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    Being Elderly and Active: The Dos and Don'ts
    How to live an active lifestyle is common knowledge. We've all been told growing up that it's important to eat fruits and vegetables, exercise, and get plenty of fresh air. But as you get older, your body begins to slow down...
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    SCAM: FTC Sues Lifewatch Inc. for Deceptive Robocalls
    We talk a great deal about medical alert systems on this blog - what they are, what they do, who's making them better, etc. - with the intent to help consumers make a well informed decision in their medical alert system purc...
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    Independent Seniors: 7 Reasons You Should Have a Functioning Medical Alert System at All Times
    With advances in modern medicine, many seniors are able to live independently in retirement with little to no family or medical assistance. If you're an independent senior or you have a senior in your family who'd prefer to l...
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