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LAST UPDATED: October 2nd, 2020
LA Weight Loss began as weight loss centers in 1989. These centers offered personal counseling in the form of meal and exercise planning. Coupled with their weight loss plan has always been their LA Bars and LA TakeOff Juice. By 2006, there were over 800 LA Weight Loss centers throughout the entire country. These centers were helping thousands of people lose weight quickly, although many could not keep it off. After multiple lawsuits and for other various reasons, the LA Weight Loss centers were virtually all closed down by January of 2010. Paying customers and members had no knowledge of the closure until it happened. Those who had signed up for long-term memberships (anywhere from a few months to a year), lost all of their money when the franchises closed. Today, many former members of LA Weight Loss say the program worked wonders for them, but that they were unable to get their money back when the franchises closed. Many were also unable to keep their weight off without counseling. You can buy LA Weight Loss products on their website today. The company also sells cookbooks and portion control tools.

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The Good

  • Diet
The LA Weight Loss diet has dieters eat four healthy meals each day along with two of their LA Bars. This program actually teaches dieters what they should be eating, and what they should avoid. While dieters learn how to prepare good foods for themselves (through their cookbooks and online recipes), the LA Bars help keep them full and curb their appetite. We like how this diet teaches a change in mindset and lifestyle rather than simply providing food with no explanation.

The Bad

  • Customer effort
  • Transparency
On the other hand, a lot of dieters are looking for ways to save time and want to take the thinking out of dieting. With LA Weight Loss, you have to put a lot of thought and time into what you are eating. Preparing all of your own, healthy, meals from home can be expensive. So even though this diet program looks to be average priced (for the bars and other products), you will end up paying a lot more. LA Weight Loss has two main programs for dieters to choose from: Silver Program and Gold Program. While we know how many flavors of bars we get to select for these programs, that's almost all the information we do know. We cannot see how many bars we are for sure getting, nor do we know what the entire program includes. We wish LA Weight Loss was more transparent about their products. The most important thing to remember about LA Weight Loss is that all of their centers were shut down in 2010 without any warning. Every member lost money when these centers shut down and most were unable to get a refund. This lack of transparency makes us nervous to trust them moving forward.

The Bottom Line

Many who have followed the LA Weight Loss diet have lost a significant amount of weight. However, this was when you could go into the centers and have personalized attention. Even though LA Weight Loss seems like a sustainable diet, many of those who lost weight in the centers, put it back on after the centers closed. The LA Bars are said to be the perfectly portioned snack and cost just over $2.00 each. Whether the LA Weight Loss diet is worth it or not depends on who you ask. Those who want to plan out all their meals may enjoy this diet program. Many, however, will find the level of effort and lack of support to not work for them.
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Katie Lewis Eagle Mountain, UT

LA Weight loss is a little harder then some of the other weight loss programs but it works if you follow the directions and do exactly what it say

1 year ago