Care Innovations is a joint venture corporation between Intel and GE. This company provides a personal emergency response system called the Care Innovations Link. This alert system is geared toward people desiring a high-quality medical alarm system at a low price. It includes a home base device and a waterproof personal help button pendent that is well-designed, lightweight and sleek. The personal help button weighs only 0.04 lbs., making it easy to use anywhere inside your home.
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The Good

  • Experience
  • Monitoring center

Intel and GE have taken their combined 150 years of experience and have ventured into the medical monitoring industry. Both are known for their innovations and they bring this to their partnership company – Care Innovations, an Intel/GE Company. This partnership brings many features for the home medical monitoring industry, offering peace of mind for customers and their families.

Monthly monitoring costs include the cost to rent the base unit and the transmitter, which is small and can easily be worn or carried in a one’s pocket. As is the industry standard, the transmitter is waterproof, but to be most protected while bathing or showering, the company recommends wearing it as a pendant.

The monitoring center is available 24/7 and depending on the nature of the alert, emergency personnel, neighbors, or family members. The range of the transmitter is rated at between 350-400 feet from the base unit, which in most cases provides ample alerting protection for home and outdoors.

The Bad

  • Mobility
  • Customer support

At this time, Care Innovations does not offer mobile medical monitoring or GPS, meaning that service only works at home and within 350-400 feet from the base unit. Many companies offer mobile service with a GPS unit so that seniors who are more active receive protection wherever they are via cell phone transmissions over nationwide networks.

Customer support is only available during normal business hours as is technical support should there be a malfunction of the machine after hours, one must wait until the office re-opens to receive assistance.

The Bottom Line

Care Innovations, an Intel/GE Company has more combined experience than any of the competitors; however, their experience is not exclusive to the industry. Both companies are solid and offer peace of mind.

The unit is easy to install and to use, which makes it easy for customers to receive assistance and their pricing is very competitive.

The perfect fit for this service is someone who wants protection in and around their home primarily and is not concerned about when they are away from home, since, at this time, Care Innovations does not offer mobile medical monitoring. For customers wanting this service, there are many alternatives available. Care Innovation is recommended for those understand their services and its limitations.

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