Bathroom Safety: 7 Ways to Prevent Falls and Injuries in Your Bathroom [Infographic]


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Written by Guest | Last Updated October 10th, 2019
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For homebound senior citizens, completing daily household tasks can prove challenging, in not outright dangerous. According to the Home Safety Council, falls are the number one cause for unintentional injury or death among senior citizens, and in no area of the home is this issue more apparent than in the bathroom.

Thankfully, Medical Care Alert has provided us with a full set of helpful bathroom safety tips. In addition to keeping a spare medical alert pendant close-at-hand, the experts suggest making some simple but effective renovations around the bathroom. Bear in mind that while these adjustments may not completely eradicate bathroom falls, they will drastically reduce a senior's risk by reducing the area of slippery surfaces, making sitting down and standing up easier, and increasing visibility.

Bathroom Safety Tips from Medical Care Alert

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