CST has been considered one of the fastest growing companies in the industry and is now the fourth largest in North America. They have one of the industry's most flexible and scalable monitoring platforms in the nation. They are supported by two fully certified multi-lingual, 24/7 monitoring centers.
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The Good

  • Features
  • Trained staff
  • Replacement policy

Critical Signals Technologies offers their medical monitoring and alerting services primarily for health care facilities, but have a few products for individuals. The selection of features is vast, exceeding that which their competitors offer by a wide margin. These features include: personal emergency response, personal medication management, care transition, re-admission management, as well as long term care and multi-tenant programs for medical facilities.

Additionally, the professionals which staff the Critical Signals Technologies’ medical response center are all highly trained and collectively speak over 170 different languages.

Critical Systems Technologies offers a full replacement policy for equipment which is damaged or not functioning.

The Bad

  • Transparency
  • Professional installation fee
  • Compatibility with VOIP or digital phone services

Critical Systems Technologies is lacking with their transparency and does not disclose pricing to prospective customers on their website. Receiving a pricing quote from a customer service representative is equally challenging. Customer services representatives with whom our review team spoke were hesitant to give pricing without capturing personal information. Additionally, the company representatives were frustrated when the review team asked from the prices of multiple products.

Customers are charged for professional installation, which is not typical for the industry. Most of the competition’s systems are self-installed, often with free shipping and free assistance in installation from technical support representatives.

For customers with a VOIP or other digital phone service, the system may not work at all. While the company states that there have been instances which Vonage or Comcast Digital Voice customers have been able to use the equipment, they make no guarantees.

The Bottom Line

Critical Signals Technologies offers a wide array of plans with features that include medication management, panic alerts and smoke alarms in addition to the basic medical monitoring. The range for medical monitoring (the distance from the base unit to the transmitter) is comparable to that of many of their competitors.

Critical Signals Technologies has been in business since 2006.

For the right customer, these products and plans will provide peace of mind. The sheer volume of features and choices complicates shopping with Critical Systems Technologies. For most, there are more customer friendly and more transparent companies which would be better suited to their needs.

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Equipment Details

Enhanced PERS and Wireless Device All-in-One

  • Reminder messages – Never forget your medication, errands, or appointments
  • 2 way- Clear Voice “Hands-Free” Connection – Simply press the pendant button to be connected to a live agent
  • Built-in two-way speaker phone – High volume and high sensitivity microphone to ensure you’re being heard
  • Anti-failure protection – Never worry about a power outage as it’s backed by a 32-hour battery life, provides low or missing battery alerts, and periodic testing
  • Spanish speakers – Console can be programmed for Spanish messages and announcements
  • Multi-Lingual – Customer Care is offered in 177 different languages
  • Powered by AT&T – No cell phone required

Cellular PER

  • Waterproof Pendants – Safe for showering and bathing
  • High-Performance Receiver – Up to 600 ft range
  • Long Battery Life – 60+ hours
  • 3G Technology – Quick speeds
  • 2-Way Hands-Free Connection – Clear communication with responders, hands-free

Fall Detection

  • 16 Programmable Reminders – Never miss medications, appointments or rides
  • Multiple Languages – Spanish announcements plus many other languages
  • Waterproof Pendants – Safe for showering and bathing up to 600 ft
  • Answer Phone Calls – Push pendant allowing to answer calls
  • Long Range Speakers and Microphones – Know you’re being heard
  • Monitored System Checks & Battery Back-up

Long Range, 2-way Communication

  • Monitored System Checks & Battery Back-up
  • Multiple Device Management – Up to 4 accessories
    • Emergency Wall Communicator
    • Wrist/Wheelchair Strap
    • Belt Clips
    • Extra Pendants

Mobile Protection – For active lifestyles

  • Highly water resistant – No need to worry about water damage outside
  • Cellular-enabled – Uses GPS satellites to find subscribers location
  • Two-way voice communication – Speak with someone on the go
  • Plug & Play – Have other devices hooked on such as answering machines and other medical devices, and home phones
  • 24/7 protection – Always available no matter where you are
  • Fall Down Detection
  • 2-way Clear Voice Communication – Know you’ll be heard

Pendants and Wrist Devices

  • Petite styles – No bulky equipment to wear
  • Receiver allows 600 ft range – Perfect for those in small areas
  • Fall detection – Dual fall detector senses the rapid movement during falls
  • 60+ hours of battery life – No need to charge every night
  • Waterproof Technology – Never worry about water damage in showers or tubs
  • 3G technology – High-speed data response
  • Hands-free – Simply press the button on your pendant or wrist device and speak to a Care Center agent, hands-free

Medication Management Systems

  • Never forget a dose – Sends signal if medication is not taken when dispensed
  • Reps Provide Immediate Assistance
  • Family, Friends and Emergency Services will be contacted

TeleHealth Systems

  • Wireless captures vital signs, glucose levels, weight, etc.
  • Sends information to the monitoring center
  • Physicians, family, and caregivers can access information remotely

Adaptive Accessories:

  • BOB LINK Cellular Upgrade – No landline, no problem
  • Additional Pendants – Protection for each member of the home
  • Wireless Big Buttons – For those with decreased motor function
  • Wall Communicator – Mountable 2-way voice communicator, perfect for garages and bathrooms
  • Sip and Puff – Best for those with quadriplegia or unable to manipulate standard buttons
  • Smoke or Carbon Monoxide Alarms – UL approved and 24/7 monitoring
  • Door and Window Contacts – For potential wanders and added home security
  • Sensor Mats – Great for wanders and can also monitor lack of activity
  • Motion Detectors – Great for wanders and can also monitor lack of activity
  • Key Lock Box – Store spare keys for emergency responders and family

