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DependOne began its operations in 2009. Their mission is to enhance the quality of seniors' lives through innovative products and services, mainly in alert systems for clients. Their alert system is available throughout the United States, but they are based out of Austin, TX. DependOne's alert system is targeted towards seniors who are well enough to be on their own, keeping them out of a nursing home and giving them the resources to alert loved ones if they are in trouble.

DependOne has simplified the personal alert system process, letting seniors speak directly to a monitoring center via the fall pendant. Many other personal alert systems often have speaker problems, making it so that seniors cannot hear the monitoring service or having to shout into the microphone in the instance of an accident.

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The Good

  • Features
  • Contact Centers in Every State
  • Easy Setup


DependOne offers a variety of great features including:

  • The 600+ foot radius for their pendant, allowing seniors to move away from the base unit.
  • The two-way communication functionality of the pendant.
  • The battery life of both the base unit and the pendant.
  • The customer support platform offered by customers.
  • The easily read FAQ section of the website that answers most customer questions about DependOne's products.
  • The text message and voicemail notifications to the user's three contacts.
  • The ability to work with DSL and VoIP phone connections.

DependOne was one of the first companies to include 2-way communication in the voice pendant. The added emergency button on the pendant makes it possible for the client to speak with someone or to summon emergency services if they cannot speak. Another important thing about DependOne is that their products and services are designed to let seniors continue living at home. The cost of using DependOne for a year is significantly cheaper than committing your loved one to a nursing home, as they describe on their website.

Contact Centers in Every State

DependOne has a contact center, UI and FM licensed, in every state. This makes it so that the operators are versed in state laws regarding healthcare and local emergency services, as well as the DependOne corporate policies for providing support for senior citizens. Another important feature of DependOne's customer support system is the bilingual support provided by the contact centers. Rest assured, if your loved one speaks Spanish, someone at the monitoring centers is going to be available to help them. Some of the companies reviewed didn't advertise bilingual support for their calling centers.

Easy Setup

DependOne is quite easy to set up. The system comes programmed already, so that the client just needs to plug it in to use it. The products were photographed and displayed on the website, providing close-up images of both the pendant and the base set. This helps the client determine whether or not they like the visual appeal and comfort appearance of the product they are purchasing. 

The Bad

  • Contract
  • Base Unit Functionality
  • Mobility


There were a couple of concerns with DependOne. The most poignant concern with DependOne stemmed from their three-year contract. It is easy to be released from a three-year contract, however, the client must get a doctor or care provider's written notification. This complicates getting out of a contract.

Base Unite Functionality

Another concern stemmed from the functionality of the base unit. Some companies reviewed had 2-way voice communication on both the pendant and the base set. If for some reason, the pendant communication system were not to work, the base system from DependOne lacks the functionality to support two-way communication. Thankfully, however, the system automatically checks its functionality. The product itself is a little bit limiting.


Customers do not have the ability to move out of their home outside of the range of the base set. The warranty explicitly states that the client cannot remove the base unit from a location to travel, thus limiting their ability to make alerts if they are on a long trip or away for a weekend.

The Bottom Line

One major concern with DependOne is the contract. Most of the providers offer a month-to-month service and a money back guarantee period of 30 days. Clients only get seven days to try out DependOne. Seven days is not enough time to determine if this personal alert service is a good fit or not. Another concern is the limited nature of DependOne's service. DependOne does not give its clients many options for mobility and mobile alerts. A client is restrained to the 600+ foot zone around their base unit and cannot take the base unit out of the home for a vacation or weekend trip. In the end, DependOne is recommended for their excellent products and support services. It is important to try and keep seniors in their home if they have the means and abilities to take care of themselves. The voicemail and text notifications are a nice touch for emergency contacts. They deliver personalized instructions and messages, telling the contact what they need to do in an emergency situation, whether or not it is life-threatening.

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