Life Alert Emergency Response has been a pioneered of the medical alert system industry since its start in 1987. Popularized by its “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” ad campaign, the Life Alert system has become a household name; the brand is so synonymous with medical alert systems, that many know the medical alert industry simply as the Life Alert industry.

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Below we have provided you with the Good, Bad, and Bottom Line about Life Alert in order to give you a quick breakdown of the facts to help you decide of Life Alert Emergency Response is the right medical alert system for you or your loved ones.

The Good

  • CSAA five diamond certified
  • Free equipment, shipping, and warranty
  • Large monitoring call assistance
  • Transparent about successful services
  • Family notifications
  • Waterproof pendant
  • Additional types of protection

Life Alert has remained consistent in a growing and evolving industry for nearly three decades. The company has so far stood the test of time, accumulating a strong reputation in the market, not to mention a number of awards and accolades along the way.

Areas where Life Alert Excels:

CSAA Five Diamond Certified

Not many medical alert companies are CSAA five diamond certified. This certification implies the company maintains a high-quality call center service.

Free Equipment, Shipping, and Warranty

Not only is the warranty absolutely free, but it also lasts for the lifetime of the equipment.

Large Monitoring Call Assistance

Being one of the largest medical alert companies in the industry, Life Alert operates its services with its own monitoring center.

Transparent about Successful Services

In 2014, Life Alert assisted authorities in saving approximately 54,490 lives—that’s roughly one life saved every 10 minutes!

Family Notifications

At the push of a button, the customer’s emergency contact, along with a emergency dispatch unit, will be immediately notified of the problem.

Waterproof Pendant

The waterproof pendant is especially handy when facing in-bathroom emergencies.

Additional Types of Protection

Life Alert also offers fire protection, CO gas protection, home intrusion, mobile tracking through GPS, and a mobile app.

Summary of The Good:

The Life Alert system offers simplistic equipment ideal for people who don’t want to fuss with a lot of buttons or complicated gadgets. This system also enables customers to have more than just medical protection by providing services such as fire and carbon monoxide detection. The Emergency Help Phone is also a great feature that allows you to get help even when you’re not at home.

The Bad

  • 3-year contract
  • Installation fees
  • No discounts
  • Poor Glassdoor rating
  • No auto fall detection
  • Equipment details

While Life Alert Emergency Response has enjoyed enormous success in years past, the company’s main weaknesses stem from average-quality equipment, its limited services, a subpar website, and more. To compete with top medical alert system companies, Life Alert should consider decreasing its contract length, improving equipment, and eliminating its startup fees.

Areas where Life Alert Could Improve:

3-Year Contract

At three years, Life Alert locks customers into one of the lengthiest contracts in the industry.

Installation Fees

While the company offers free equipment, shipping, and warranty, it also charges a high installation fee. Top medical alert companies charge zero installation fees.

No Discounts

Because Life Alert is so well established in the industry, the company does not rely on or offer discounts on its products and services.

Poor Glassdoor Rating

While not part of our ranking criteria, Life Alert has a 1.7 out of 5-star rating on Glassdoor; Glassdoor ratings are submitted by current or former employees, suggesting Life Alert may not be a great place to work.

No Auto Fall Detection

Many medical alert systems in the industry today offer auto fall detection. Life Alert does not currently offer any products with auto fall detection capability.

Equipment Details

The website offers next to no information on equipment details or company policies.

Summary of The Bad:

This system has expensive activation and installation fees which far exceed the industry average. Another concern is the lack of information on the company website. Consumers are simply prompted to call in for pricing and system details which adds extra inconvenience.

Life Alert’s three-year contract for service is much longer competing systems in the industry. And as little information on products and services is offered upfront, customers are required to sign a lengthy contract without knowing fully what they’re getting themselves into.

Learn more about Life Alert Alternatives by clicking here.

The Bottom Line

Life Alert Emergency Response is not the best system on the market. While Life Alert as a company has many positives, such the coveted CSAA five diamond certification, its high installation fee ($95-$295), lengthy contract (3-years), and average system should encourage potential buyers to explore some Life Alert alternatives.

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Life Alert Disclaimer

Life Alert Emergency Response and its customers have been victimized to some recent phone scams. Life Alert’s common and popular name has made it an easy target for scammers to use in getting your personal information.

