Alert USA, LLC is a company that was founded in 1984. Alert USA is one of the few companies out there that has limited mobility and still uses a landline. While the company's functionality with VoIP and DSL are great, traveling anywhere with the unit makes it very difficult to use the service.

One great thing about Alert USA is that their operators can automatically see your medical information and contact information.
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The Good

  • Experience
  • Features
  • Easy installation

Alert USA has been in business since 1984, which means they have had time to perfect and refine their products and services.

Along with their experience, their terms of service are clear and informative showing the transparency of the company.

The unit offered by Alert USA is easy to use and features big, colored buttons for sending an alert and resetting the system from the base unit. The system also has a good battery system, meaning that a client would still be able to use the product in the instance of electrical failure. The base unit also has a diagnostic system that checks the functionality of both the base station and the portable button unit.

The mobile unit is light, durable, and easy to use. The button is waterproof, so that the user can take it with them into the shower or participate in outdoor activities.

Another neat feature of the service is the World Wide Protection Card. A client, when traveling, can carry a card that contains a contact number for Alert USA. If an individual experiences a medical emergency, bystanders and first responders can call the toll free number, getting needed information to provide first aid.

The unit is also easy to install. One simply plugs the system into their phone jack and power outlet, pushing the reset button in order to activate it.

The Bad

  • Cancellation and refunds
  • Functionality
  • False alarms

There were several  complaints  regarding getting a refund after returning equipment. Some clients were also billed after they had canceled their service. At least one review involved coercion to buy a new unit from the company when the proper parts were not available to repair a unit.

The functionality of the unit also raised grave concerns. 300 feet is not an adequate range for an alert device. The alert button does not have two-way communications capability, so that the client could not communicate with the operator.

One of the complaints  was truly troubling. When a client had problems with the service and product, they ordered a new unit. While they waited for a new unit to arrive, the client was still billed for monthly service and offered no refund for “downtime” resulting from not having a working unit. The client tried to close out the account, but faced great difficulty with canceling the service.

Also, the base unit is connected to a phone line. Even though the unit has VoIP and DSL capability, there is no GPS or cellular capability for the unit, meaning that a customer has to notify the company when moving or traveling. Many individuals might not be able to use this product if they do not have a phone line or a landline.

It is troubling that the number for sales and customer service is the same hotline. Customer service calls are typically answered during business hours, meaning that someone might not be able to get help with their unit if it were to go offline overnight or late in the evening.

No information for “false alarms” could be found. Information for false alarms is important because the unit may go off on occasion. Another concern with Alert USA was the lack of a fall sensor. Fall sensors are important because they respond to sudden motion that may indicate that a person is falling.

The Bottom Line

The only real situation appropriate for Alert USA coverage would be if a client were to live in a small home or apartment with a landline. The 300-foot radius from the base unit simply does not give an individual to function independently.

Alert USA, for having been in business so long, seems to be behind the times. Many homes, even with elderly inhabitants, may not use a landline and could utilize a mobile phone. The lack of mobility may limit a person, making it necessary for them to stay within range of the base unit.

The lack of two-way communication with the button mobile unit is also problematic, meaning that a client could experience a lengthy delay between when they place an alert and the time it takes a monitor to respond.

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    November 23rd, 2016 Buffalo, NY

    my father returned his unit at the end of August this year. When he still hadn’t received his refund check in the beginning of November, he called and was told that it would take 8 weeks for the return to come. When I called on November 7th to point out that it had already been 8+ weeks, I was told that it had gotten misplaced and would go out that day. i asked if i COULD EXPECT THE CHECK BY WEDNESDAY THE FOLLOWING WEEK. i WAS TOLD YES. On Friday, the 18th I called again and was put through to a voicemail. I left a not so nice message and requested a call back on Monday> NEVER GOT IT. On Tuesday, the 22nd I called again and was told that “payroll had a death in the family and had just returned back to work that day. My question is, How long does one get for bereavement through this company? and can no one else handle anything when they…she is away? I am still fighting for the refund owed to my 87 year old father. I would never recommend this company to anyone!!!

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  2. User Score


    November 17th, 2016 Sandwich, MA

    Have had six years of quick response service and staff always gracious and informative when I have questions. I do periodic checks to make sure everything is working – service required for in home area only – do not require traveling protection.

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  3. User Score


    September 27th, 2016 Butler, NJ

    I have been trying to get my refund after paying to send back the unit after my mother died.

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  4. User Score


    November 23rd, 2014 Haverhill, MA

    after returning the equipment back to them with the address they provided they told me that they never received it. I traced it and it was delivered. They now want to charge me $700. For the equipment they say wasn’t returned.
    I looked up reviews of the company and found many complaints for the same thing.

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