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LAST UPDATED: October 1st, 2019

RightSize is no longer in business. We recommend checking out our top meal plan companies listed below.

RightSize offers a, "simple, delicious, nutritious weight-loss" plan. Their diet program is based on their smoothies. Dieters replace two meals each day with one of four smoothie packets: Lean Cocoa Bean, SkinniVanilli, Slend-A-Berry, or Leano Cappuccino. While you can simply add the pack to low-fat milk, there are lots of other ways to combine their smoothie mix with fruits, vegetables, and drinks. RightSize claims that when you replace breakfast and lunch with a RightSize smoothie, eat a healthy dinner, and exercise three times each week, you can lose up to 18 lbs. in 12 weeks. Even though they say this on their website, they also have a disclaimer stating that these results are not typical. RightSize also claims that their smoothies help smash hunger because of their high protein and fiber content. They are also nutritious - each smoothie mix contains 15g of protein, 5g of fiber, and 20 essential vitamins and minerals.

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The Good

  • Cost
  • Smoothies
  • Online community
You may notice that the cost of RightSize is extremely low compared to other weight loss plans. With their 30-Day-Plan, you can eat two meals per day for $2.93. Of course, this doesn't include the dinner you provide for yourself or anything smoothie add-ins, but it's still a great price for a diet drink. When you order the 60-or 90-Day Plan, the cost is even lower per day. The nutrients in RightSize's smoothies should keep you full longer and give you more energy throughout the day. On their FAQ page, they list all the ingredients in each smoothie mix- we like that transparency. We also like that you can pick when what meals you drink your smoothie at, and that it gives you some leeway to choose and make your own meal each day. RightSize has online community for those looking for support throughout their diet. They also have weight loss tools, and over 100 recipes you can use with your smoothies.

The Bad

  • Company information
  • Products
  • Refunds
In general, there was a lot of information we couldn't find on the website:
  • When the company was founded.
  • Any information about the company (who the owners are, if they are owned by another company, etc.).
  • They don't tell us what to add to the smoothie mix for a basic smoothie.
  • They don't give any suggestions for the meal dieters make themselves.
RightSize only offers 4 products. Even though you can combine these smoothie mix flavors with different fruits and liquids, the lack of variety can get dull. Most dieters don't want to eat the same thing for two meals a day - especially for an extended period of time. A limited variety might even mean that dieters give up on the diet because they get bored of the food. Even though they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, many reviews have said that it's hard to get their money back. Additionally, it seems like RightSize auto-charges for some of their products without telling consumers. While we can't comment for sure on the taste of this product, many dieters have said that the smoothies hurt their stomach and cause gas. They also claim that the product doesn't keep them feeling satisfied.

The Bottom Line

We believe that sustaining a long-term diet on RightSize will be difficult. Smoothies in general don't keep dieters that satisfied, and even though RightSize claims their smoothies keep you full, many reviewers disagree. RightSize claims that dieters will lose 18lbs. in 12 weeks with their product, but then says these results are not typical. This lack of transparency concerns us. The lack of information about the company on their website also concerns us. We wish they gave more information about who they are. The lack of variety is just one more reason we recommend trying a different meal plan.

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