If you or a loved one receive a suspicious call from someone claiming to be from Life Alert (telling you either that your system is outdated, or that someone has purchased a new system in your behalf) HANG UP, and report this call to the Federal Trade Commission.

Frequently Asked Questions

Life Alert offers a home-based medical alarm system that allows you to have protection during common (and uncommon) emergencies. Some systems also provide security during other household threats such as fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. This company also offers an Emergency Help Cell Phone that allows you to contact help while you’re away from home.

How much does Life Alert Cost?

Life alert doesn’t make their pricing available directly on their website. However, according to third-party sources, the monthly cost for the basic Life Alert system is $29.95 a month. However, this can increase to as much as $49.95 a month depending on how many extra features you decide to add to your monthly plan.

Is there an activation fee?

The combined costs of initial activation and installation fees can range anywhere from $95 to $115. Some customers have reported that initial installation has been quoted as high as $295. This is significantly more expensive than the industry standard where installation fees usually never exceed $100. You cannot opt out of the installation fees.

Is there a contract?

You must enter into a 3-year contract agreement to use the Life Alert system. There is a possibility of terminating service before the contract is up, although the company has stringent guidelines for early termination. Read the service contract agreement carefully before signing up if you do not want service to auto-renew after 3 years.

When can I purchase Life Alert?

You can purchase Life Alert anytime. Visit their website and call for a free brochure or order their product.

What is similar to Life Alert?

BestCompany has provided over 50+ different Medical Alert Company reviews. To see a quick breakdown of Life Alert Alternatives we recommend checking out this page.
Life Alert Alternatives | Top 10 Medical Alert Systems

Who started Life Alert?

Isaac Shepher founded Life Alert in 1987. Isaac Shepher migrated to the United States from Isreal with his wife Miri in 1975. Later, living in Los Angeles they created and founded Life Alert. He said that the company idea originally started from an experience with a home invasion.

Is Life Alert Waterproof?

Yes. The Life Alert pendant is waterproof, meaning you can keep it on your person while you shower.

More Information


Company Details


There is no information available about whether Life Alert requires its customers to sign a long-term agreement in order to receive services. Life Alert does publicize that its 36-month service plan would cost a customer less than a month in a retirement facility. So that could possibly indicate that customers would sign up for a 3-month period at a time, but does not necessarily guarantee that. Customers who are interested in Life Alert’s emergency protection systems will need to contact customer service for a more detailed description of what is required.

*In no way does this summation strive to compensate for reading the actual terms of service or contract provided by this company. We are providing this information to allow consumers to see the points of the contract that we believe they should be aware of. Please refer to the company’s term of service or contract document to see the full details.


Life Alert has published that it offers each of its customers a lifetime warranty for equipment and services. This warranty is free to customers and has no additional, hidden fees. Any equipment that is malfunctioning will be replaced free of charge for the entirety of your service agreement with Life Alert.


Each monitoring center that Life Alert uses to help their customers in emergencies is certified by the Underwriters Laboratories. UL is a company that tests services offered by companies to ensure that the services are up to industry standards. This type of accreditation and certification allows customers to feel more comfortable with the type of service they will be getting.

Mobile Alerts

You can choose to include an Emergency Help Phone in your Life Alert alarm system package. This device is meant to be carried with you while you are away from the house. It uses GPS location services to guide help towards you no matter where you are. This device does not need to be charged and battery life can last for up to 10 years. This device has excellent nationwide coverage and should get a signal in any location that GSM cellular phones are able to operate.

Device Range

The range for the personal help button is about 150 ft, although this information is inconsistent. Some sources suggest that the button may be able to function up to 300 ft away from the home base system. The Emergency Help Phone is meant to be mobile and can provide service in any location that is capable of receiving a cell phone signal.

Service Map

Life Alert Systems Available in All 50 United States.

Support Quality

Life Alert employs their own emergency dispatchers to provide monitoring service. When you send an alert signal via your alarm system, the call will be picked up in the Life Alert Monitoring Center where a qualified professional will help you determine the best course of action to deal with the issue. The company has over 600 employees, which are all based in the United States. According to the company website, Life Alert’s ratio of emergency staff to service members is 200% greater than the industry standard. This means that someone will always be available to answer your call at any time of the day or night.

