Since 2003, Matrix Interactive’s LifeLink Medical Alert System has provided services for individuals looking to feel safer while in and around their home. With over 10 years in the business, LifeLink strives to offer affordability, quality customer service and what they deem to be the latest in medical alert technology.

No monthly fee might be a plus for some, but you won’t have access to 24-hour monitoring in a dedicated center and there is no mobile solution for when you’re on the go.

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The Good

  • No monthly or yearly fees
  • Prodigy Console
  • Accessories and devices

LifeLink is the premier medical alert company with no monthly or yearly fees. Researchers at LifeLink spent nearly four years researching and testing products to ensure customers the top-of-the-line, industry-leading products. One of which is the Prodigy Console’s ability to program up to eight different telephone numbers of family, friends or emergency responders. This function eliminates the middleman of operators at a monitoring center and contacts known individuals who can provide immediate assistance. Furthermore, LifeLink offers clients an array of different accessories and devices to assist in the functionality of the Prodigy.

The Bad

  • Client responsibility
  • Limited range
  • No dedicated monitoring center

With the outright purchase of the device, clients take on much more responsibility for their system. Technical issues, damage to the devices, system malfunctions are more are solely the concern of the customer if the one-year warranty has expired. 24/7 customer service is unavailable and occasionally email is the only contact option. For individuals without Internet or email capability this may pose as a potential problem.

The 300-foot device range is fairly limited and even customer representatives advise against purchasing the cellular adapter as it involves a significant amount of effort on the client’s part to ensure the cell phone is constantly charged, within cell range, within the 10-foot console range etc. Also, LifeLink fails to provide customers a mobile device option, limiting individuals to the Prodigy’s benefits only when they are home. This may cause some to feel restricted to the confines of their home, or less secure when out and about.

No dedicated monitoring center could be a major problem for some individuals.

The Bottom Line

LifeLink may be an option for individuals looking to personally purchase a medical alert system and not be tied down to monthly fees, company contacts or long-term commitments and that don’t care about having a monitoring center.

The Prodigy offers clients a more intimate form of alert system as it is programmed with friends and family members whom the individual has chosen to help in emergency situations. This could be seen as a negative as well. If your family members are not able to be on call at all times, then you or a loved one could be in trouble with no one to connect with.

If you’re searching for an alert system with a more hands-on approach from a trained medical alert staff, LifeLink is not the best choice. Furthermore, LifeLink is not a solid option for individuals living in larger or multi-story homes, who spend significant time away from home, or are at a high risk of medical emergencies. It doesn’t have the best range.

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Equipment Details

LifeLink Prodigy LP2500 – $349.00

Prodigy is the newest console system to LifeLink and provides clients with the ability to call up to eight outside lines, like family, friends, neighbors or 911. The two-way speakerphone and adjustable alert siren allow for easy communication and rapid assistance in the event of an emergency. Furthermore, the Prodigy is equipped with line-seizing capabilities; if the customer is in an emergency the console can override any current call and dispatch an outbound emergency call. The one-time price includes a one-year warranty, an easy-to-use console and one alert pendant.

Prodigy Neck Pendant/Wrist Pendant – $80.00/$100.00

LifeLink advises all customers to purchase a spare pendant incase the pendant included with the console is misplaced or damaged. When worn properly (outside clothing) the pendant to console range can reach up to 300 feet and automatically conducts self check-ups to ensure solid system functioning and battery life. For $199.00 clients can purchase a five-pack of extra pendants that can be saved in the event that one is lost or damaged, or they can be used with other individuals in the home. The console is capable of supporting up to 12 pendants.

Super Boost Siren and Strobe – $60.00

This ultra-loud siren connects through the auxiliary adapter on the console. When the “Help” button on either the pendant or console is pressed, a strobe light and siren (10 decibels louder than a smoke alarm) will indicate that the system has been activated and may assist in emergency response.

Cell Adapter – $99.00

For individuals who no longer have a traditional landline, LifeLink offers a Bluetooth adapter that connects with the Bluetooth function of a cellphone to communicate efficiently within 10 feet of the console.


Featured Details


As a proud leader in the “no monthly fees” sales approach, LifeLink charges customers a one-time fee and offers an array of products and supporting equipment.

LifeLink Prodigy Console: $349.00
Spare Prodigy Neck Pendant: $80.00
Prodigy Wrist Pendant: $100.00
Five-Pack of spare pendants: $199.00
Super Boost Siren and Strobe: $60.00
Spare AC Adapter: $30.00
Four-Pack of “LifeLink Emergency Call Procedure” Magnets: $10.00
Five-Pack of Sony Replacement Batteries (recommended): $15.00
Cell Adapter: $99.00

After the initial purchase, clients accept full ownership of all devices and equipment and are free to do with them as they please.


Every system purchased comes with a one-year warranty covering only manufacturing defects. However, customers will have to cover the cost if a device is dropped, damaged, lost or abused.

Customers who are interested longer warranties have the option of purchasing extended warranty coverage beyond the one-year standard. For $69.00, The Silver Warranty extends coverage to two years and for $89.00 clients span their warranty to three years. Again, these warranties cover strictly device failure due to manufacturing issues, not accidental damages caused by the customer.

Also, LifeLink offers a 30-day guarantee for customers who are not satisfied with the system, if the device is faulty or other possibly occurring issues.

Activation Fee

There is no activation fee. Once the device is purchased outright, customers spend no more than 15 minutes activating the device with a voice-led, step-by-step set of instructions.

Mobile Alert

LifeLink does not offer a mobile alert system.

Device Range

The pendant-to-console range for the LifeLink Prodigy is 300 feet. If using the cellular adapter, however, cellphones must be within 10 feet of the console while also remaining in areas with strong service connection.


Customers will personally own the device after purchase with no contracts, no monthly fees and no hidden costs.

Support Quality

Because the console can program up to eight phone numbers of family members, friends or emergency responders, the LifeLink office is strictly for customer support, technical support, or for placing orders. If an emergency were to occur, the individual would press the help button on either the console or pendant, which triggers the alarm to alert anyone who may be in the home that there is an emergency. Once help is provided, the individual presses “0” on the phone and deactivates the alarm. In the event that no one is immediately available for assistance, the console automatically begins dialing the first programmed number and will continue dialing each number until two-way communication is established.

For customers wishing to contact a customer service or technical representative, the LifeLink offices are open Monday through Friday from 9am to 7pm Eastern Time. If clients in need of contacting LifeLink during off-hours, a representative can normally be reached via email.

Time in Business

Although Matrix Interactive has been around since 1990, LifeLink has been on the market since 2003.

Company Contact Information

Matrix Interactive, LLC
1 Meredith Circle,
Thornton, PA 19373

[email protected]

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    June 28th, 2016 Palm Bay, FL

    Purchased my system in 10/2013, product worked great until last week. Now I can find anyone to help me with a product malfunction. Unit keeps saying “phone line in use” regardless of what phone line it is plugged into. Think it’s broken, but can’t find a representative to find out what is happening and have an 81 year old mother without a system. Help!!!!

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