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LAST UPDATED: January 22nd, 2022

22 Days Nutrition is a dietary meal plan company born when exercise psychologist Marco Borges wanted a healthy diet, but could not find a meal plan that did not heavily rely on processed foods. 

22 Days' foods and recipes are centered around plant-based and natural ingredients. You are not sent pre-packaged meals, but instead are sent recipes with corresponding ingredients that either you can pick up fresh from the grocery store, or choose to have delivered with popular grocery delivery services.

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The Good

  • Plant Based Meals
  • Affordable & Personalized Meal Plans
  • Flexible Meal Delivery

Plant Based Meals

The pivotal characteristic that sets 22 Days apart from other traditional meal plans is the fact that every meal and recipe is plant-based, limiting the need for heavy processed foods or typical freezer meals. 

In addition, 22 Days has its own product line of snacks that are plant-based. One of its most popular and unique items is its plant-based protein powder. It is rich in protein and lacks many of the GMOs, sugars, and preservatives that are unnatural in traditional protien powders.

Affordable & Personalized Meal Plans

22 Days is both affordable and customizable. First, in order to figure out the right meal plan for you, you start by taking an online quiz that will ask you your goals, dietary restrictions, household size, and allergies. You can also decide if you want a personalized recipe starting at just once a day or up to three times a day, the decision is up to you.

Because 22 Days does not directly send you the food itself, just the personalized recipes, you get to shop for the food yourself—helping you immensely to cut down the cost of a middle man and save you money. Below are the two current pricing options:

  • A 3-month supply of personalized recipes for $3.25 a week/$39.00 for 3 months
  • A 12-month supply of personalized recipes for $1.90 a week/$99 for a year

Either way, both options are incredibly affordable and allow for cancelation at any time.

Flexible Meal Delivery

As mentioned earlier, 22 Days will create personalized recipes and a personalized grocery list for you. This helps to ensure freshness and limit the need for preservatives in foods that need to be packaged and shipped to you. 

Once you figure out your selected meals for the week you will be able to shop for the food yourself, or have your grocery list sent directly to a local grocery store delivery service. No matter what option you choose, you will have the flexibility of fresh food and convenience.


The Bad

  • Self Preparation

Self Preparation

Part of what makes 22 Days great is the assurance that you will be cooking with fresh foods that are good for you. On the downside, those that are looking for pre-prepared meals that are ready to eat or heat up will not find that ease within the 22 Days meal program.

If you prioritize ease and ready to eat meals right to your door, then you may want to consider a company that caters to your specific needs.


The Bottom Line

22 Days is an affordable option that helps people to eat healthy in a way that is easy to incorporate into day to day life. For an extra few dollars a week you can take out the guesswork of what to eat and instead are sent up to 1,000 personalized, healthy meal plans.

Best Company recommends 22 Days as a great and affordable option to those that are looking to eat better.

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Healthy4Life Southfield, MI

So far, the meals have been simple, delicious, and different. I am a carnivore by nature, but trying to be healthier and 22 Days Nutrition makes it easy to make small changes.

6 months ago


Review Source

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Mrs.M Tupelo, MS

While I love the concept of 22 Days Nutrition (vegan meal planning service with grocery list integration), the service leaves much to be desired. I get the impression that the recipe catalog is very small. Every week I receive nearly the same recommendations. The website gives you an allusion that there are four different plans based on four different goals. I've tried all four "plans" and receive the same recipe recommendations for all four. The recipes are often bland, and quite a few of not turned out as photographed. It's clear many of the photos are not even of the recipe (the ingredients photographed do not match the recipe ingredients). The dislikes/preferences function does not work as seamlessly as it should. I've tried to eliminate pasta-based recipes, but the site still recommends multiple pasta recipes every week. This is not my first time trying 22 Days Nutrition and I canceled it for similar reasons. After over a year had passed, I thought I would give it another try because, again, I really like the concept. I hoped that over the time I was away they would have developed new recipes and improved the service. I've been using the service again for three weeks - it's all the same recipes and same issues I had before. I have not come across one new recipe. Quite a disappointment.

10 months ago

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Erica Robinson Cibolo, TX

I love that the recipes are easy to follow. There were a few items that I could not find such as the Gardein Chick’n Patty. I shopped at Whole Foods and they had the Gardein Chicken sliders, chicken strips, and other chicken options but no chicken patties. Also, there were so many ingredients that were new to me so I was quite overwhelmed at locating them in the grocery store.

1 year ago


Review Source

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LIdia R Athens, I

Great idea but not very useful user interface in terms of filtering/ planning etc. Would be nice to be able to adjust also to own dietary requirements. And the recipes themselves are not the tastiest.

5 months ago


Review Source

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maria ramirez Vista, CA

Everything is so delicious! I never worry about out counting calories or going for seconds and I still lost weight. Also, my digestion improved tremendously! 💩

11 months ago

star star star star star

Lisseth Houston, TX

I signed up to find delicious vegetable recipes that my family and I can enjoy. Although I eat a Mediterranean lifestyle, you all have helped me come up with tasty clean veggie/pasta recipes. Yummy!!!

1 year ago

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Therese Legere Mission Viejo, CA

I find it difficult to maneuver and save recipes. The grocery list is difficult too. It's hard to explain, but it does not work well for me and I have never really used it to my advantage. The recipes are very good and I like that you have options from easy to difficult to chose from. I don"t know if I will renew again ths year.

1 year ago

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Tiffany Wilson Alexandria, VA

I was thinking I could get simple recipes and plans to get my diet under control. The multiple ingredients I would have to but to make one dish isn’t worth it. I was hoping to get a simplification for my meals. It would have been cheaper to buy a cookbook

1 year ago

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Habi ,

The recipes are nice but I like to consume seasonal vegetables and fruits it’s better for the environnement. At first I tried to use frozen vegetables or fruits but in my country you can’t have frozen sweet potatoes and it only grows during winter.

1 year ago

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Sarah Oster Syracuse, NY

We use your protein powder and tried the meal planner but it was way too cumbersome. My ratings are for the meal planner, not the protein.

1 year ago

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Jen Birmingham, AL

Great program! I love the fact there are so many recipes to choose from

2 years ago

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Claudia Morato Auburn, IN

Repetitive recipes. I would not renew my membership

1 year ago