Time in Business

Life Alert Emergency Response, Inc. was founded on January 1, 1978. It did not become an incorporated company until May 1987.

Company Contact Information

16027 Ventura Blvd #400
Encino, CA 91436-2747

Location of Certified Monitoring Centers

The specific locations of monitoring centers are not provided, although the Life Alert headquarters is located in California. Life Alert has multiple office locations, including Encino, Beverly Hills, New York, New Jersey, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, and El Segundo.


Package Details

The specific details of Life Alert’s service packages, including the price, are not available on its website. Potential customers will have to contact Life Alert’s customer service in order to get more details of what they will receive if they sign up for services. The details about Life Alert’s services that are available to the public are as follows:

  • 24/7 monitoring by online command center
  • Mobile help network
  • GPS locating software
  • Pendant or wristband options


Equipment Details

The Life Alert system offers very basic equipment which is in alignment with industry standards. There is one basic system with many options that can be included in your monthly service:

Home Based System

  • Features a Master Unit communication box
  • Hands-free two-way voice communication
  • Use a standard telephone line or VOIP connection
  • Includes a waterproof help button pendant
  • Pendant can be worn on the wrist or neck
  • Highly-sensitive speakers for efficient communication

Emergency Help Phone

  • Features one large emergency help button
  • Simplistic design for easy use
  • Never worry about charging batteries
  • Battery life is about 10 years
  • Utilizes GPS location services
  • Nationwide service coverage

Additional System Options

  • Carbon Monoxide detection
  • Fire Detector
  • Protection against home intrusion
  • Life Alert apps for smart phones
  • May receive 10-20% discount on homeowner’s insurance

Life Alert Alternatives

If you were alive and watching TV in the eighties, chances are good that you’ve seen commercials just like this one:

And if you haven’t, then you’re almost guaranteed to have heard the phrase, “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”® This tagline and these commercials, while inspiring generations of parody, have nevertheless become cultural icons. Originally pioneered by the medical alert system company Life Alert Emergency Response, this marketing campaign apprised the general public of the dangers faced by homebound senior citizens every day. Just by purchasing a simple pendant and home-base system, emergency professionals, relatives, and even next-door neighbors could provide immediate assistance in case of a fall or medical emergency.

The medical alert system industry has come a long way since the eighties. Now, there are dozens of companies, all providing different services, features, product lines, and pricing rates. Suddenly, shopping for the right medical alert system isn’t so easy; and while Life Alert Emergency Response is certainly one of the most widely recognized companies in the game, recognition doesn’t necessarily imply quality. In fact, Life Alert Emergency Response isn’t even close to the top-ranked companies reviewed with

So, the question is, if you are looking for the best medical alert system company to fit your unique needs, and all you know about the medical alert system industry is those outdated Life Alert commercials, how do you go about choosing? What do you look for? What Life Alert alternatives are out there?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Believe it or not, Life Alert is not the only life alert system out there (although, conducting a Google search of “life alert systems” might suggest otherwise). And while it’s certainly not the best system on the market today, it’s certainly not the worst either.

Are there any inaccuracies in this review? We take our accuracy very seriously and would love your feedback. Give feedback here.

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  1. User Score


    February 6th, 2017 High Point, NC

    Life Alert is a ripoff. They didn’t tell me Ithat they had put me in a 3 year contract until the very end of the sale. The lady told me that I could not cancel now because she had put me in a 3 year contact and she would not cancel it. She was very rude. My 3 year contract will be up April 2018 and I will not continue this lousy service from these rude people.

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  2. User Score


    January 5th, 2017 Pikeville, KY

    Life Alert never mentions a three year contract on the phone. Only if you read the paperwork closely will you know ithat you signing a 3 year contract. They told my mother it was a month to month after specifically asking if she had to sign a contract. Fraud.

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  3. User Score


    January 3rd, 2017

    Very hard to cancel if under the 3 year contract. You had to proof why you want to cancel if going to a nursing home or death not because you found a cheaper and better company or you will pay a penalty.

