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    88% of Medical Guardian Reviews Are 4 or 5 Stars: Here's Why
    Medical Guardian is a well-known medical alert system company from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Founded in 2005, Medical Guardian sets itself apart from its competition with its five core values:  Customers above all els...
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    Best Medical Alert Companies of 2019
    Guest Post by Ethan Lichtenberg Humans crave independence. To be able to operate your own life strictly on your own is a precious prize. Older adults share these feelings. As with choosing the best home insurace for seniors,...
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    Medical Guardian Named 2019 Consumer’s Choice Award Recipient in Medical Alerts by
    Pleasant Grove, UT - January 7, 2019 - Medical Guardian has been named the 2019 Consumer's Choice Award recipient in the medical alerts industry by, an independent consumer review site. Medical Guardian was s...
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    What Customers Say About Life Alert
    "Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!" You've probably heard that phrase on TV at some point in a commercial for Life Alert, one of the most recognizable names in the medical alert industry. The ad first aired in the 1980s ...
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    Medical Alert Cost Comparison: Medical Guardian vs Life Alert
    Medical alert devices have been around for decades and largely serve the same purpose they always have, so how can you know which company is the best? Two of the most well-known names in the medical alert industry, Life Aler...
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    Top 5 Medical Alert Companies—November 2016
    How We Evaluate Medical Alert Companies We evaluate medical alert companies on a number of criteria-primarily on the quality and diversity of their medical alert systems and products, as well as on their customer service and...
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    Product Breakdown: A Look at Medical Guardian
    Medical Guardian offers four main product packages: Classic Home Mobile Premium We have provided below an easy breakdown of their equipment and package details for you to review Medical Guardian's products. To read Medical...
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    Medical Guardian Hits, Overcomes Snag in Shipment and Service Quality
    For growing businesses, few events are more exciting - or more nerve-racking - than the launch of a new product. Regardless of whether a company has poured weeks or years into the development of a new product, all new launch...
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