Securus, Inc, the company that owns Belle, was founded in 2008. They are a world leader in GPS tracking systems. The company developed products and services to help individuals with special needs, including seniors, children, teenagers, and pets. They are an industry leader in technology that helps provide GPS tracking services.

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One of the things great about Belle was the service that this product provided those with cognitive disorders. The GPS tracking feature allows emergency contacts to find someone with a cognitive disorder. The emergency contact can see user provided information about the individual and find them to provide any needed care.

The company has a corporate partnership with T-Mobile to make sure that customers have the best coverage possible. Wherever an individual is within the coverage of T-Mobile and GPS tracking, mobile apps and the secure website enables emergency contacts to track and individual, taking their safety into care. This is one of the few personal alert systems that can go virtually almost anywhere. The system is water resistant, but it is not suggested that a person uses the Belle system in the shower or be near water for extended periods of time.

The Good

  • Mobility
  • Pricing
  • Optional charging pad

Belle offers a variety of features. One of the best features of this product is the mobility. As mentioned above, T-Mobile and GPS drive this powerful alert tool. There is a tracking app on the website to help individuals determine whether or not they are in an area with adequate coverage.

Another nice feature is that this is one of the smallest systems out there that features two-way voice communication and a panic button. The device weighs less than two ounces and can easily be worn on a pendant or carried in a pocket.

The pricing features for this product were a major perk, also. Belle costs under $40/month. The one-time setup fee may be a bit high, but purchasing the product for a year greatly reduces the price of the setup fee.

Another nice feature is the optional charging pad. This is, in effect the base station. Many alert service systems are built with three components in mind: the base station, the pendant, and the monitoring service. With Belle, there are only two components, helping make this service extremely affordable.

The Bad

  • Contract
  • Limited warranty
  • Not waterproof

There were a couple of things that were concerning about Belle. The biggest concern regarding Belle is the contract. When a user purchases the product, they commit to a year of service. If they find that they don’t like the product or service, they are subject to a cancellation fee.

Also, the warranty didn’t provide enough service or replacement options. Many companies will replace the product for free, given normal wear and tear. Along with that many companies will provide a lifelong warranty if the product becomes outdated or other types of damage happen.

The lack of a waterproof feature is also very concerning. This device does not give users the care or ease of mind that they need if they are going to be bathing or doing an activity near water. The device, however, is water resistant, ensuring against light rain or other outdoor activities.

A major product question is what would happen if a client wandered outside of the GPS or T-Mobile coverage zone. This could happen from time to time, putting the client at risk from an injury.

The Bottom Line

Belle is worth taking a look at, due to their pioneering endeavors in the alert field. Many of the companies reviewed were severely limited in their mobility options. Most cellular and GPS alert systems reviewed required a base station for two-way communication. Other products that had two-way voice communication built into the pendant still required a base station to communicate with the monitoring service via a 1-800 toll-free number.

A few good points of e-Care include their low price and the emergency contact accessibility. Most alert services lack a “real-time” component for helping a loved one. With e-Belle, emergency contacts can check in on a client instantly. Also, cellular connectivity and GPS guarantee an almost instantaneous response to when one calls a personal alert.

Being able to live independently and be on the go is a very important thing for many seniors. Of the companies reviewed in the personal alert industry, Belle gave clients the best option for keeping their freedom. This device is not just for seniors; Belle is a great option for those who might have a cognitive disorder or a mental disability.

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    April 28th, 2017 Susquehanna, PA

    Belle has been fine with me. Lightweight, easy to use and freindly staff.
    It works for you just about anywhere you go.

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