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  4. User Score


    December 30th, 2016

    I am a Senior widow & have decided I was scammed by a very high powerful sales lady to sign up & pay a high amount on the phone before even receiving all the equipment that i had to pay for before even receiving the equipment. It was not a one button to wear with GPS but one for home–only if you were in the room where the central monitor was, & one to wear if you were away from that monitor. the button came apart during a fall & they were going to send another which took 2 weeks by postal mail. then, it broke again & another week to replace. My son called to complain I was paying $90/mo. for something didn’t work. After 3 transfers, we were connected to an agent that would give me the month of Nov. free. I tried to call & cancel & was told I couldn’t as I unmistake ly signed a contract. Selling Agent said 2 years, supervisor said 3 years. They took advantage of a 74 widow.. I need help & looking to file a fraud report & cancel my service..Luckily, I have 3 attorneys in my family whom I trust Please don:t make this mistake==READ THIS ARTICLE & DO YOUR HOMEWORK==WITH HELP/

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  5. User Score


    December 25th, 2016 Crystal City, MO

    My mom had fallen and her Life Alert is suppose to sense that she is on the floor. Well……. It didn’t, and her button around her neck did not work. I had to manually push the big ole button on the equipment y her phone to see if it even worked. It did but…… The call was dropped on Life Alert’s end, and it took them forever to call her back. This is a real cause for concern. I will be talking to her to change who she uses. Life Alert is not reliable when they need to be!!!

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  6. User Score


    December 25th, 2016 Brazil, IN

    Have used it. Have one. As far as am concerned, it is useless. (1) It is to costly for the one’s who depend on it. (2) I disconnected mine. No one should have to have a contract. (3) What if you don’t need it anymore? You are locked in a contract and have to continue to pay monthly until the contract is up. Someone is getting rich! (4) I will give you a example. When I would push the button, just to test, it takes more than 15 minutes to answer. I could have had a heart attack and died before they even got here!.

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  7. User Score


    December 23rd, 2016 New York, NY

    Yesterday I ordered Life Alert for my father. I didn’t know about all the other companies out there. My father was upset with me for not doing more research before ordering. We found another company, Medical Guardian, which was rated #1 this year. They have lower rates, better equipment & better customer service. My father & I called Life Alert to cancel. The rep was so rude with us. He tried scaring & bullying my father to stay with them. Plus, he said they would charge him the $198 for the cancellation. This company is awful! Don’t waste your money. Keep looking.

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  8. User Score


    December 18th, 2016

    thought the salesman who came to bring me the product and sign the contract talked so quickly that I did not fully understand or read the contract which was a carbon copy with small print. I did not know I was signing a 3 year contract. Calling customer service was impossible and my issues were not resolved. They should spend more money on customer service instead of on TV ads!! The representative who came to my house reminded me of a used car salesman. A repairman who came to my apt. was a contract person and not a Life Alert employee, thank goodness. He told me my base unit was outdated
    for a longer time than my installation date. I had to wait quite sometime before a serviceman came.It has been awhile since I cancelled my contract after the 3 year period so I cannot recall all the problems I had with them.
    The only time I used my pendant, help arrived quickly.

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  9. User Score


    December 8th, 2016

    I’ve been a customer for 5+ yrs. Sometimes when calling to check equipment the service is slower than it should be. But, I must say that I’ve only used them a couple of times. Once when I accidentally pushed the button while working in the yard. They called the people I had designated and couldn’t get in touch with any of them and immediately sent the fire department out to check on me. Another time someone came to my door late at night and I was alone and a little afraid. I pushed the button and asked them to call the police. They did and the police arrived within a few minutes. So, I wish the response time was faster when trying to call them, but on the whole I feel comfortable using Life Alert.

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  10. User Score


    December 6th, 2016

    The agents are arrogant, not really interested in subject. When I showed displeasure they were nasty. Slow to answer. They are terrible. Previously had mobile alert mistake to change. Will be happy when contract ends.

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  11. User Score


    November 23rd, 2016 Irmo, SC

    Life Alert service was contracted for my mother-in-law’s residence. The service was supposed to do routine check ins with her to ensure that she was alright. This was misrepresented to us during the salesget sat cycle, and they do not do this. When we tried to cancel the service the process is SO COMPLEX and has so many steps that you cannot easily cancel. In today’s world consumers expect ease of use and great care. Life Alert provides neither of these. It is unreal how hard they make it to complain and try to frustrate the customer into not pursuing complaints. I work in a field where you have to build customer relations and address issues professionally. The sad response from Life Alert is very telling that they do not care about customers. They are all about selling and not servicing.

