Fall Alert is a brand that is offered to all Medical Guardian customers. Medical Guardian was founded in 2005 and is owned by Geoff Gross. One of the nice things about the Fall Alert brand and Medical Guardian products is that customers have the option of contacting the company directly, even speaking to Mr. Gross about their issues with the product before they file a complaint.
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The Good

  • Emergency contacts
  • Quick response time
  • Certified operators

Fall Alert has a great option of both a fall detection pendant and a pendant button or wrist button to help customers who might have sustained an injury or fall. The fall detection pendant is a great backup if a person is injured and loses consciousness.

Another great feature of Fall Alert is that the system stores the information for up to ten emergency contacts. Rather than have an ambulance show up, someone who might not be seriously injured can request help from a neighbor or a family member.

False alarms are not common with Fall Alert. In fact, 90% of users will experience one or fewer false signals each month, 80% of users will not experience any false alarms during any given month, and only 5% of users will experience 4 or more false alarms in a given month.

The fall pendant can detect movement of 18 inches, and within 25 seconds of the incident, determine whether a person has experienced a fall. 25 seconds is a fast response time if a person is injured or hurt during an accident.

False alarms do happen with Fall Alert, but it is possible to cancel a false alarm from the base station.

Also, Fall Alert had a good range for its users. 600 feet is more than enough space to let the user perform every day activities, indoors and outdoors.

The operators with Fall Alert and Medical Guardian are UL certified. This means that they are able to stay with someone who has fallen until help has arrived and can handle emergencies.

The products come with bright buttons with big and easy to read text. The display also features the date, time, and interior temperature.

The Bad

  • Alert cancellation
  • No simple GPS mobility
  • Faulty cellular connections

The alert cancellation on the push button pendant and watch is a little bit cumbersome to use. Even though you can cancel the alarm from the base station, canceling it with the push button can take up to five seconds.

Another problem with the system is that it does not have easy GPS mobility. However, Medical Guardian (the parent company of Fall Alert) offers a portable GPS unit that can function as a base station. This unit requires a different push button pendant/watch system. It is possible to unplug the unit and take it with you when you travel. The lightweight and durable nature of the base unit makes it great for going out and about, taking the unit with you whenever you are near an AC outlet.

A concerning point with Fall Alert is the possible failure because of a faulty cellular connection. In the rare instance of no cellular connectivity, it would be possible for a person in an emergency to be without help for a short period of time.

The pendant and watch might be a little bit too much. The fall detection pendant is enough if the person slips and falls. However, the customer might take the watch and pendant pushbuttons instead of the fall button in the instance that they feel that two pieces of equipment is too much to carry.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Fall Alert is a great option when looking for a medical alert system. The service has a very fair and transparent TOS. One of the nice features is no contract and the low shipping charge. This makes it very easy for an older person to get the service cheaply and affordably.

The waterproof feature is very important, since the user may need to shower, bathe, or work in the garden. In fact, Fall Alert encourages users to take the pendants into the shower.

The equipment is also free, since the customer is paying for the service. Another bonus is that the service can be purchased with quarterly payments or a year lump annual sum. There is also always the added danger that your home may be locked when operators send help. When you order the product online, you get a free lockbox from Fall Alert. This is very important because the emergency responders will be able to gain access to your home easily. The lockbox is available for $35 if you order Fall Alert over the phone. If you are unable to speak, you will also receive help from emergency responders.

One of the important things to consider about any type of medical alert is whether or not it features two-way communication. The fall detection pendant and base unit have two-way communication with the operator. Make sure to take the fall pendant everywhere, as this is going to be important for getting the help needed.

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More Information

Equipment Details

Fall Alert is a product that is offered through MedicalGuardian.com. Fall Alert features the following:

Base Station

  • 30-hour battery backup in the event of a power failure.
  • Cellular linkup with AT&T’s local service towers.
  • Easy setup.
  • Indicator lights that indicate the unit is functional.
  • Storage space for up to 10 emergency contacts.
  • Two-way voice communication with operators.
  • Test button, emergency button, and reset button.

Wrist-button/Battery pendant/Fall pendant

  • Batteries are good for 18 months and are checked monthly by the base system automatically.
  • 100% waterproof so that you can easily do everyday things, as well as shower and bathe.
  • Light weight, can slip into your pocket.
  • Two-way voice communication with operators.

Featured Details


We love the pricing options that Fall Alert offers. We found that you can obtain three months of service (paid in quarterly installments) at the price of $47.95 per month. We also like the year’s worth of service option for one low payment of $527.45. You also get a discount when you order the service online. Unfortunately, Medicaid and Medicare may not cover the cost of Fall Alert. There may, however, be local and state government assistance available to purchase this great product.


We were somewhat taken aback by the advertised warranty from their product comparison. When we read the company’s terms of services and product limits, we found that there is not a guaranteed warranty in the instance of device malfunction or other issues.

Activation Fee

There is no setup or installation fee. Fall Alert only charges for the prices described above. We did, however, find a small shipping fee of $9.50 for ten-day ground shipping.

Mobile Alerts

Fall Alert does not offer mobile alerts. However, the parent company, Mobile Guardian, does have other products and services that feature mobile alerts. The system can be unplugged and taken to a place with an AC outlet.

Device Range

As long as you are within 600 feet of the device, you can call for help in case of a medical emergency. This makes it a great option for either indoor or outdoor medical emergencies.


The Fall Alert system, and the other services mentioned above offered through MedicalGuardian.com, does not require a contract. If you decide that you are not happy with the service, you can return the product and not worry about paying a termination fee. Beware, however, of the $359.40 equipment fee if the materials are not returned in good and working order.

Time in Business

Fall Alert, subsidiary of Medical Guardian, has been in business since 2005.  

Company Contact Information 

1818 Market Street Suite 1200 Philadelphia, PA 19103 [email protected]

Location of Certified Monitoring Centers

The location of the certified monitoring centers are not provided on the website.

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