Direct 911 is offered as a service though Home Helpers. They offer personal medical monitoring with a personal emergency response system, medication dispensing with an automatic medication dispenser and vital signs monitoring.
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The Good

  • Packages

Personal Emergency Response Systems are only one small part of the services which are offered by Home Helpers, a franchised company offering their services in-home to seniors across the country. All packages are custom designed to each person’s needs. This planning is accomplished during an in-home consultation and company representatives will not give information over the phone.   Having medical monitoring come as part of a package allows bundles to be created and families to have the best options available for their needs.

The Bad

  • Customer support
  • Consultations
  • Transparency

Trying to get even the most basic information to determine if the company is a good fit before an in-home consultation is very difficult, even impossible. When calling the toll-free number, callers’ contact information is captured and then the agent refers the caller to a local office to set up an in-home consultation. Upon leaving contact information with the main call center, reviewers waited for over two days without receiving contact from the local offices which they were referred to.

At that point, they called the offices directly and in every case, received a voice mail message. Messages were left, and no one form the three offices contacted called back within three business days.

Having an in-home consultation can be a rather high-pressure purchase and for those customers wanting to set up assistance for their aging parents, this arrangement is difficult to coordinate.

Company representatives at the toll-free number do not give information about the company, product, pricing or features. This may be company policy or these agents are nothing more than an answering service for the company to route callers’ information. Either way, this is very off-putting coupled with a bare-bones website without information.

The Bottom Line

Customers would do well to avoid this company as one with whom to partner for their medical alert needs. There is little information available about the company, product and pricing available online and the lack of help from representatives of the company (those at the toll-free number, via online chat or local offices), is alarming. All of this is further complicated with the lack of information on the company’s website makes this company suspicious. One would do better to use a more transparent company for their medical alert needs.

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  1. User Score


    January 24th, 2017 Lake Stevens, WA

    this product has always operated as promised for nearly 5 years
    Direct Link worked the one time we needed it and
    even when button was accidentally pushed they were always there with the correct information
    which they would verify every time we talked to them.

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  2. User Score


    December 8th, 2016

    All are excellent – They answer quickly every time and even will talk with someone who is simply lonely. There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time.

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