Programs Offered for Health Care Companies:

  • Care Transition & Readmission Management Program – Managed by Care Plan Solutions, a division of CST. This company is uniquely suited to address the challenges of transitional care and readmission management. Industry leading monitoring support delivers a customized hospital readmission program from multiple points of discharge.
    • Single point of contact program manager to oversee implementation and ongoing maintenance of program
    • Patient monitoring via 24/7 bilingual care center – English and Spanish speakers
    • Team of reps conduct patient out-reach calls after discharge – Feel safe in knowing they do post discharge check-ups.
    • Exclusive marketing and branding opportunities to make Care Plan Solutions a complement to current services
    • Benefits to Partnering with Care Plan Solutions
      • Centralized location housing all patient information
      • Increased awareness of patient conditions 24/7
      • Detailed patient activity reports
      • Definitive resolution codes to all patient interactions
      • Improved quality scoring
      • ROI analysis reports for readmissions avoided
    • Long-term Care & Multi-Tenant Program – Helping Facilities create a more effective care integration and support system and improved care for residents by improving outcomes, peace of mind and reducing required transitions to and from clinical facilities.
      • Wireless coverage – Takes cord pulling out to ensure residents get the help when they need without having to find that pull cord.
      • No capital costs – No purchase of the equipment required
      • Low Monthly Monitoring Costs
      • Covers the Entire Building – Everywhere in the building is covered and 50-200 ft. outside
      • HUD Compliant – Monitored 24/7 with customized protocols
      • Improve Company’s REAC scores – No need to worry about safety with the wireless system


Equipment Features

Enhanced PERS and Wireless Device All-in-One

  • Reminder messages
  • 2 way- Clear Voice “Hands Free” Connection
  • Built-in two way speaker phone
  • Anti-failure protection
  • Spanish speakers
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Powered by AT&T – No cell phone required

Cellular PER

  • Waterproof Pendants
  • High-Performance Receiver – Up to 600 ft range
  • Long Battery Life – 60+ hours
  • 3G Technology – Quick speeds
  • 2-Way Hands-Free Connection

Fall Detection

  • 16 Programmable Reminders
  • Multiple Languages
  • Waterproof Pendants
  • Answer Phone Calls
  • Long Range Speakers and Microphones
  • Monitored System Checks & Battery Back-up

Long Range, 2-way Communication

  • Monitored System Checks & Battery Back-up
  • Multiple Device Management – Up to 4 accessories
    • Emergency Wall Communicator
    • Wrist/Wheelchair Strap
    • Belt Clips
    • Extra Pendants


Featured Details


Members of this company have asked that potential customers call for pricing on their products. Customer Support can be contacted at 1-888-557-4462.


Because there is no option to purchase the equipment there are no warranties. If the product becomes damaged, representatives informed us that a technician will come out, if necessary, and fix the system. In some cases there will be fees for the physical tech support, but again, you must call customer support for pricing. There typically aren’t any fees for support to come to homes to replace batteries.

Activation Fee

There are no fees for activation or installation. CST offers its customers 24/7 support in the installation process, if necessary. The product is shipped out via FedEx with complete installation instructions.

Mobile Alerts

CST offers its customers a mobile option for those who lead active lifestyles. This system is cellular enabled and designed to provide services in the home and while away from home such as going for walks, biking, in your car, gardening, etc. In an emergency, users simply press the alert button as they would with an at-home security system.

Device Range

Each device varies in range. The Long Range System covers up to a 5,000 square feet range in the home and can go an additional 100 ft. outside the home, with a 600 ft. range line-of-sight. The Enhanced System covers a range up to 1,000 ft. The Cellular System works off the AT&T network towers in the customer’s area and the receiver covers a 600+ range. Pendants for the Fall Detection System also have a 600+ range.


There is no contract for personal emergency services. Cancel at any time, as it’s based on a month to month basis.

Support Quality

Professional customer support is available around the clock making it easy to get in touch with an agent when you need it (there is an automated system to go through). There are two redundant Care Centers, or monitoring centers, with multi-lingual communication offered in 177 different languages.

Time in Business

They have been in business for over 8 years. CST, Inc. was founded in 2006.

Company Contact Information

27475 Meadowbrook Rd
Novi, MI 48377


Location of Certified Monitoring Centers

The base monitoring call center is located in Michigan with another support center located in Massachusetts. Support is offered in 177 different languages allowing for less language barrier concerns.

Are there any inaccuracies in this review? We take our accuracy very seriously and would love your feedback. Give feedback here.

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    January 7th, 2017

    I didn’t have to buy the unit and there is no contract. The Senior Center came out with some units and figured out which is best for me. She set it up and I didn’t have to do anything. My kids live out of state and were not able to help me. If I find I don’t want the service I just call the Senior Center and they will come and disconnect it and have CST stop taking the monthly fee out of my account.

    I have a unit with fall protection but the service includes me being able to call if I don’t feel well and I can talk to someone.

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  2. User Score


    November 3rd, 2015 Hendersonville, NC

    I’ve been trying for six weeks to get a refund on two months of automatic payments for my mother’s account. She passed away Sept. 12th. How hard can it be? I’ve been ignored and lied to. I do not recommend doing business with this company.

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