Ackerman Security is a home security provider with medical alert monitoring devices and is located in Atlanta, Georgia. The company was founded in 1967 and serves customers in Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC. UL and CSAA Five Diamond Certified central monitoring monthly costs are $19.95 per month but equipment costs are not publicly disclosed. According to the corporate website, there are no required long term contracts and new customers are eligible to receive three months of 24/7 professional monitoring.

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The Good

  • Affordable 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Customized solutions
  • Personalized medical emergency responses

Affordable 24/7 Professional Monitoring

Customers are able to access help anytime day or night from trained operators through the press of a button on the portable pendant. Monthly monitoring rates are affordably priced at $19.95 which is a much lower cost than other similar marketplace offerings in the industry. Customers are not locked into long term contracts.

Customized Solutions

Ackerman Security allows customers to choose the equipment they need rather than being forced to choose a predetermined package. Besides medical alert monitoring, the company also provides protection against burglaries and environmental threats. The company also offers video surveillance equipment with remote system access for family members to visually check up on their elderly loved ones to make sure they are okay.

Personalized Medical Emergency Responses

The home security company keeps detailed profiles on the customer’s medical conditions that are shared with emergency personnel as needed. Emergency care instructions are set up in advance so that customers receive personalized help according to their needs.

The Bad

  • Undisclosed costs
  • Lack of product information
  • Limited customer service support

Undisclosed Costs

Ackerman Security does not publicly disclose equipment costs on its website and customers are required to pay for devices and installation upfront. The cost for professional installation is not listed either. The company does not provide warranties on equipment which means customers are responsible for service repair fees and faulty equipment replacement costs. Customers will also be financially responsible for any accrued data charges from the use of wireless networks.

Lack of Product Information

The company does not fully describe available product features on its corporate website. It is unclear how much communication range the pendant has with the base station or how long the battery life is. The company does not publicly disclose if the pendants are water resistant or not.

Limited Customer Service Support

The company does not provide 24/7 telephone access to Customer Support Representatives and there is no live chat feature on the corporate website. Customers must schedule an appointment with the company in order to receive pricing information on its products and services.

The Bottom Line

Ackerman Security offer customized home security and medical safety solutions with affordable 24/7 professional monitoring rates. There are no required long term contract commitments and no activation fees. The company works with pre-existing equipment and new customers may be eligible for up to three months of free monitoring services. The company offers personalized responses to medical emergencies with rapid response times and offers additional products and services not offered by some other medical alarm device competitors.

The company does not provide equipment warranties and its pricing structure for equipment is not publicly disclosed. Customers may be required to purchase equipment upfront and are responsible for all repair and replacement costs. Customers may be charged installation fees, service repair charges, and early cancellation penalties. Product descriptions are not clearly listed on the company’s website and access to Customer Support Services is limited when compared to similar competitors. There are no offered money-back guarantees and the company’s refund policy is nonexistent on its website.


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