Galaxy Medical Alert System believes that seniors should be able to enjoy freedom and independence in their lives through the help of a personal emergency response system. With over 25 years of experience, Galaxy Medical Alert is one of the top providers of medical alert systems in North America.

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The Good

  • Several options
  • Additional features/services

Several Options

Galaxy Medical Alert is an experienced company with many different options for services, making it easy to choose which service is best for you. From a simple home based service, to a home and yard service, a cellular service and a GPS service, you can choose whatever service is best for you and your lifestyle.

Additional Features/Services

With the option for monthly or yearly purchases, you can also choose whatever payment plan works for you. Each system comes with the ability for two-way communication, which is best to determine what has happened and the type of help to send. And with a trained staff of medical responders, you are directly connected to someone who can quickly assess the situation and get you help quickly.

The Bad

  • Only available in Canada
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Warranty only covers wear and tear

Only Available in Canada

Though Galaxy Medical Alert has a lot of benefits, there are a couple negatives about the service. For one, the service is only available in Canada, which isn’t great for the rest of North America.

No Money-Back Guarantee

There’s also no money-back guarantee though there are no penalties if you cancel after the initial 90-day commitment. Galaxy Medical will also refund the unused portion of a quarterly or annual prepaid plan after the first initial 90-day commitment, but not the entirety of the plan you purchased.

Warranty Only Covers Wear and Tear

Also, Galaxy Medical’s warranty only covers wear and tear, which means if you break a piece, you’ll have to pay for the replacement.

The Bottom Line

In the end, Galaxy Medical Alert is a great option for those living in Canada. Not only is there an option for those seniors who like to travel a lot, but still want the protection of a alert system, but there are simple systems that will cover your home as well. With the customer service center staff medically trained and able to answer your phone call with ease, Galaxy Medical Alert is a great option for seniors that want to live alone, or even those with a dangerous medical condition.

Despite the fact that Galaxy Medical won’t cover a broken piece, unless it was broken through wear and tear, and there’s no money-back guarantee for a product you don’t like, this company is a great option for anyone looking for more comfort and ease while living alone at home.

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