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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2022

Advantage Alert customizes medical alert packages to the customer. All alarm units have indoor/outdoor anywhere-you-go capabilities and a free 911 emergency transmitter with the standard package--an offer that no one else matches. There is the choice of a standard or fall down pendant at no extra charge and are continuously getting new technology to meet the needs of the customers. The cancellation policy is simple, only requiring a 30 day written notice. The company has 35 years of experience.

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The Good

  • Affordable Pricing
  • Regular and ACH Checks Accepted
  • 911 Emergency Transmitter
  • Fall Detection Pioneer
  • System and Satisfaction Guarantee
  • No Long-Term Contract
  • Promotional Offers
  • Backup Battery
  • Multiple Medical Alert Solutions

Affordable Pricing

Plans from Advantage Alert are incredibly affordable, starting at $15.50 per month with no activation fee. A mobile plan with GPS capabilities is available for $26.50 per month. The company also boasts that it can customize the system according to the special needs of the customer. 

Regular and ACH Checks Accepted

Advantage Alert makes it easy to pay for your system by providing multiple payment methods. You can pay over the phone or with the online form using a credit or debit card. The company also accepts regular and ACH check payments for customers who prefer that method of payment. Based on our research, this is one of the only medical alert companies to offer this form of payment. 

911 Emergency Transmitter

Unlike competitors, Advantage Alert offers a free 911 emergency transmitter will all of its medical alert systems. This allows you to contact 911 at any time, no matter where you are. The 911 emergency phones are also equipped with radio transmitters and flashlights in the case of a national emergency.

Fall Detection Pioneer

Advantage Alert was the first company to implement a fall detection feature into its medical alert systems nearly 20 years ago. Now the feature is much more commonplace among medical alert systems, but Advantage Alert was the first company to tread into that territory. With each of its medical alert systems, you can choose between a fall detection pendant or a standard pendant at no additional cost.

System and Satisfaction Guarantee

Advantage Alert offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you're not happy with the service. All equipment including batteries comes with a lifetime guarantee. The price is also guaranteed. If you find a comparable system for a lower price, you'll receive a free year of service after your first full year of service.  

No Long-Term Contract

Unlike other medical alert providers, Advantage Alert does not require a long-term contract of any kind. If you decide you want to cancel its services, you can at any point. The only cancellation requirement the company has is a 30-day written notice and the return of your medical alert equipment. 

Promotional Offers 

Advantage Alert offers a few free items when you purchase a Classic Package: a fall-down pendant, an emergency locator transmitter, and a seven-day pill container. If you get the mobile "Anywhere You Go" Package, you will receive a free built-in fall down detection feature with your device. Other companies often charge up to $10 extra per month for a fall detection device. Advantage Alert provides great offers to complement your medical alert system. 

Backup Battery

In the case of a power outage, Advantage Alert's in-home medical alert system is equipped with a 24-hour backup battery. This way, your system will still function even if your power goes off, and once your power is turned back on, the system will immediately begin to recharge itself. 

Multiple Medical Alert Solutions

Advantage life alert has a variety of medical alert packages to appeal to a wider range of customers. Here's a breakdown of the company's offerings:

Home Base Unit

This unit is a medical alert system you place in your home. It includes 24/7 monitoring, two-way talk, a medical alert pendant, and an optional fall alert pendant for no extra cost. The medical alert device is waterproof, and customers can wear it as a necklace or a bracelet. 

This package includes free equipment as well as free shipping, and you can add on the fall detection if you pay annually. Advantage Alert's home unit is $17.50 per month if you opt for an annual bill.  

On the Go - Mobile System 

This medical alert system is a wireless mobile on-the-go device that you can use anywhere in the United States. It includes 24/7 monitoring, two-way talk, and waterproof equipment. Customers do not have to pay for equipment or shipping, and you have an unlimited monitoring range with the medical alert device, as long as you are in a location with cell phone service. 

You can wear the pendant as a lanyard or key chain clip. The unit includes a rechargeable battery, and it works for up to two months on each charge. The on-the-go package is $29.50 per month billed quarterly, or $28.50 per month billed annually. 


The Bad

  • 600 Foot Range
  • Online Payment Form Seems Unsecure

600 Foot Range

Although the Mobile System works anywhere you go, the in-home system has a range of only 600 feet. This is about half of what the industry standard is. The mobile system should be able to work anywhere with a cellular signal, but a basic system with a range of only 600 feet is very low compared to competitors. 

Advantage Alert decided to limit the range to 600 feet for the safety of its customers. The company believes that base stations with further range discourage quick location finding if there is an emergency incident. 

Most medical alert companies have systems that function at least 800–1,000+ feet from the base station. This allows customers to wear their medical alert device and have protection even if they are a bit farther from their base station, such as in the garage or backyard. Customers should consider the area of their home and backyard before determining which medical alert system is right for them. 

Online Payment Form Seems Unsecure

Advantage Alert recently added an order form to its website so customers can purchase a system without needing to call the sales team. However, this order form does not show any signs of protecting your sensitive information. Usually, a company uses a third-party tool to safeguard your online information. This is a possible red flag to consider when deciding if you should order a medical alert system from Advantage Alert. 

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The Bottom Line

Advantage Alert appears to be a company with low prices and reliable, customizable systems. Features such as the special cream offer, the 911 emergency transmitter, and a money-back guarantee will be appealing to some customers. Advantage Alert also guarantees that its prices will never go down. 

However, the range of the basic system is about half of the typical range of competitors. It's recommended that potential customers look into top-rated medical alert companies and consult consumer reviews before deciding on Advantage Alert.

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Richard Barrent Brooklyn, NY

I found the equipment easy to set up and their customer care department very professional in my questions.

3 years ago