Maximum Life Alert has several products ranging from monitoring devices to smoke detectors. The medical monitoring devices are designed for simplicity, and Maximum Life Alert gives consumers a free consultation to learn of their services. The company believes the monitoring is as important as picking the right device. There are two monitoring facilities where operators standby 24/7 to help in an emergency and are trained to aid in providing life saving instruction till responders arrive. Maximum Life Alert’s system has been proven dependable enough to meet very tough standards, and is listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) as a home healthcare signaling device and a smoke alarm accessory. Maximum Life Alert is Department of Defense certified.

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The Good

  • Monitoring
  • Certifications
  • Medically trained
  • Choice


There are two monitoring facilities that provide state-of-the-art technology that enables operators to respond quickly and efficiently. One facility is in Northern California and the second in Florida. Monitoring centers are also equipped with a tri-redundancy system, along with multiple backup systems, power generators, city power grid, automatic redundant phone switches, and automatic fiber routing on all phone lines.


To be certified by the Department of Defense, the company must ensure they are applying risk management to information systems. Maximum Life Alert is also FM approved and LifeAlert monitoring center’s are UL listed.

Medically Trained

Many companies provide a monitoring facility, staffed with operators to take emergency calls, but few have operators that are trained with proper medical training to help in a life
threatening situation. Maximum Life Alert offers this for their customers.


Maximum Life Alert has a few medical monitoring devices on the market- the long range pendant transmitter, long range watch transmitter, and the personal emergency reporting system.

The Bad

  • Inadequate amount of information

Inadequate Amount of Information

On the company’s website there is plenty of information about the actual products and how they work, but you you will not locate some of the crucial information when comparing potential companies. No mention of monthly, activation, or equipment fees along with no information on whether or not a contract is needed or if the company provides a warranty.

The Bottom Line

The list of pros for Maximum Life Alert outweighs the cons for the most part. If you are looking for a company with a well equipped monitoring center, that can help you in all emergency situations, then LifeAlert could be the company for you or your loved one.

However the largest negative with the company is not listing the fees or packages associated with the products. Details about warranty, contracts, and whether or not there is a money-back guarantee are absent. You can request a free consultation and at the same time learn about the services, fees, and other questions you may want to have answered at that time..



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