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    The Home's Most Dangerous Areas for the Elderly
    Most people feel the safest when they're at home, but for seniors, the home doesn't always guarantee safety. According to the National Safety Council, falls in the home lead to 8.9 million trips to the emergency room each yea...
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    Kitchen Safety: 9 Ways to Prevent Falls and Injuries in Your Kitchen [Infographic]
    For many, the kitchen is the central hub and gathering place of the home. More than a place where delicious meals are prepared, it's the place where memories are made; however, a messy or dysfunctional kitchen can pose a numb...
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    Bathroom Safety: 7 Ways to Prevent Falls and Injuries in Your Bathroom [Infographic]
    For homebound senior citizens, completing daily household tasks can prove challenging, in not outright dangerous. According to the Home Safety Council, falls are the number one cause for unintentional injury or death am...
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