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    The 6 Most Annoying Personalities to Date After Retirement
    Guest post by Author Maddie Goldie Dating. What a game! The hunt, the chase, the flirtation, the romance... It can be fleeting and electrifying all in one evening. Dating can also be a huge let down, no matter what stage of ...
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    Medical Guardian Hits, Overcomes Snag in Shipment and Service Quality
    For growing businesses, few events are more exciting - or more nerve-racking - than the launch of a new product. Regardless of whether a company has poured weeks or years into the development of a new product, all new launch...
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    Independent Seniors: 7 Reasons You Should Have a Functioning Medical Alert System at All Times
    With advances in modern medicine, many seniors are able to live independently in retirement with little to no family or medical assistance. If you're an independent senior or you have a senior in your family who'd prefer to l...

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