A medical alert system helps customers to feel confident in their independence by allowing the customer to communicate with an operator who can get the necessary help. Comporium provides these services to customers who need this type of help. Customers can choose from two packages for the option that will work best for the specific situation. After installation, customers will have access to a monitoring center 24/7 for full support.

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The Good

  • Caretaker button
  • Regular system testing

Caretaker Button

Most of the medical alert systems across the industry are the same basic premise; a pendant with an emergency button that connects the customer to a monitoring center to help with the emergency. That is the same basic idea that Comporium offers to its customers, but they also offer a caretaker button. This is an additional button on the pendant that can be programmed to directly contact the assigned family member. For a customer who has a loved one who needs these services, this feature can be a huge help to be able to quickly and easily contact a family member instead of the police.

Regular System Testing

In order to ensure that each Comporium medical alert system functions properly to cover all customers, the monitoring center periodically tests each system. This process is completed by a signal being sent from the system to the monitoring center, which is done automatically with no work from the customer. That signal, or lack thereof, can tell the Comporium team if any issues have come up. After that, the customer will be contacted and a resolution can be made. This whole process allows customers to worry less about their coverage.

The Bad

  • Only two products
  • Limited warranty

Only Two Products

Even though most medical alert systems are basically the same with very similar features, many companies offer a variety of package options for customers to choose from. This allows customers to more fully customize their experience and get exactly the coverage they need. Comporium only offers two different medical alert system packages. The main difference between these two packages is if a landline is required or not. The features and services the same beyond the network that is used to communicate with the monitoring center. While these options are good and can fully cover a customer through any medical emergency that may occur, it still limits the customer.

Limited Warranty

One benefit to Comporium services is the periodic system testing that they do to ensure quality. The issue arises when an issue is detected during that test. All equipment has a one-year warranty to cover any repairs or replacement that may need to happen during that period. But if the issue comes up after that time period, the customer will be responsible for the cost of any necessary service to the equipment. Many other companies offer extended or lifetime warranties, which can help the customer feel more comfortable with their decision.

The Bottom Line

There is not much known about Comporium as a company, but it is clear that the company offers quality medical alert systems for customers. The packages available are fairly limited in options, only having a basic package with the opportunity to choose either a landline or cellular connection. But a customer would have all of the common features of a medical alert system; emergency button on a pendant, 24/7 monitoring, and emergency assistance.

One additional feature of a caretaker button does help the customer to have options during the emergency. A customer can push that button to be connected to the assigned family member instead of the monitoring center. This simple additional feature gives customers added protection and help in those emergency situations. Comporium is a good choice for those customers who do not need more than the basic medical alert system.


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