see the full details.”

Warranty Details


There is a lifetime warranty on the equipment; however, if it is determined that the device is not in good working order due to your misuse, you must pay $359.40 to have it replaced.


Under the name of Connect America, the company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has a spotless A+ grade. There are, however, a large number of complaints (312) filed in the last three years. Medical Alarm does not appear to have any other accreditations.


Medical Alarm has partnerships with a handful of well-known, reputable organizations, including the following:

  • Corporate HQ
  • Alarm Affiliates
  • Alarm Alliance
  • Medical Alarm Dealers

Package Details

When you go to the company’s website, you’ll see a few different options with medical alert devices. The company offers a receiver that will work with your landline, along with wearable pendants that go on your wrist or belt or around your neck. The devices are waterproof and have an impressive 600 hours of backup battery life. Plus, the pendants have a range of 600 feet from the receiver, meaning you can wear them out in your yard or anywhere in your home.

Each of these pendants is easy to use and set up. Your calls will also be answered in a friendly, professional way by a trained operator.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a medical alert service work?

The Medical Alarm alert device works much like others in the industry. You will have a pendant with an alert button that transmits signals to a main box located in your home. The transmitters have a range of 600 feet, and the box has a speaker through which you have two-way communication with a trained responder.

Where does Medical Alarm offer services?

Medical Alarm is based in Pennsylvania and mainly does its business there.

Are there any staff members who are medically trained with Medical Alarm?

Yes, staff members answering the calls are certified by the Security Industry Association.

Does the device include two-way communication?

Yes, the receiver does allow for two-way communication between you and the trained operator.

Can two or more people be included at the same location?

Yes, two or more people can have a medical alert device within the same household.

Does the device need to be plugged into a phone jack?

The receiver is plugged into your landline phone jack. The transmitters can be worn around your beck, belt or wrist.

Are there any inaccuracies in this review? We take our accuracy very seriously and would love your feedback. Give feedback here.

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