Since 2004, LifeStation has been offering Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) products and monitoring services designed by industry veterans to help seniors live independently. LifeStation makes getting emergency assistance easier for seniors who want to live in the comfort of their own home at an affordable cost.

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The Good

  • System
  • National and industry standards
  • Complimentary alert messaging

LifeStation’s medical alert system consists of a pendant or wristband with an emergency push button and a base unit with enhanced speaker and voice capabilities that help users communicate with a Care Specialist even if they have fallen down. For those without a traditional landline, LifeStation offers products for alternative phone service and mobile devices for seniors with active lifestyles.

LifeStation meets both national and industry standards that support trust in its products and services. It has a UL-listed monitoring center with a strict training protocol for its personnel, starting with six weeks of formal classroom training, mandatory exams at the end of every module. Once this training is successfully completed, there is field training guided by CSAA Certified instructors. All new personnel receive weekly performance reviews for 3 months.

The company also offers caregivers a complimentary alert messaging service that sends automatic email notifications in the event their loved one has an emergency. It also performs a silent weekly test of the loved one’s system and notifies them if the system has any issues.

The Bad

  • Additional fees
  • Undisclosed Warranty

One way LifeStation falls short of its competitors—who offer spouse coverage at no additional charge—is by charging an additional fee of $3.99 per month for every extra alert button. Also at an extra cost is a LockBox and Fall Detection, which some companies offer for free or include in the subscription fee. LifeStation also does not disclose its product warranties online. Customers will need to reach out to the company in order to find out this information.

The Bottom Line

LifeStation offers both standard benefits plus some modern technological features like GPS tracking location technology and audible notifications—letting users know the battery needs to be recharged. The pricing is on par with the lower to middle range of industry standards with a Price-lock guarantee of one monthly rate. LifeStation also offers free benefits that are also standard but competitive. Its greatest strength lies in the industry certifications it holds, such as UL approval and CSAA certified instructors. The major selling points are LifeStation’s DSL and VOIP phone compatibility, the automatic alerts for caregivers and Fall Detection. Overall, LifeStation is a good company.

More Information


Company Details

Contract Details*

The emergency alert services offered by LifeStation do not require the customer to sign a long-term agreement. Each customer will be on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly service plan and can cancel at any time. In order to cancel services, customers must return the equipment that has been used.

*In no way does this summation strive to compensate for reading the actual terms of service or contract provided by this company. We are providing this information to allow consumers to see the points of the contract that we believe they should be aware of. Please refer to the company’s term of service or contract document to see the full details.

Warranty Details

Every LifeStation emergency alert system package comes with a repair or replacement policy. This policy states that LifeStation will do any repairs or replacements necessary on equipment at no additional cost to the customer. The policy covers most types of damage and includes replacing batteries.


The monitoring center that LifeStation uses to help protect their customers is on a list of certified centers from the Underwriters Laboratories. This is an organization that ensures the quality of service customers receive is high. The LifeStation Care Specialists are also certified through the CSAA to ensure even more that the quality of service meets industry standards.


Package Details

Some of the features of this package include the following:

  • Enhanced GPS locating services to pinpoint exact location at time of emergency
  • Landline or wireless options
  • Fall detection
  • Waterproof to be used in shower/bathtub

Payment options are:

  • $25.95/month billed annually
  • $27.95/month billed quarterly
  • $29.95/month billed monthly


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  1. User Score


    January 17th, 2017

    The fall detection system has not been perfected. It gives many false alerts that are startling and have created issues. I do NOT recommend the fall alert portion of the system. Also, there are many add-on prices, and they have no expedited shipping.

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  2. User Score


    January 4th, 2017

    I have had Lifestation for 6yrs now, they are very reliable and polite to all customers. The most rewarding thing they have done for me is to reduce my fee when I could no longer afford the 29.95 per mo. I have been paying 20.00 a mo for the very same service for about 5.5 yrs now…..I won’t switch, I am very satisfied.

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  3. User Score


    December 16th, 2016 Peachtree City, GA

    I called for the Lifestation to go to my father who lives alone in Az. and I live in Ga. My father received the device and it was not compatible with his phone so after paying $34.95 for a device that he couldn’t use, they sent out another device and charged $41.95. My father was hospitalized before the 2nd device arrived and has been in the hospital for the past 3 weeks. The devices have never been activated because he is unable to use the service and I am in a different state and unable to return the device. I called customer service 3 times to inform them of my fathers hospitalization and was told I would still be charged monthly for the device until it is returned. I have no one in Az. where he lives to go to his home or the post office where the 2nd device is in order to return to Lifestation. These people are horrible and I will make sure this is Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and any other source so that no one else uses this service. Now I have to call my bank to find out if there is anyway to stop these thieves.

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  4. User Score


    December 6th, 2016 Wynnewood, PA

    After several years we decided to cancel lifestation. We were being charged $60 for the future 3 months we would not be using the station. Item all returned and confirmed received by lifestation but they said the charge would stay. We will address it with credit card company. No one mentioned we would still owe 3 months otherwise we would have used it for the next 3 months since we were going to pay for it anyway. Rather on the scam side with that issue.

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    10 1

  5. User Score


    November 29th, 2016 Shalimar, FL

    Every penny spent the last year and a half paid for itself the one time so far that my Dad has had to “Press the Button”. Having his LifeStation alert button saved his life.

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  6. User Score


    September 18th, 2016 Portland, OR

    My parents got the LifeStation system about 5 years ago. We have tested the unit many times, and it has always worked perfectly. The people who handle the phone calls are always very courteous and professional. We could not be happier with the service, and plan to upgrade to the mobile service.

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  7. User Score


    September 8th, 2016 Salisbury, MD

    Pay monthly.. Recommended by my heath insurance. Best price.

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  8. User Score


    September 1st, 2015 Homestead, FL

    Pam is correct. We have been customers for years. Father in law died. No longer needed system. We always paid one year in advance. We returned the equipment to find out they are thieves and liars. They said their policy is no refunds until I threatened legal action. Still remains to be seen if ever get three month refund. They lie on website about 30 day cancel period and thus cannot be trusted in ANY REGARD.

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  9. User Score


    January 12th, 2015 Madison, WI

    Lifestation’s advertising implies they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. My sibings and I paid for 3 months service up front. Then our mother decided she did not want the service after 1 week use. I called Lifestation to inquire about returning the equipment and at that time asked about money return for service not used and got the runaround. The person I talked to in “Billing” would not make any statement that there would be any money refunded, she just kept alluding to the need to get the equipment back and then they would see…. Well I sent it back via UPS and verified delivery and called them again only to be told they do NOT give refunds of any sort!!! She said if I had paid for a year in advance I would get NO REFUND!! So I am out the cost for 3 months service plus the $21.00 shipping costs for the return. Their website states you can cancel the service anytime with 1 months advance.

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