The CVS Medical Alert System is a product of Connect America, Inc., which was established in 1977. Connect America is a nationwide company founded by Kenneth Gross. CVS is one of Connect America’s main providers of medical alert services with over 7,000 store locations in 43 States.
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The Good

  • Price
  • Monitoring
  • Battery life

Each CVS Medical Alert kit includes a base unit, a waterproof emergency button with a wrist, clip-on and standard traditional pendant options.


CVS Medical Alert charges customers $29.95 per month for round-the-clock monitoring and emergency dispatch services.


In the case of an emergency, the SIA-certified operator will dispatch the appropriate help for a customer’s situation, staying on the line, talking them through until help arrives.

Battery Life

32-hour battery back-up. The pendant automatically checks for low batteries every few hours and alerts the user.

Additional Positives

  • Braille characters for emergency, home, and clear button functions.
  • A Clear button that lets user stop an alarm if pressed accidentally. It also comes with one free additional button.
  • Distinct alarm tone to identify an emergency situation.
  • Crystal oscillator design medical alert neck pendants that are attractive, sleek-looking and more fashionable.
  • Waterproof accessories and equipment that can be worn in the bath or shower.
  • High speed, 2-way connection allows customers to speak to monitoring staff in a speedy manner.

The Bad

  • No automatic testing
  • Additional fees and financial obligations
  • Cancellation caveat

Unfortunately, there is much which is lacking in ordering medical monitoring services from CVS Medical Alert. There is no warranty to cover equipment malfunction, which is unusual for the industry.

No automatic testing

CVS’s alert system does not test itself automatically. While other companies require a monthly manual test, CVS’s system requires a manual test every week to make sure it is working and connected to the call center. This is inconvenient and unpractical for an elderly customer who either may not remember or has trouble mentally processing the long list of instructions. They will need help to test it manually for certain.

Additional fees and financial obligations

Customers are responsible for any additional fees associated with their local emergency services (e.g. ambulance rides).

Cancellation caveat

After the initial 3-business days, customers can cancel anytime, with the caveat that they have to cancel at any time before Midnight of the third business day after the date of purchase to be eligible for a refund.

The Bottom Line

While the medical monitoring offered by CVS Medical Alert is affordable and easy to use, there are significant concerns about using this company. The lack of warranty and a large number of complaints are significant and should be taken into consideration before purchasing medical monitoring service from CVS Medical Alert.

Because of these reasons, CVS Medical Alert is not recommended as a good choice for medical monitoring at this time.

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More Information


CVS Medical Alert System Overview

Benefits of the Package are:

  • No long-term commitment
  • No Activation or Installation fee
  • Free Shipping
  • No hidden fees
  • Smaller, sleeker, more attractive and lighter weight pendant design
  • Reliable 24/7 LIVE Monitoring and Support with certified staff
  • Monitored battery life
  • Easy setup-just plug into phone
  • High speed, 2 way connection
  • 3-day full money back guarantee


CVS Medical Alert Equipment

Home Base Unit

  • 2-way voice communication that connects directly to monitoring staff
  • Built-in speaker phone
  • Braille characters on emergency buttons for added accessibility
  • 32 hour battery backup
  • Power On/Off Switch

Emergency Button Pendent

  • 100% waterproof so you can use it anywhere
  • Different pendant options including wrist, clip-on and necklace pendant
  • Compact and lightweight for convenient use

Additional System Features

  • Braille characters on emergency buttons for added accessibility
  • Includes power supply and phone connection cord
  • Install the system yourself in a matter of minutes
  • Rechargeable battery backup


Featured Details


The medical alert system is offered for $29.95 a month for a limited time, which is lower than many competing brands. There are no equipment or shipping costs and you can easily install the system yourself, which makes the value even greater.


While this company makes it relatively easy to cancel service, there is no warranty or money-back guarantee associated with this system. Instead, CVS recommends testing your alarm system at least once a week to ensure it is functioning properly.

Activation Fee

There is no activation fee, which makes this service competitive against other companies that charge expensive fees for activation. You can begin using service after you’ve paid your monthly charge and received your equipment in the mail.

Mobile Alerts

CVS offers a small, compact mobile device with built-in GPS for 24/7 monitoring. If you find yourself in need of help, you may simply press the button on the device and it will immediately contact support on the speaker, while dispatch is sent to your location. You also have the option of changing the device setting so the button triggers family members rather than dispatch.

Device Range

The emergency button has a range of approximately 600 ft. Although this can be influenced by environmental factors. This is more than adequate to cover the entirety of most households and even leaves space for checking the mail or spending time in the yard.


There is no long-term contract required for the Medical Alert System, although you must agree to a minimum of 3 months before you cancel service. If you cancel after 3 months, you will be reimbursed for any prepaid months that you won’t be using. You must return all equipment back to the company when you terminate service. If the equipment is damaged or missing then you will be charged $359.40. Your account will also continue to be charged for the monthly service fee until the company has received all equipment and devices in good condition.

Service Map

CVS Medical Alert Systems Available in All 50 United States.

Support Quality

The Medical Alert System is covered by 24 hour monitoring every day of the year. When you send a call for help, you will be met a live operator who is trained to handle your emergency situation. Your medical status will be assessed and the local EMS will be contacted if there is a serious issue. The operator can also call a family member so you have support available to you as quickly as possible.

In addition to high-quality and responsive monitoring service, the support hotline is also open 24 hours a day so you can get your questions answered whenever a problem arises. There is also a contact form on the company website where you can send an inquiry or request to customer service instead of calling. The company also provides online resources such as extensive guides for device setup so you can troubleshoot many of your own problems.

Time in Business

Connect America is the company behind the Medical Alert System, and it has been in business since January 1, 1997.

Company Contact Information


2193 West Chester Pike

Broomall, PA 19008


[email protected]

Location of Certified Monitoring Centers

Although exact monitoring center locations are not specified, the company’s official headquarters is located in Broomall, Pennsylvania. The central monitoring station is listed with and regulated by Underwriter’s Laboratories for Protective Signaling. This system is also recognized by many other associations such as the NFPA and NBFAA.

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