Headquartered in Thornton, Pennsylvania, Matrix Interactive was established in 1990. The company provides medical alarm systems and runs the website CallForAssistance.com. CallForAssistance.com is committed to giving its customers peace of mind and a feeling of security as they live independently despite heath challenges. The company has an effective product that uses two-way communication with emergency responders. The company has years of experience on its side. It also has attracted a loyal customer base of satisfied users.

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The company’s alert device is worn as a pendant in a discreet fashion. Users can also program up to eight numbers on the device to call in case of an emergency, meaning family members can be immediately informed in the event of a major problem. On the negative side, there is a lack of alarm options for customers to choose from, so if variety is important to you, another provider would be your best bet.

The Good

  • Experience
  • Available in a widespread area
  • No monthly payments


The company has been around for over 25 years, meaning it has stood the test of time, not to mention a number of competitors. Yet, the company remains strong, and its product continues to work well for users. With its experience comes knowledge of the industry and an ability to overcome challenges that a newer company would have a harder time navigating.

Available in a Widespread Area

Because the company offers its product through a website, anyone in the U.S. or Canada can order the medical alert device. Simply go online and place your order, and it will arrive in a few days for your use. This is in contrast to other companies in the industry that operate in a limited area.

No Monthly Payments

We you order a device from CallForAssistance.com, you don’t need to worry about tying yourself down to a monthly payment. You pay for the device up front and will never have to worry about monthly obligations again.

The Bad

  • No fall detection
  • Short battery life
  • No other options
  • Limited range

No Fall Detection

It’s quite common for seniors or others with challenging medical conditions to experience slips or falls. It happens often in the shower, but these can occur anywhere. Falling down the stairs can result in serious harm. A feature all medical alert devices should have is fall detection. Unfortunately, you won’t find this with CallForAssistance.com. This is a troubling omission.

Short Battery Life

While some medical alert devices have a battery that will last five years or more, the battery for the CallForAssistance.com alert device pales in comparison. The company recommends users replace the battery every six months. This isn’t something you should have to worry about as a user.

No Other Options

CallForAssistance.com sells one type of medical alert device: a wearable pendant; however, there are no other products available. Many other medical alert companies and providers offer multiple devices to choose from according to the user’s preferences and needs. Callsforassistane.com lacks in this area.

Limited Range

The pendant has a range of 300 feet from the console. This is quite shorter than devices you’ll find with other companies, and it hampers the user’s ability take it on the go.

The Bottom Line

CallForAssistance.com is a well-run organization. Visit the website and you’ll find ample information about the system as well as education about the company and the industry in general. If you choose to go with this provider, you’ll be happy with the support and service you’ll receive. The idea of not having to pay a monthly fee is appealing, as is the product’s warranty, which is good for one year. The device setup is fast and easy (15 minutes), and you can program whatever numbers in to the system you choose. This flexibility is attractive. If you are happy with one simple choice, this is a good company to work with for your medical alert needs.

On the other hand, if you prefer to have a medical alert system that’s fall detection–enabled, or are looking for a system you can take outside, CallForAssistance.com isn’t the best choice for you or your senior family member.


More Information

Contract Details

You do not need to sign a contract to use a CallForAssistance.com device. You will pay for the device up front and can stop using it whenever you see fit.


“In no way does this summation strive to compensate for reading the actual terms of service or contract provided by this company. We are providing this information to allow consumers to see the points of the contract that we believe you should be aware of. Please refer to the company’s terms of service or contract document to see the full details.”

Warranty Details


There is a one-year warranty on the console and an additional 90-day warranty on the pendant. If your device stops working during these times, the company will repair it and return it to you free of charge.

Money-Back Guarantee

The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means if up to 30 days after purchasing the product, if you aren’t satisfied for any reason, you may return it and get a full refund.


Under the name of Matrix Interactive, the company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has a spotless A+ grade. In addition, there are no complaints against the company in the last three years.

The company is registered through the First Data Systems Credit Card Clearing House.


Package Details

One drawback to using CallForAssistance.com is that the company has a limited number of options. In fact, all you’ll get is a pendant with the receiver. In case of emergency, you will push the panic button, which will then transmit a signal to the receiver in your home. At this point, your device will make automatic calls to the number or numbers you program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a medical alert service work?

The CallForAssistance.com alert device works much like others you’ll find in the industry. You will have a pendant with an alert button that transmits signals to a main box located in your home. With a range of 300 feet, and the box has a speaker through which you have two-way communication with a trained responder. Your calls for help can also go to eight different numbers you designate yourself.

Where does CallForAssistance.com offer services?

CallForAssistance.com is based in Pennsylvania but the company offers its product to anyone in the United States and Canada.

Are there any staff members who are medically trained with CallForAssistance.com?

Yes, staff members answering the calls are certified by the Security Industry Association.

Does the device include two-way communication?

Yes, the receiver does allow for two-way communication between you and the trained operator.

Can two or more people be included at the same location?

Yes, two or more people can have a medical alert device within the same household.

Does the device need to be plugged into a phone jack?

Yes, the receiver is plugged into your telephone jack. If you don’t have a landline, you can purchase a cellular adapter that will work with the device.

Are there any inaccuracies in this review? We take our accuracy very seriously and would love your feedback. Give feedback here.

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