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The Zone Diet focuses on reducing inflammation in the body and managing hormones that influence your body weight. Developed by Dr. Barry Sears 30 years ago, The Zone Diet is meant to help individuals lose body fat through diet and supplements.

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The Good

  • Three-Part Nutrition Program
  • Food Block Guide
  • No Membership Fee

Three-Part Nutrition Program

The Zone Diet is made up of three parts: diet, omega-3 fatty acids, and polyphenols. This combination is designed to help your body lose excess fat and improve overall health and wellness.

  • Diet — Your diet should consist of ⅓ protein, ⅔ carbs, and a small amount of healthy fats. This will put the focus on foods that have anti-inflammatory benefits. Omega-3
  • Fatty Acids — The Zone Diet offers OmegaRx Fish Oil that is designed to improve brain health, heart health, and a number of other benefits.
  • Polyphenols — Polyphenols help with gut biology and support anti-aging benefits. MaquiRx is the recommended supplement for this diet plan.

Food Block Guide

To help track your protein, carbs, and fats, a system was designed to help you track how much nutrients you are getting within each category; these are called Zone Blocks. The Body Fat Calculator found on the website will tell you how many “blocks” or how much of each category you should be getting based on your gender, weight, height, and abdomen and hip measurements. Pre-made meals and snacks are available online through The Zone Diet website or you can make your own with recipes provided by the program.

No Membership Fee

What sets this diet plan apart from others is the information that is readily available to everyone. There is no membership fee and everything you need to know about The Zone Diet and how it works is available online. Resources include recipes, ebooks, meal guides, grocery guides, etc. The company also offers supplements and meals that will help you reach your Zone Block goals. These foods include cereal, protein bars, protein shakes, pasta, etc.


The Bad

  • Lacks Structure
  • Unorganized Website

Lacks Structure

This diet plan has lots of room for flexibility. For those looking for something more structured with step-by-step help on losing weight, this is not the option for you. While there are perks to a flexible plan, it can become hard to follow and overwhelming for individuals who need a direct plan to follow.

Unorganized Website

The website offers an abundance of information about balancing meals combined with anti-inflammatory products. Unfortunately, the site feels like a maze of knowledge that you will need to search through to fully understand the program. The basics are explained, but there is a lot of information that is useful yet hidden.


The Bottom Line

The Zone Diet is perfect for someone who is looking for a flexible diet plan and has the time to plan and prepare their meals daily. It offers great information and resources to help individuals start on the right track. Those needing a step-by-step approach may want to look into other diet plans with more structure.

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