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  12. User Score


    November 22nd, 2016 Los Angeles, CA

    Once my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, we didn’t know what to expect so we immediately called Life Alert. They helped us pick and choose which services she may need and answered all our questions. The rep was very kind, patient and informative. We are very happy we chose Life Alert.

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    9 3

  13. User Score


    November 13th, 2016

    I love both of my Life Alert “buttons”. I love the fact that they tell you to test your equipment once a month too. It is a little expensive, $69.95 a month, but so far not matter here I go, it has been there if I need it. I have found that it takes a few minutes to get a live person, and hope that if I can’t talk, they will still send someone sent to find out what’s wrong. I also like the fact that if I am on the road, they are suppose to be able to get help, that’s why I chose them over the Guardian. Life Alert was the only one I found that had the “travelling pager” It’s heavier like the old pagers as far as weight goes, but you can talk to it and get a response, and while it’s expense, it’s been worth it for my peace of mind.

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    8 2

  14. User Score


    November 11th, 2016

    The contract is for three years. They will not let you cancel unless you die. The monthly charge is
    very expensive.. I live in a retirement community. I advise people not to use this service.

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    18 2

  15. User Score


    November 8th, 2016 Santa Fe, NM

    Oct 2016 I cancelled three years of service for my mom. The rep on the phone was very pushy and wanted me to continue service. We have had five false alarms in 3 years. Once when I was in a restaurant WITH my mom! Another time my moms phone was not working and my brother was in route (15 min) to her house to make sure she was ok. I told this to the operator and asked her to wait until I heard from my brother. The operator DID NOT LISTEN and called the paramedics anyway. It was a huge problem that my brother had to resolve with the men who showed up from the fire dept. I CLEARLY TOLD THE OPERATOR TO NOT CALL THE PARAMEDICS and she did anyway. My Mom was fine, her phone was out of order. You must be at the site of the “box” in order to cancel service. No instructions were given for disconnecting the phone. I ended up messing up my moms phone service. We had to wait two days till the phone company came and fixed the problem. In summary the reps are extremely pushy and the operators don’t listen. I now hate Life Alert and do not recommend them.

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    15 1

  16. User Score


    October 20th, 2016 Wakefield, RI

    I had a malfunction of their system, and I can only describe their response as RUDE. Also there are other systems with more features for less money. When my son signed up, they did not explain it was a three year contact.

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  17. User Score


    October 19th, 2016 Los Angeles, CA

    i was told i had a 3yr. contract which i have no memory or copy of. my card was compromized and the company could’t access my account because of the new card issued. if i paid the 49.99 they were unable to collect, they would lower my fee to 39.99. i was told i could not cancel.

    i have never used the alert in over 2 years but i have tested it and it takes a long time for them to respond.

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  18. User Score


    October 7th, 2016 Necedah, WI

    I fell in the kitchen and could not get up , had severe pain and swelling in my right ankle. I pressed the button and the contact was ” life alert, please hold,” this message was repeated 10 times with no personal contact. I pressed the button with the same results for a total of 10 times. We live in a rural community with mostly second homeowners who come up either every other week or whenever, I sort of side swam to my door and yelled out “HELP” and as luck or happenstance one of my neighbors who happened to come up for the weekend heard me and took me to the emergency site. My right ankle was fractured on both sides. When I relayed this to Life Alert they said it was my error as they did not receive any call from my pendant. I researched other providers and switched asap!

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  19. User Score


    October 4th, 2016 Groveland, CA

    in asking for details about how the system works all the rep. wanted to do is talk about the condition of the person who it was for not how the system works. We live in the country so the cell service is pool and when I would ask about what was needed he kept going back to what is the persons condition.

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  20. User Score


    September 12th, 2016 North Fort Myers, FL

    Customer service bad got my equipment was unable to contact anyone till Monday . Poor communication . Have to be in the room with monitor to talk with person when bottom pushed. iAs a retired nurse I feel it’s not user friendly. I’ll see how trying to close account is.

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