Advantage Alert as seen on TV. This product seems to be quite popular though unfortunately it is difficult to find information about this company. The website seems like an advertisement not an actual website to give proper consumer information. This requires calling and speaking to a representative instead of getting information easily from the website.
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The Good

  • Range

Advantage Alert is holding a promotion right now which waives all activation fees and contracts. This makes it very convenient to lock in a cheaper price, as well as being able to do business on a month to month basis.

The range is decent on their products and they offer a wireless option for those that need it. The base unit has 72 hours of battery backup in case the power goes out.

The Bad

  • Transparency

There are several red flags for Advantage Alert.  To have such a basic website with almost no company information seems a bit suspect. This shows a lack of transparency which makes it difficult for the consumer to gain trust of the company.

It is great that they are offering a promotion right now that gives discounts on their monthly prices, and activation fees as well as contracts. However, it brings up the topic of what is actually being paid for.

Along with a lack of information on the website, it was difficult to gather additional information on the company as a whole.

The Bottom Line

Overall, you should consider other companies than this one to handle your medical alert needs. While they may be a good company, their lack of proper communication about their company leaves a lot of unanswered questions. If you decide to do business with Advantage Alert, it is recommended that you research the company more and ask lots of clarifying questions. They have an address listed on the website but it seems like it is just an outsourced call center.

The technology Advantage Alert uses has been around for many years and hasn’t changed much.  With that said it is wise to look for a company that has some longevity and that does not issue any extra, or hidden, fees. With company information so hard to find for Advantage Alert, you are probably better off with other companies that can provide more information up front.

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