EMC security has been in business since 1998. They provide services to over 70,000 homes in Georgia. As of 2012, most of their service efforts have been focused in the bulk of Northern Georgia. EMC security has also won several awards for its medical alert services and security services, including the Five Diamond Certification for its operators and central stations. Of the 2,700 central stations located throughout the United States, only 100 central stations associated with home security and personal alerts have the Five Diamond Certification.

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Looking at the company’s medical alert service… ambulance, emergency service, and security companies tend to offer the better personal alert services.

Ultimately, EMC built their medical alert system by specializing in other types of security before developing a personal alert product.

The Good

  • Range
  • Extra battery
  • Optional accessories

There are many great features of EMC’s Medical Alert system. EMC posts the unit information and manual online for people to access for help. In fact, most personal alert systems only post a brochure online. The manual contains easy and necessary information for determining whether or not the Medical Alert product is a good fit.

EMC’s medical alert system has one of the best ranges for the pendant, considering that this product is a landline-based service. The pendant has some unique functionality, including a volume control knob and an LED light that shows the system’s functionality.

The base station has the ability to charge the extra battery for the pendant. Many pendants reviewed required that the user purchase a new battery. Also, EMC’s pendant battery has a very long standby time, ranging from 4-6 hours.

Another important feature is the VoiP and DSL disclaimer found on EMC’s website. Many people may assume that they can purchase a landline personal security system because they have VoIP, when in fact, some VoIP carriers are not compatible with a landline personal alert system.

The waterproof pendant that comes with the base station is important. Many pendants that feature two-way communications are not waterproof. EMC’s pendant allows a user to keep it in or near the shower so that they can get help if they are injured while in the shower. Two-way communication at the base station and pendant are a must.

A great perk is the fact that there were several optional accessories that came with EMC’s Medical Alert system, including a lockbox, emergency wall communicator, and up to four pendants for other home inhabitants to use as needed. The emergency wall communicator is a great option if a client is not wearing their pendant or too far away from the base station.

The Bad

  • Differentiation
  • Lack of mobility

EMC uses a personal alert base unit and pendant that is used by other personal alert companies. In other words, their product is no different than those other companies. However, EMC charges a fairly low rate compared to other companies that use similar equipment.

The lack of mobility for the client is a concern. Even though the client can move approximately 100 feet outside their home and still access the base station, landline-based personal alert services tend to limit the client’s ability to go outside of the home. If the client plans on long-term travel or moves where they need the base station with them, they must first call and inform EMC.

The Bottom Line

EMC’s Medical Alert system is recommended for a variety of reasons: the pendant has two-way voice communications, and this package is easily accessorized with additional equipment. It is also great that EMC is UI and Diamond 5 certified, meaning that the best possible support situation exists for clients. Another great feature is that the service is month-to-month. An installation specialist also helps make sure that this unit is installed easily in the home, leaving the client free from worrying about whether or not their system is set up correctly.

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    April 16th, 2017

    Causes problems with my landline. Great customer service.

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